She Said She Was An Alien & Came from Venus: She Disappeared Without a Trace

The mysterious story of Dolores Barrios, the woman who said she came from Venus, disappeared one day and no one saw her again.

By: Zack White | Mysterious Society

Among all the phenomena that surround the supposed visits of extraterrestrials to planet earth, one of the most striking events is what happened around a woman, Dolores Barrios, who visited a UFO convention in the United States with two companions in 1954. And then she disappeared without a trace.

She Said She Was Alien & Came From Venus: She Disappeared Without A Trace

After the incident of the Roswell case, the woman claimed to have come from Venus, to share information with humanity.

According to the records, everything happened in 1954, in Monte Palomar, California. The organizers of the event were ufologists of the time, George Adamski, Truman Beturum and Daniel Fry, there they talked about the supposed “extraterrestrial” contacts they had experienced.

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Dolores Barrios

Currently, the planet Venus is covered in dense clouds with a surface temperature of more than 450 degrees, enough to melt zinc, lead, and most organic materials.

Venus is believed to be the hottest place in the Solar System, except for the Sun itself. However, studies claim that it may once have been inhabited. And in fact, Dolores Barrios and her companions claimed to come from there.

The main organizers of this event were the popular ufologists (UFO specialists) George Adamski, Truman Beturum, and Daniel Fry. The three claimed that they had their own stories of contact with extraterrestrials, all their theories were highly discussed by the press at the time, but they summoned many followers.

The UFO convention in California was attended by hundreds of people, including alleged alien contactees, FBI agents and various witnesses to alien spacecraft sightings.

She Said She Was Alien & Came From Venus: She Disappeared Without A Trace

The 1954 UFO Congress Where Dolores Barrios Appeared

On the first day of the congress, each of the organizers shared their experience. George Adamski, who was well known for her stories about links with humanoids from the planet Venus, took advantage of the situation to promote and sell her published books.

In her speech at the congress, Adamski said that the natives of the planet Venus were very similar to human beings. According to this specialist, the aliens had penetrated deeply into the Earth and managed to camouflage themselves, as citizens, in the large developed cities of the planet.

Adamski showed a painted image of a Venusian humanoid that turned out to be very similar to the Scandinavians. And she said that they provided information to improve the lives of humans. When her audience was inspired by the stories, at the end of the first day of the congress, everyone was struck by the appearance of a strange young woman accompanied by two other people.

The woman looked very similar to the portrait of the Venusian shown by Adamski, she had blond hair, large dark eyes that intimidated those present. According to other witnesses, there was something atypical in the structure of her skull that caught everyone’s attention.

They also asked her if aliens travelled to Earth from Venus and the woman’s answer was blunt: “Yes, most of them come from that planet.” So, a Brazilian journalist named Joao Martins, who came to the congress from Rio de Janeiro, decided to go a step further and interview the three strangers.

During the conversation, she learned that the woman’s name was Dolores Barrios and she claimed to be a fashion designer from New York. The two men were her friends, Donald Moran and Bill Jackmart, who said they were musicians based in Manhattan Beach, California.

She Said She Was Alien & Came From Venus: She Disappeared Without A Trace

Despite the names and professions given by the trio, Martins was as suspicious of Dolores as she was of Moran and Jackmart.

The Mysterious Disappearance of Dolores Barrios In 1954

The next day, the Brazilian journalist again approached the trio of alleged aliens and took several photos of them, something they did not like. After the impromptu photo session, Dolores Barrios, and her two companions, left in the direction of the forest that surrounded the headquarters where the UFO Congress was taking place. From then on, no one else saw them.

“A few days later, in the same area, an amazing event happened: several people saw a UFO taking off from the forest and getting lost in the sky.”

In October 1954, the entire story of the congress, the supposed “Venusians” and their strange escape was published by Martins in the Brazilian weekly “O Cruzeiro” which achieved very good sales.

In addition, the organizer of the Congress, Adamski, did not like the spread of this story as she considered that this trio deliberately attended her event to “pose as Venusians” and damage her reputation as a specialist in extraterrestrial life.

However, for years UFO researchers have tried to uncover the truth about Barrios , but neither in New York, nor in California, nor in any other state in the United States, they managed to find them.

A friend of the journalist Joao Martins said that she saw her enter a cinema in Rio. Although most thought it was all a fraud, it was never confirmed who that woman interested in aliens really was.

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Ex-USAF Col. Testified Extraterrestrials Do Not Allow Nuclear Weapons In Space

During the Cold War, the United States conducted the largest nuclear test in outer space, 400 km above the Northern Pacific Ocean. The results were devastating. More such testing would have destroyed Earth’s magnetic field that is why outer-space nuclear testing was banned. Moreover, some accounts of the US military personnel including NASA astronauts convey that the extraterrestrials were behind the nuclear missile testing in outer space, and they even put surveillance on the nuclear facilities on Earth.

In the “Sirius Documentary,” hosted by UFOlogist Steven Greer, US Air Force retired Colonel Ross Dedrickson testified that he observed UFOs over the nuclear facilities in which he was assigned. Besides, he said the extraterrestrials were not allowing nuclear weapons in space. They stopped the nuclear missile that was sent to detonate on the lunar surface.

The US was in the urge to demonstrate its power to the Soviets.

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