1 week ago

    Every Time Something Strange Occurs, They Want Us To Believe That It Is “Just A Coincidence”

    The unexpected concurrence of events can be strangely providential; scholars don’t agree on the cause.
    2 weeks ago

    Cashless Society: Big Banks Prepare To Launch Digital Wallet To Compete With Apple Pay & PayPal

    Just remember who is also shaping the world and influencing politicians and corporations away from a cash economy:
    3 weeks ago

    Smartphone App Using AI Acts Like A Robot Lawyer — Tells Defendants What To Say In Court

    A smartphone app that can tell a defendant what to say in court using artificial intelligence has been used for…
    3 weeks ago

    We Won’t Be Fooled Again – Inflation Is Most Definitely Not “Under Control”

    The Federal Reserve has lost control, and we are careening toward the sort of historic economic crisis that I have…
    4 weeks ago

    Grocery Stores In New York City Are Considering Locking Up Food Because Theft Has Become So Rampant

    We really are in the process of becoming a “Mad Max Society”, and we only have ourselves to blame.