The International Space Station Films a Fleet of Hundreds of UFOs Heading Towards Earth

There is a lot of UFO Activity going on in our skies!!!! What Is Going On???

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On NASA’s very own YouTube channel there is an ongoing live broadcast feed from the International Space Station which showcases what the camera here sees before NASA themselves can edit any of the clips first-hand. This led to a ton of UFO-related discoveries over the years, and it continues to do so to this very day.

Take for example today’s discovery which was captured and brought up by none other than Gorden McKenna himself. In this following clip, you will see the alarming new sighting from space that showcases hundreds of UFOs coming straight for us. This new fleet cannot be explained by anything else as it is simply put too jarring to be disregarded as a meteor shower of some sort.

The International Space Station Films A Fleet of Hundreds of UFOs Heading Towards Earth
Fleet of Hundreds of UFOs

McKenna also brought up the fact that in the video you can see the lights alternating speed too which means that they are autonomously moving around in the first place.

This Man From US Army Claims 57 Alien Species Similar To Humans Are Walking Among People

The video has been trending all over the internet, as many now believe that these could actually be the result of the to-secret fleet of alien technology ships that the United States Air Force has been working on for the longest of times now. This new fleet known as the Space Force was even brought up by none other than Donald J. Trump himself as he talked about how space might very well be just the newest domain in which we’ll need to fight a war and in which we need the Space Force in order to claim victory there too.

There are definitely more than handful sceptics out there, to begin with.

What do you think though?

Are you one of the believers or do you need even more proof of the matter, to begin with?

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Ex-USAF Col. Testified Extraterrestrials Do Not Allow Nuclear Weapons In Space

During the Cold War, the United States conducted the largest nuclear test in outer space, 400 km above the Northern Pacific Ocean. The results were devastating. More such testing would have destroyed Earth’s magnetic field that is why outer-space nuclear testing was banned. Moreover, some accounts of the US military personnel including NASA astronauts convey that the extraterrestrials were behind the nuclear missile testing in outer space, and they even put surveillance on the nuclear facilities on Earth.

In the “Sirius Documentary,” hosted by UFOlogist Steven Greer, US Air Force retired Colonel Ross Dedrickson testified that he observed UFOs over the nuclear facilities in which he was assigned. Besides, he said the extraterrestrials were not allowing nuclear weapons in space. They stopped the nuclear missile that was sent to detonate on the lunar surface.

The US was in the urge to demonstrate its power to the Soviets.

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