HUGE: Red & Blue Warp Portals Appeared Over Italy & Hungary, Accompanied By Worldwide Trumpet Sounds (Video)

On March the 27th, a huge red ring of light appeared in the sky over central Italy. And now, it just so happened that a similar thing, only blue, appeared on April 3 over Budapest.

By: Soul:Ask | Guest Post

The gigantic red light ring over central Italy lasted only a few milliseconds, but Walter Binotto photographed it while observing the phenomenon from the small town of Possagno in the foothills of the Alps.

Officials, as always, are trying to sell the weak-minded version of sprites, elves and blue jets, while conspiracy theorists are pondering over Nibiru and the invasion of aliens.

On April 3, a similar phenomenon was observed over Budapest, this time in blue colour:

Supporters of Nibiru, have their own topic – everyone is discussing a similar spot, taken these days in Germany:

And although ufologists are seeing an Alien Mothership in every cloud, the other day a scientist was strained by a nearby square cloud, which the wind could not blow away. Having photographed it in maximum resolution and after passing it through filters, the dude saw this:

Nobody knows for sure what shone over Budapest, and what happened in Italy and Germany. But what we know for certain is that nothing like this has ever happened in our memory.

Previously, the media worked differently and crowds of TV people flocked to every anomaly, discussing the phenomenon on CNN. But there were no lights.

There were square clouds, flying balls and rods but not in such wild numbers – they were seen only very occasionally. And now, probably, every third person has seen a UFO with his own eyes, so the increase in the frequency of the phenomenon is obvious.

In the last decade, many wonderful and incomprehensible things have appeared on planet Earth that have not been born here, in particular, some sprites, elves and blue jets.

Elves are the so-called “Emission of Light and Very Low Frequency perturbations due to Electromagnetic Pulse Sources”. The abbreviation for this highly scientific blah blah blah is precisely the “elves” (ELVES).

It is assumed that the rings are formed by excited nitrogen molecules that are bombarded with electrons from lightning or a sprite in the centre of the ring:

As it is is clear from the video, it is impossible to photograph an elf, as well as a sprite – the phenomenon begins and ends very quickly but you can record it on video and then take a photo.

In relation to the red ring in Italy, Mr. Binotto does not show a photo with a lightning in the centre, so where did the electrons come from, which made nitrogen glow, remained undisclosed. Therefore, scientists now have to come up with a new term, for example ELVES 2.0. It will denote a special kind of elves without a source – to distinguish them from elves with lightning in the centre.

In the light of the above, we see that some very serious changes are brewing in the world. Not only a new phenomenon of “sprites, elves and blue jets” has appeared in the atmosphere, but this sensation is also somehow mutating.

Additionally, Global news channels hush up other, possibly interconnected to the huge rings phenomena, such as the mysterious trumpet sounds, and although the news are collected slowly, they gradually reach the masses:

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Everything around is jumping at some wild pace and sooner or later we will get answers. We suspect that it will all end with a warp portal and perhaps aliens will appear and officially lead everyone there. Or maybe Nibiru will appear, dropping its camouflage and allowing us to see it very close, just like Jupiter. Some of the above may happen in the very coming years, perhaps even months.

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CIA Document: ”After Alien Attack 23 Russian Soldiers Were Turned To Stone”

CIA document states “Russian soldiers were turned to STONE” after Alien attack

According to a declassified CIA report, a troop of Russian soldiers—who managed to shoot down a UFO—were turned into STONE by surviving aliens.

The declassified report is available at the official website of the CIA.

Yup, and it’s not an excerpt from an upcoming James Cameron science fiction movie. Although James might consider it.

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