Weekly Astrology Forecast For June 30th -July 7th 2024 – Calling All Empaths & Sensitives

Here’s what’s happening in astrology this week.

By: Lorna Bevan Hare In The Moon

As the psychic Water element floods the ethers, allow your intuition to override your logic, attune to your Knowing, switch on your sensory acuity.

Welcome to Water World and the subliminal hypnosis of Guru Saturn and mystic Neptune stationing retrograde in Pisces, as the New Moon in Cancer connects with spiritual Sun Sirius.

The Ocean God turns retrograde on July 2 until December 7th on the master 29 degree of Pisces, much more than just the degree at the end of the sign, but the Omega Point of the whole zodiac.

Neptune is ending a tour through all 12 signs, completing an entire 165 years phase.

Over the next 2 years Neptune will move back and forth over this sensitive degree, crossing Zero Point Aries and back again in a rare conjunction with Lord of Time and Karma Saturn, forming a power triangle with Pluto and Uranus. A great cycle is now ending in a global karmic release of outworn standards, values, institutions as the zeitgeist dissolves to reform into a new template.

The waters rise again on July 5th, when the New Moon at 14° Cancer conjuncts Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, square the karmic Nodes of Fate. Every year during the first week of July, a transmission is activated between Earth and the Star Sirius.

As you attune to this healing alchemy of dissolution, you might choose to:

  • Soften the hard, resistant edges you’ve developed as protection against a relentless overwhelming world.
  • Be kind to the chaotic parts of yourself.
  • Refuse to take things personally – you can only take responsibility for your own stuff and have compassion for others.
  • Remove your rose tinted lenses, navigate disillusionment, and then dream up new alternatives.
  • Mine your night time dreams and your morning pages for recurring messages from your unconscious.
  • Make time for meditation or ritual.

“Exhaustion can come at these times, where we find ourselves in the bardo between one moment and the next. We can’t quite go back to the way it was, but the rebirth has yet to appear. There is a creativity in the liminal but it can seem out of reach. We are asked to marinate in the womb of now, tend to the groundlessness, and find refuge in the unknown: to be midwife to the darkened illumination. There are signs and symbols and guidance all around and inside us, but their appearance is governed by a timeline written somewhere else…” – Matt Licata

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Chandra Symbol New Moon 

Chandra Symbol New Moon CANCER 15: A boarded-up doorway that leads to another realm.
Chandra Symbol New Moon CANCER 15: A boarded-up doorway that leads to another realm.

Chandra Symbol New Moon CANCER 15: A boarded-up doorway that leads to another realm.

“The soul, as divided as it can be between two diametrically opposed realities. Radical karmic crossroads. What is preferred, what you have a taste for and an affinity with is any known familiar world within which you belong and are not questioned. What you feel afraid of, forbidden from entering, are the vast, unknown worlds which partake of infinity. If given your way, the densely familiar worlds will surround and protect you for extended cycles. Spirit here must wait until all personal dramas are exhausted. Yet spirit here is not patient, and subtly curses your mundane efforts for being so trivial. The resolution of this extreme polarization will require drastic self-loss and many subtle permutations to pass through in order to become whole again, when your karma has split you down the middle and left you there to work it out for yourself.” – Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

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