“This Is Probably The Strangest UFO You’ve Ever Seen”: A Woman From India Saw An Open Door In The Sky

I bet 100% you’ve never seen anything like this UFO before!

Last Sunday evening, an extraordinary event took place in Bangalore city, India, when Aditi Singh captured a truly bizarre sight in the sky.

As she was returning home with a friend, they noticed a peculiar rectangular shape that resembled a glowing doorway with a shadowy figure above the city.

“The incident has left everyone puzzled, and no one seems to have a concrete explanation for this strange anomaly.”

The Event

Aditi Singh shared her video of the event on Instagram, where she described how the rectangular shadow-like shape had an eerie glow around its edges.

“The sighting lasted for about 90 seconds before vanishing into the cloudy sky.”

What made this even more bewildering was that the moon was in its waxing crescent phase, which shouldn’t have caused such an intense illumination around the oddity.

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Many theories have been proposed to explain this phenomenon, ranging from UFOs to the Brocken spectre.

However, the latter can be ruled out, as it occurs in daylight and involves the observer’s shadow cast on fog, which doesn’t fit this situation. So, natural scientific explanations don’t seem applicable here.

The Details

Aditi’s Instagram page provided additional details, clarifying that she observed this strange event in an almost rural area, ruling out tall buildings or attractions that could have cast such a shadow. Moreover, there was no fog; the manifestation seemed to shimmer among the clouds as if the clouds were interacting with it.

Considering the possibilities, some speculate that it could be a certain type of UFO, as similar wonders have been reported elsewhere.

In California, a comparable incident was even featured on FOX News, adding to the mystery. This has led to theories suggesting that the phenomenon might be caused by a massive spacecraft or a portal from which these vehicles emerge. Some even dare to entertain the idea of a real door leading from the Matrix or from beneath the Flat Earth dome.

While such wild theories may sound far-fetched, the reality is that we still don’t have definitive answers about the existence of extraterrestrial life. Hence, the UFO theory, while more grounded in comparison, remains inconclusive. Perhaps, in the future, similar occurrences may shed more light on the mysterious phenomenon.

In conclusion, the glowing doorway sighting in the Indian sky has sparked curiosity and fascination. Until experts can provide a concrete explanation, it’s open to speculation and wonder. The universe is vast and full of mysteries, and events like this remind us that there is much we have yet to understand.

Whether it’s a case of advanced technology, natural phenomena beyond our current knowledge, or something else entirely, the truth remains elusive for now.

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