The Pentagon Has Officially Admitted That We Are Being Followed By Alien Craft While Declassifying Two New UFO Sighting Cases (Video)

As reported today by multiple media resources, US MQ-9 Reaper military drones have recently detected the appearance of unidentified flying objects in the sky twice in the Middle East and South Asia.

By: Soul:Ask | Guest Post

This was stated by the director of the US Department of Defence Office for the Study of Anomalies, Sean Kirkpatrick, at a hearing in the Committee on Armed Forces of the Senate of Congress.

“I want to tell you about two cases that we have declassified recently,” – Kirkpatrick said.

He said that the first case occurred in the Middle East in 2022. To prove his words, a Pentagon spokesman showed a short video taken by the MQ-9 Reaper drone. The captured footage shows how a large spherical object, presumably having a metal shell, flies at high speed, at altitudes from 10,000 to 30,000 feet. After just a couple of seconds, the recording ends. Kirkpatrick also showed footage of another sphere shaped UFO taken in 2023 somewhere in South Asia. According to a Pentagon spokesman, a condensation trail can be seen behind the object.

Kirkpatrick remained silent about the craft’s origins, but acknowledged the superhuman level of its design and capabilities.

After that, the senators were shown a video:

There is nothing very surprising in this video, since ufologists have long reviewed dozens of similar videos made by the MQ-9 Reaper. For example, in 2016, the following flew over Iraq:

Thus, we are talking about some type of UAV very common among extraterrestrials, which fly over the world in whole armadas. However, the news in this whole story is that the Pentagon officially recognized all this for the first time.

Previously, when such controlled leaks occurred, US officers did not comment on them in any way. And now, after the Pentagon first threw the news on the giant uterine ships plying the solar system and sending probes to us, the US military is actually presenting all these probes.

Until recently, anyone who only stuttered about aliens and their technologies was immediately put on a tinfoil hat, but soon politicians will grind something about UFOs and explain how little green men influence or do not influence global world affairs. It will be a grand affair for ufologists to watch all these neophytes puff their cheeks out.

The main attraction will be when the second Sun flares up in the sky and it will be like with the pandemic, when in 2019 everyone was silent, and in March 2020 they suddenly became great experts and began to enlighten the public who listened to them, the great speakers and thinkers of our time, in awe.

What prompted the US military to recognize the presence of some kind of aliens on Earth? Is there a war with them underway now? Or is it about the existence of some third force in the world, to which everyone will write off everything – from 9/11 to the pandemic?

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