Rider Witnesses & Records Dramatic UFO Pursuit By Military Fighter Planes (Video)

Shane Gorrell posted the video on TicToc and it quickly went viral, gaining over 3 million views in just a few days!

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Shane Gorrell, a well-known TicTocer under the handle @arcangelexploration2, recently published a video that has taken the internet by storm. The video showed a dramatic pursuit of a spherical UFO by two US Military fighter jets.

Shane was out for a bike ride in an area known for recent UFO activity. As he was cycling down an old, deserted road, he suddenly heard the sound of incoming fighter jets. He quickly pulled out his mobile phone and started recording the incredible scene that was unfolding before his eyes.

In the video, the spherical UFO can be seen evading the two military fighter jets with incredible speed and agility.

Shane posted the video on TicToc and it quickly went viral, gaining over 3 million views in just a few days. The video has sparked a lot of discussion and speculation, with people trying to figure out the location of the incident and whether it has any connection to the recent reports of UFO shootings down by US air forces.

Despite the many questions still left unanswered, one thing is for sure: Shane Gorrell’s video has provided the world with a rare and fascinating glimpse into the mysterious world of UFOs.

All this coming after General Glen VanHerck, head of North American Aerospace Defense Command (Norad), was classifying the three targets that were shot down over the past three days as “objects” and stressed he was “not going to categorise them as balloons”. “We are calling them objects for a reason. I am not able to categorise how they stay aloft. It could be a gaseous type of balloon inside a structure, or it could be some type of propulsion system,” he said.

Why are there so many UFO sightings lately? What is going on?

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