Buzz Aldrin: “Their Ship Was Far Superior To Ours, It Was Huge – We Were Warned!”

Aliens on the Moon: the truth exposed!

During a documented symposium carried out by NASA, Buzz Aldrin claimed that before their arrival the moon was already inhabited by other species, and what’s more there were signs of colonization.

According to Aldrin, as soon as the Apollo 11 arrived at the moon, their presence was noticed by an alien race.

As a matter of fact, the aliens were very annoyed by their presence and warned them to go away.

Aldrin went on saying that their ships were far superior both in size and technology. Obviously, NASA was committed at that time and couldn’t risk a panic on Earth.

Additionally, the moon’s surface was covered with strange structures and buildings that were not created by man. It is believed that some footage exists, but a decision was made to not make it public for obvious reasons.

CIA Document: ”After Alien Attack 23 Russian Soldiers Were Turned To Stone”

Somebody Else On The Moon?

moon aliens
From UFO crash sites on other planets and aliens “lurking” on asteroids to a permanent radio telescope on the far side of the Moon, a new NASA-funded study into the search for intelligent extraterrestrial life (SETI) details how future NASA missions could purposefully look for “technosignatures.” Image Credit: GETTY

Could it be that human exploration of the universe is being regulated and conditioned by an alien race?

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EXCLUSIVE: Buzz Aldrin Confirms UFO Sighting In Syfy’s ‘Aliens On The Moon’


UFO Footage With Holy Grail of Evidence Shot Over Area 51 Soon To Be Released, Filmmaker Claims

There is the most spectacular UFO footage shot near Area 51 which Filmmaker James Fox believes might be a “Holy Grail of Evidence” in the mystery of UAP phenomena. In his recent interview with famous podcaster Joe Rogan, Mr. Fox revealed that he had seen the video of a real UFO hovering over a car in the desert.

The video showed the inside of the car with the two men freaking out as a disc-shaped craft flew over their vehicle, illuminating the inside of the car with an eerie light.

Mr. Fox, who specializes in UFO documentaries, tells the story of a UFO video that was shown to him by Chuck Clark, a former military personnel and amateur astronomer who lived near Area 51.

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