What Really Lies Beyond The Ice Walls of Antarctica?

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By: N. Hale | Ancient Mysteries

What is the truth behind the great ice wall of Antarctica? Does it really exist? Could there be something more hidden behind this eternal frozen wall?

The National Science Foundation officially commissioned the WISSARD Project to formally scan beneath Antarctica’s ice since many anticipated this with the future global warming, we could be able to learn more and more about our distant past as we know it.

The discovery was made about 2,700 feet below the ice when they said that they followed the Lake Whelan’s to see where it leads them, only to discover that a gigantic void exists 2,700 feet below the ice.

So far, nothing is known about this underworld formation, but many feel that it might imply the Hollow Earth Theory to be correct after all, as it intensifies the possibility that an advanced, sophisticated civilization might really reside under our planet’s surface parallelly with us.

Who knows what’s brewing underneath the eternal ice of Antarctica? Maybe, once we drill down into the marshes, we’ll find totally other life forms, such as aliens, reptilians, or even humans who once had rebelled against our society’s standards and opted to build their own civilization right beneath our noses.

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Two Mountains 100 Times Higher Than Mt. Everest Found Inside Earth Trigger Hollow Earth Theory

Since the 1970s, the discovery of two giant structures inside the Earth has baffled scientists. They are located on opposite sides of our planet and their size may be compared to continents.

Each of these structures is almost 100 times bigger than Mount Everest and is located at the core of the Earth, at a depth of 2900 km. Seismic studies show that the discovered formations have a different composition than the rest of the Earth’s mantle.

The structure, known as an ultralow-velocity zone (ULVZ), is located on the boundary between Earth’s superheated, molten core and the solid mantle, lying directly underneath the volcanic Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia in the South Pacific, according to a study published in the journal Science.

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