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Scientists Claim That There Is Another World Under Antarctica’s Ice

The discovery in itself was made around 2,700 feet below the ice...

By Deshi News Post | Guest Post

A discovery was made not too long ago by the WISSARD project, which showcases the fact that there are massive wetlands underneath the ice of western Antarctica that could house life unseen anywhere else on this planet.

The Whillans Ice Subglacial Access Research Drilling project was officially commissioned by the National Science Foundation to formally scan underneath Antarctica’s ice as many believed that with the upcoming global warming, we might be able to find out more and more about our history as we know it.

This block of ice in Antarctica, which is visible on Google Earth, is claimed by some as evidence of alien life. (Image Credit: Digital Globe/Google)

The discovery in itself was made around 2,700 feet below the ice as they reported that they followed the Lake Whillans to see where it led them, only to find out that a massive space 2,700 feet below the ice exists.

So far, not a lot is known about this, as many believe that this could indicate that the Hollow Earth theory is fundamental after all as it could showcase the fact that aliens do live underneath our planet’s surface after all.

Who knows, maybe after we drill down into the wetlands, we could come across other life forms too, including aliens, reptilians, or even humans that have opposed our society’s norms and decided to create their civilization under our noses.

We’ll be sure to keep you in touch with everything that’s being reported from these wetlands for sure!

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