Thought Parasites – Our Ancient Mirrors

Parasite: An organism that lives and feeds on or in an organism of a different species and causes harm to its host.

By Sarah Elkhaldy | Guest Writer

The Gnostics referred to the parasites that infect human consciousness as Archons (which means “Authorities”or “Rulers”). These entities think they own us. It is the audacity of this belief that also points the way to their blind spot: their hubris.

However I strongly advise that you regard them by the more appropriate name “Parasite” and not “Archons.” It takes their flashy, illegitimate title away from them and restores the power back to its rightful place — with the individual.

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Their presence here is largely within the minds of humans. They are the negative trickster. Tricks of the mind is how they manipulate us into nourishing them. They feed on our negative emotions and our negative thoughts. Through telepathy, they plant their thought-forms into our mind and unbeknownst to ourselves, we mistake the thought-form for our own thought.

This back and forth dialogue between the thought parasites and their host form an illusion of self that both literally and metaphorically produce a “copy ”of ourselves. This false self is a reflection of our lower qualities. A baser version of us, out of all the potentials one can access within their creative evolution.

Our True Self represents our higher qualities and our potential for positive evolution beyond the matrix. But our True self requires our attention and nourishment in order to actualize.

This manipulation of the human condition is both a part of our evolutionary process, and an attempt at trying to thwart humanity from its spiritual evolutionary course. It is important to be aware of the thought parasites’ nature in order to not succumb to their manipulation.

The power these thought parasites hold is within the hypnotic suggestions/commands they place into our minds and through the dramas they design, like the setting of a stage for a play, in the hope that we will choose unconscious ‘acting out’, over conscious progression.  Think of a sadist and then hike that up to a hyper dimensional degree and thus you have our dilemma.

How does humanity assist these thought parasites who are fed by human suffering and turmoil?

From a macrocosm viewpoint

We assist the parasites by legitimizing their pathological institutions, Government being the most obvious of their physical manifestations. It is through these institutions that war, the biggest negative energy generator, is always scripted and sold to us as a necessary evil, whereby we act out their demonic nature into manifestation. In this way, we are used as the vehicle through which they are able to create the horrors of the world they thrive on.

We aid the parasites when we are complicit with the lie that this is how reality has to be. By agreeing to follow orders and carry out their diseased version of reality, we become complicit in the enslavement of humanity by our own unconscious doing.

From a microcosm viewpoint…

Our thoughts and actions assist them when we do not practice self-possession. The key to their tactics are to fuel our mis-perceptions of ourselves and others, in order to create inner strife. Human error in perception and actions is our own doing, but their aims is to discourage us from correcting these mis-perceptions from within ourselves.

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How can we reclaim our minds and hearts from the thought parasites infestation?

Thought parasites feed off our lower frequencies that are a match to theirs:  jealousy, fear, greed, hate, hostility etc. But higher emotions like compassion and empathy are not only non-palatable to the parasites – they are like kryptonite!

Learning to use our compassion and discernment together in synergy, helps us expand our perceptions and embody the higher qualities of our True Self. It is this connection with True Self that requires nourishing. When we speak, act and think from our higher level of authenticity, we are in our own driver seat.

Remember your mind is there to serve YOU. You are not supposed to serve your mind. Keep the predator in your mind in check, and learn to discern it from your True self.

In this way, we can utilize the thought parasites as a reflection of what we don’t want to be, and consciously take charge of our own creative process.

About the Author

Sarah Elkhaldy is the administrator of “A Talking Lion”, where she uses both her love for words and her film background – in conjunction with esoteric knowledge – to help humanity gracefully tap into our evolutionary potential. She considers it her work to connect the higher with the lower; the outer world with the inner world. Sarah is also a quantum sphere healer and photographer. She refers to herself simply as an ‘existential detective’.

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