This Documentary By National Geographic Reveals That There Are Aliens On The Moon

More evidence coming forward of whose really on the Moon!

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In preparation for the 50th anniversary of the moment when the man landed on the Moon for the first time, National Geographic is preparing a new documentary to commemorate that emblematic event.

The man behind this documentary is Tom Jennings and many people are enthusiastic about it.

This documentary will be narrated in the first person and it will feature incredible images and exclusive information about the event.

The documentary will provide images captured by astronauts from the Apollo mission. At the same time, it will try to answer some questions related to the Moon and why NASA has not returned to it.

However, there is an upcoming movie that claims that the Moon is inhabited by extra-terrestrials, and it was precisely what forced the Americans to not returning to the Moon.

WikiLeaks Document Confirms, The United States Destroyed An Alien Moon Base

The movie, in particular, is being promoted by National Geographic itself. There are many unresolved questions related to the Apollo missions. Did the astronauts discover something strange when they landed on the Moon?

What we can see in the images are various artificial structures that could confirm the existence of life on the Moon.

Will this documentary reveal new information about what happened during the Apollo missions? Could it be true that there are aliens living on the Moon?

What are your thoughts about the Moon Landing?

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Now That’s Cool

The Moon is not a perfectly round sphere – it’s an oval, egg-shaped satellite thanks to the Earth’s gravity pull.

Frequently Answered Questions

What is the Moon made of?

A partially molten layer with a thickness of 93 miles (150 kilometers) surrounds the iron core. The mantle extends from the top of the partially molten layer to the bottom of the Moon’s crust.

It is most likely made of minerals like olivine and pyroxene, which are made up of magnesium, iron, silicon, and oxygen atoms.

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Proof of The Parallel Universe? Nazi Coin From 2039 In Mexico Sparks Bizarre Theories

For a long time, alternative universes have been used as a plot for a novel or simply a story for a movie. But there are many who wonder what their life would be like in a parallel universe, or if there is an alternative version of themselves in another dimension. For what scientists have also spent time investigating the potential of alternative realities for decades.

Over the years, scientists have exposed multiple theories, some of which have real evidence to back them up. So, if any of these theories is correct, there is a universe somewhere different from ours. One of the most popular theories of the alternative universe is string theory.

According to this theory, we live in a multiverse of nine dimensions, with only three dimensions visible to us.

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