Focus On Your Core Values: Astrology Forecast August 28th – September 4th

What to expect this week?

By Lorna Bevan | Guest Writer

Saturday’s Virgo New Moon is a reminder to refocus on your core values and to follow your own rhythms of rest/ incubate/ create/play.

In September, with so many Copernican and deep space planets retrograde at the same time, keep in mind the ancient dictum: “As Above, so Below” and deliberately mirror the inner/slower pace.

No matter what is happening in the outer world, September is a month for simplifying, for renewal, for refreshing your journey by closing the doors on old choices and habits, for tending the well:

Stop trying to push the river /stop keeping on keeping on/stop overriding your body’s messages

Paradoxically, as the planets appear to backtrack, we’re simultaneously experiencing an acceleration in our collective field and process. Time anxiety is strong now – the weird sense of doing too much and not doing enough. It may feel like you are simultaneously being called to rest and called to service.

With Mars in Gemini for the next 7 months square the New Moon, Mercury conjunct the Super Galactic Centre opposite dramatist Jupiter and Saturn at odds with Uranus and the Nodes of Fate right through the next round of Taurus/Scorpio eclipses, the only way through the ongoing huge reality checks is by constantly adjusting, responding and recalibrating your priorities moment by moment.

In this chaos, you can’t possibly know what the “right “path is -clue: there isn’t any such thing-and what your old 3D linear thinking is busy labelling as dead ends, cul-de-sacs, red herrings, delays or missteps are actually necessary turns of the spiral.

The Chandra Symbol for the Virgo New Moon says it all:

VIRGO 5: A Skull on a Pole at the Entrance to a Dark Wood

“The mind of death always knows ahead of time each and every danger, problem, and dilemma. The Cassandra complex warning self and world of what will go wrong. Cautioning, tempering, and suppressing, you can afford no mistakes. The mind is set upon doing it just right from start to finish. When there are hitches and snags, you hit the roof with qualms and doubts. The self against itself. The mind standing over the spontaneous one and saying, “No, you can’t go that way.” Forebodings are a self-fulfilling prophecy. The self proves itself right and wrong. Right about nothing working, and wrong to be in that position. This is a mind-set to be eroded and worn out, supplanted by fresh inquiry with no agenda, no worry, and just the truth that there is death in everything and life to follow if you let go into it completely. “ – Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

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(No sign forecasts this week. I have just been in hospital having heart and lung tests and need to rest. Back next week.) 

Originally published at Hare in the Moon Astrology and reproduced here with permission.

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