Our True Ancestors Are Ancient Extraterrestrials That Left Our Planet 20,000 Years Ago

Are humans the real ancient aliens? Or are we the product of something else?

Many aliens who have been in contact with humans have asserted to have a glimpse of the world’s future. They saw holographic representations of our cosmos and came to the conclusion that the result was incredibly surprising given various histories.

What if aliens travelled to our planet hundreds, even millions, of years ago? This indicates that they are our ancestors, that they are concerned about the state of the globe, and that in some respects, our planet is still theirs.

Because we lack the technology and intellectual capacity to understand them, phenomena like teleportation, time travel, incarnation, and others remain a profound mystery.

These 4 Ancient Civilizations Existed On Earth Long Before Human Race

So, if you’re looking for answers, it’s preferable to start by discovering who you are before setting off on your trip, which is a journey through the evolution of the planet and the human race.

Our DNA can be studied while hypnotized and may have some of the information you need. But it might also happen in a dream. Many experts and scientists think that visitors from other countries have little influence over what happens on our planet. What do you think about the situation?

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Graham Hancock: Ancient Civilization Wiped Out By Massive Comet 22,000 Years Ago

Graham Hancock argues an ancient culture in Antarctica was obliterated – but subjects such as astronomy and mathematics were passed to later civilisations.

Graham Hancock is a popular name on the list of archaeologists and researchers who dared to look at ancient history with a different view. He became the loudest voice in the argument against the accepted chronology of the development of human civilization. He presented evidence of how a massive celestial object completely wiped out a human civilization much older than known settlements.

Mr. Hancock proposed many alternative theories that might not please the mainstream archaeologists. For example, he said that some ancient structures such as the “Great Sphinx” were actually remnants of a much older stage of human civilization that existed before the end of the last Ice Age. He based his theory on the correlation between cultural and geological events between different sites as distant as Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt, and India. These indicate that a human civilization lived much earlier than it is claimed by scientists.

In other words, mankind had developed advanced civilizations long before the emergence of the Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations that mainstream archaeology believes were the very beginnings of human civilization.

In fact, Mr. Hancock proposed that ancient civilizations such as Egyptians, Mayans, and Mesopotamians had only inherited the knowledge of a much more advanced civilization that pre-dated them by possibly 6,000 years or more and which was destroyed by a great cataclysm. The same cataclysm that brought the last Ice Age to a dramatic end around 12,000 BC.

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