The Ideals of Justice: Astrology and Tarot Forecast November 29th – December 5th, 2021

What to expect this week?

By Nikki Harper | Guest Writer

Idealism is a key driving factor – perhaps the key driving factor for many of us this week. The trouble is, of course, that my ideals may not match your ideals which may not match the ideals of your partner, your boss, your best friend or your mother. So we may well be striving in opposite or conflicting directions, albeit each of us with the very best of intentions.

The week begins as it means to go on, with a very purposeful Mars in Scorpio creating a deeply driven and highly idealistic trine to spiritual Neptune in Pisces. Inspirational but also tinged with zealotry, this astrological aspect calls to our higher selves and our higher purposes, driving us forwards in pursuit of that which we think is right.

This aspect definitely has religious or spiritual overtones, but if you’re not particularly religious, your idealism may instead focus on politics, the environment, human rights or whatever else pushes your buttons and makes you strive for change.

Mars in Scorpio can be very underhand and manipulative at times, so be careful that you don’t pursue your ideals in a dishonest manner. If you’re going to go all out for a purpose, be upfront and honest about it at least. Don’t try to persuade people or change their minds based on misleading information, because the purity of Neptune will catch you out.

As the weekend approaches, the energy shifts as the cosmos prepares for the total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. This is the last eclipse in the current Gemini/Sagittarius eclipse cycle, so it packs some extra punch. Justice and freedom are big, big issues here – but again, what seems like justice to me may seem like tyranny to you, and vice versa. My freedom may be your restriction; your freedom may be my madness.

Sagittarius is among the most idealistic of the zodiac energies, so coupled with the lingering influence of the earlier Mars-Neptune trine, the Solar Eclipse is likely to bring shocks, upheavals and surprises connected to an idealistic drive. Depending where you stand on the issues of the day, eclipse events may seem like total chaos or the welcome restoration of sanity. Across the board, from politics, to health, to religion, to business, and in our personal lives too, there are going to be winners and losers from this week’s astrological events.

Which side you end up on, however, largely depends on how flexible you are, and how willing you are to acknowledge that your point of view is not the only valid one.


Expect to feel an awakening of sorts during the early part of the week. You’re figuring out that something matters more than your income, your status, or anything else which has preoccupied you. You don’t yet fully understand your spiritual calling, but  you know you have one. The Solar Eclipse brings sudden events which will inspire you to travel, learn about other cultures, seek higher wisdom or educate yourself.

Your Tarot Card This Week: The Moon

Don’t think that you have all the answers. You don’t. You have some questions though, which is a good start. Understand that more will be revealed to you when you are ready to understand it, and not before. For the moment, keep feeling your path ahead, just one step at a time, following what instinctively feels right.


Friendships will be very inspiring to you this week and you may find that a new group or social set convince you to take up a cause which previously didn’t interest you very much. Your increasingly active social life has caused some arguments at home recently, especially if your partner feels left out, but this tension will start to ease. The Solar Eclipse, however, may expose a past trauma which you have not yet dealt with – but if it does, it gives you a chance to heal the situation too.

Your Tarot Card This Week: Justice

Look at your current situation more objectively. Whatever is going on in your life, you’ve played your part in arriving at this moment. It’s easy to blame others, but you must take responsibility for your own actions too. By doing so, you can work towards a fair, win-win solution which will benefit everyone.


Use the energies of the early part of the week to strive for better conditions at work, or to turn your everyday work into something more meaningful and satisfying for you on a spiritual level. You’re feeling ambitious but anxious that your work fits in with your higher calling too. The Solar Eclipse in your love zone may bring shocks and drama around a relationship, but consider this a wakeup call. If your partnership is worth fighting for, then you know what you must do.

Your Tarot Card This Week: The High Priestess

Something is hidden from you, and whatever it is, it changes everything. Don’t accept what you are told at face value – dig deeper to uncover what is really going on. Your intuition matters here, so don’t try to figure this out through logic alone. Look at signs and synchronicity, interpret your dreams, and follow your gut instincts.


Your creativity can move mountains this week, especially if you can use it to tell your story in an inspirational way to others. Teaching, mentoring or otherwise helping people will bring you joy and satisfaction, but be careful if you are traveling – impulsive risk-taking while away from home will be very appealing, but may have long-lasting consequences. The Solar Eclipse highlights your mental health, and urges you to take much better care of yourself instead of always focusing on others.

Your Tarot Card This Week: The Three of Wands

You have a clear-headed view of your future just now and you can see progress in your current situation as well as opportunities up ahead. What matters most now is that you’re prepared to leave your comfort zone. The change which lies ahead will be difficult at times, but acknowledging and accepting that now means that you will be better prepared to face it.


Your idealism this week is centred around the concept of connections and belonging. If you have been going through a difficult family period, you will want to create healing; if you have some long-buried issues from the past which need addressing, now is a good time to do that too. Do whatever you can to shore up and heal your tribal connections, whether that’s with your family or with your own adopted tribe. The Solar Eclipse urges you to take a leap of faith, because you’re at risk of becoming stuck in your comfort zone.

Your Tarot Card This Week: The Five of Swords

Resist the urge to win a fight at all costs, particularly within the family. You can win, yes, but it will be a hollow victory. Instead, seek ways to avoid conflict, to mediate, to negotiate and to heal. The time for fighting is over. You’ve been there, tried that, it didn’t help. It won’t help now either. Choose a different path.


Good communication will help you get the most from this week so be clear with your partner and your loved ones exactly what you’re pursuing and why. This can be a very healing vibe if you’ve previously been at odds with differing goals in your relationship. If you can both start pooling your efforts towards a joint cause, you’ll have much greater success. The Solar Eclipse brings potential drama within the family – but once the dust has settled, what seemed like chaos may turn into very good news.

Your Tarot Card This Week: The Ten of Wands

You’ve been under immense pressure recently, trying to be all things to all people. You do not, however, have to carry this burden alone. Help is at hand if only you choose to ask for it and accept it. You may feel like giving up, but you’re only one step away from success – look to your loved ones for support and backup, which they will willingly give.


There’s good news for your abundance this week. You’re starting to realize that there’s more to true abundance than simply how much money you have in the bank, and recognising your intangible blessings is helping you to attract more goodness into your life all round. You may find that streamlining your sometimes confusing daily schedule helps you manifest better too. The Solar Eclipse may bring sudden, irritating tech or machinery related issues, or a drama around a sibling. Stay calm.

Your Tarot Card This Week: The Nine of Pentacles

This lovely card is always a welcome sight, and reflects your increasing abundance. Be conscious of how fortunate you are, and be willing to share your blessings as widely as you can. Only by being willing to let go of some of what is “yours” can you grow as a person; as your bank account grows, let your generosity grow too.


Mars in your sign is very forceful this week and you’ll want to take risks to get your point across. Beware of this zeal-like enthusiasm becoming way too much for those around you, however. If you really want to inspire people, get creative and understand that less is more. The Solar Eclipse occurs in your money zone, so financial shocks may take your breath away later in the week, but as your stability is rocked, you’ll learn to value the easy comfort of a “normal” day.

Your Tarot Card This Week: The Ace of Swords

New insight into the world around you has opened your eyes. You’re taking a major step forwards in self-understanding and self-mastery and you’re very keen to share what you’ve learned. Understand, however, that not everyone is ready to hear what you have to say. This is your journey; don’t be disheartened when others do not follow.


Spiritual insights come thick and fast this week, especially regarding your past lives, or your past traumas. Be way of over-romanticizing the past, however. Life “back then” wasn’t some mythical golden age; it was hard and it was tough, just as it is now. Learn lessons from where you have been, both in this life and in others, but don’t forget to keep your eyes firmly on the present and the future. The Solar Eclipse in your sign is a chance to reset your life goals, so don’t miss that opportunity.

Your Tarot Card This Week: The Ace of Pentacles

For you this week, this card represents grounding and it brings you confidence to be yourself. With the eclipse challenging your identity, it’s important that you stand tall in your own authenticity. Be who you are, and avoid any temptation to change yourself or to try to mask your true nature.


Teamwork is the name of the game this week. You have some big ideals, but you can’t achieve them all alone. Take on a leadership role to guide and inspire others, but be willing to work with them too as an equal where appropriate. If you belong to a social set or group which is struggling, you have a chance now to inject new life into it. The Solar Eclipse brings an upswell of spiritual experiences for you, which may be fascinating, or scary, or both!

Your Tarot Card This Week: The Lovers

Working with others doesn’t come easily to you, but it will bring you joy if you pool your ideas and resources. Expect relationships with friends to become closer – perhaps very close. It would be a good idea to involve your partner or significant other in your goals and ambitions too, so that it becomes a true joint effort as you move forwards in life.


There’s good news at work this week because your enthusiasm and pursuit of your ambitions is starting to pay off. However, you may have to accept that your idealized vision of your career doesn’t match reality – accepting the less glamorous, less exciting, more difficult parts of your job will help you get more satisfaction and greater rewards. The Solar Eclipse occurs in your social zone, and may bring upheavals and disruptions to friendships.

Your Tarot Card This Week: The Six of Cups

Take a trip down memory lane if you can. Good memories from your past will restore your energy, your self-esteem and your joy this week. Get back in touch with childhood friends or visit somewhere you enjoyed as a kid. This energy is all about seeking what once made you happy and re-inviting its goodness back into your life.


Your idealism is taking you places this week and you have an urge to explore, not only physically but intellectually too. Don’t be afraid of new ideas –  or afraid to admit that you may have been wrong about something. Changing your mind is a sign of strength, not of weakness. The Solar Eclipse may thrust you into the spotlight at work due to a sudden crisis, but consider this an opportunity to show the world what you can do.

Your Tarot Card This Week: The Eight of Wands

Get moving. Don’t over-think matters. Ideas are coming thick and fast around you but you must act now rather than waiting to weight up the possibilities. This energy urges you not to waste time or procrastinate. Decide on a course of action which feels right to you and then pursue it. Everything else is just a distraction.

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