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This Mysterious “Portal” Appeared In The Sky Over China On April 3, 2023 (Video)

What is going on in our skies?

By: Myth & Mystery | Guest Post

An unusual phenomenon was captured by eyewitnesses in China; for many this video, we have space time in the test portal of an alien ship.

A mysterious structure resembling a portal appeared in the sky above China.  UFO news in China on April 3, 2023.


A mysterious portal appeared in the sky over China, according to UFO news in China on April 3rd, 2023.

A mysterious structure resembling a portal has appeared in the sky over China. An unusual light appears in the frames published in the cloudy sky.

Then, the camera that was filming the strange phenomenon zooms in on the image, and something strange is drawn more clearly in the sky, resembling a kind of formation. Some eyewitnesses compared the “hole in the sky” to a portal, while others suggested that a huge spaceship from extraterrestrial civilizations was floating in the sky, which accidentally lit up like a bright light.

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