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Something Weird Is Happening At CERN! No One Can Explain!

Is it possible that the particle physicists hard at work near Geneva, Switzerland, at the laboratory known as CERN that hosts the Large Hadron Collider, have opened a doorway or a tunnel, to, say, another dimension? Could they be accessing a far-off planet orbiting two stars in a distant galaxy populated by Jedi knights? Perhaps they have opened the doors of Europe to a fiery domain full of demons, or worse still, to central Texas in summer?

The notion of a man-made machine exploring the very structure of the universe is a strange thing to think about, even though science often aims to help us understand the world around us better. Still, some believe there are mad scientists who hope to transport us to an alternate universe, springboard toward the gates of hell or even harness the power of a black hole.

On July 5, CERN fired up their large particle accelerator, leading many to speculate about the more unknown implications of scientific experimentation and the secrets of the vast universe. So, Will CERN’s latest project help us make bold new discoveries? Or will it make us meet our ultimate demise?

Let’s talk about it! Drop your thoughts below.

Something Weird Is Happening At CERN! No One Can Explain!

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