NASA Engineer Validates Billy Meier’s 1976 UFO Photos

The truth is out there? Billy Meier's UFO images!

By: Vicky Verma | How & Whys

Billy Meier is probably the most famous alien contactee. He claimed to have been in regular contact with aliens, whom he calls “The Plejarens,” from the Pleiades star cluster (Seven Sisters or M45) since 1942. Billy got media attention only in the 1980s, after he stated that he had taken a series of UFO photographs in the late 1970s.

Eduard Albert Meier, popular by his nickname “Billy,” was born in Bülach, a town in the canton of Zürich, Switzerland. The man is 83 years old now. He reportedly met an elderly-looking alien named Sfath at the age of 5, when he was wandering far from his farm, deep into the forest. According to Billy, he found the alien in the deep woods. The alien was wearing something like a diving suit. The two had a telepathic conversation.

Swiss UFO contactee and controversial figure, Billy Meier.
Billy Meier

Billy believes that Sfath was his first teacher, and both had been sharing a strong bond for 11 years. He also introduced Billy to alien beings from other planets. Sometimes, Sfath used to take him on trips around the world on his spacecraft, where he got a chance to get acquainted with the world leaders.

illy explained how much he had learned while being with Sfath. With Sfath, he not only travelled through space but also in different expanses of time. He saw himself in previous lifetimes and also the future of the world. At the age of 7, he felt like a mature man.

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The two stopped communicating after Billy had to go to prison for committing crimes. Sfath died in 1953, and after that, Billy started communicating with an alien woman named Asket until 1964, when all his contacts were ceased.

Controversial UFO photo credited to Billy Meier.
UFO photograph was allegedly taken by Billy Meier

But in 1975, he restarted communicating with otherworldly beings, the Plejarens from the planet Erra and the granddaughter of Sfath named Semjase.

At the age of 14, he published an open letter to warn humanity about the outcomes of forthcoming disasters and wars that could destroy the planet if good decisions were not taken. According to the information he received from aliens, Billy wrote many articles and even documented thousands of his transmissions which later were published in German.

There is always a question on Billy’s credibility. He faced criticism after his ex-wife revealed that he used trash cans and metallic objects for the UFOs shown in the images. Besides, she said the Plejaren women in his photos were real actual human beings.

But according to Aerospace Engineer Matthew Wieczkiewicz who worked on several NASA space projects, the UFO photographs by Billy Meier are real. In 1978, he heard about Billy’s case for the first time but ignored it after the CIA called it a hoax.

Wieczkiewicz said:

“Then, in 2011, I saw an article on a news website that mentioned one of Billy Meier’s claims had come true. So I went back and rediscovered the case and was surprised to see how much information is available compared to 1978. I went in with an open mind and spent the better part of 18 months reading all the material I could find and finally came to the conclusion that it is real.

Humanity should recognize the valuable assistance offered by the Plejaren extraterrestrials through Billy Meier for solving the most serious problems facing our world today.”

Billy even founded a UFO religion: The “Freie Interessengemeinschaft für Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien” (Free Community of Interests for the Border and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies). His followers preach the teachings he gained from his extra-terrestrial contacts about love, peace, and truth.

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