This Is Not A Hoax: New ‘Extraterrestrial’ Bodies From Peru Have Emerged

Mummified 'alien' bodies are brought back to Mexico's congress for second time by journalists and doctors with new evidence to prove 'they are real'

New specimens of “alien mummies” have emerged – beings with three fingers, claimed to be from Peru by the filmmakers who found and X-rayed them, reports the Daily Mail. The mummy encased in plaster, they say, contains a new form of DNA and exhibits signs of “genetic engineering”.

“The DNA is 30 percent unknown. We’re not claiming we’ve found aliens, but we believe we’ve found a new species. There’s a slight possibility that it might be from somewhere else in the galaxy,” said filmmakers Michael Mazzola and Serena DC, who will unveil their scientific evidence to the public next week at a press conference in West Hollywood.

Flavio Estrada
Nazca is also known for salt flats that dehydrate and preserve human and animal remains. Photo of Flavio Estrada

They say their findings are unrelated to claims of mummies made before the Mexican Congress last September by journalist Jaime Maussan. While acknowledging the need for further DNA testing to determine the mummy’s origin, they assert with certainty that the beings are not physically constructed humans.

A tiny body of a specimen, that Mexican journalist and UFO enthusiast Jaime Maussan says is not related to any known Earthly species and which he presented along with another one to Mexico's Congress earlier last year.
A tiny body of a specimen, that Mexican journalist and UFO enthusiast Jaime Maussan says is not related to any known Earthly species and which he presented along with another one to Mexico’s Congress earlier last year.

For now, they have X-ray images and laboratory tests of one body, conducted in collaboration with scientists from the United States and Mexico. Next week, they will test the mummies live alongside these “incredible findings” and present reports from scientists.

“We’ll be going live into the forensic laboratory where American and Mexican scientists will be conducting various diagnostic tests,” they explain.

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They previously told the media they believe the two mummies are not aliens but actual beings, with initial DNA tests confirming they are over a thousand years old. They also believe their discovery has been unfairly discredited, largely by people who are “too lazy to even conduct the most cursory fact-checking.”

“The data coming out of Peru is extremely compelling and deserves to be replicated by scientists willing to engage in real science, rather than PR stunts. This isn’t about Maussan’s credibility or ours. The validity or lack thereof of these extraordinary specimens will be determined by science,” said Mazzola.

While one of the specimens, seemingly curled up in a defensive position, passed testing, the other creature has yet to be analysed.

In January of last year, scientists from the Peruvian government held a conference on “alien mummies,” during which they stated that the public had been deceived by actors like Maussan. They claim they were actually dolls made by humans.

“They’re not aliens, they’re not a new species, and they’re not hybrids. The conclusion is simple, they’re dolls made from animal bones from this planet, with modern synthetic glue,” said Flavio Estrada, the lead forensic expert, at the time.

However, the documentary filmmakers steadfastly defend the credibility of their findings.

“They’re real. They were born, lived, and then died. During that period of life, they roamed around, at least one of them for three years, because the wear on his bones shows that he moved around for that long,” they said.

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