Student’s Disturbing 9/11 Footage Taken From Dorm Room Resurfaces Before Anniversary of Attack

Horrifying video footage that was shot of the second jet hitting the World Trade Centre buildings almost twenty one years ago has resurfaced.

By Joseph D. Brown | The Mind Unleashed

Horrifying video footage that was shot of the second jet hitting the World Trade Centre buildings almost twenty one years ago has resurfaced. The student Caroline Dries, who was attending New York University at the time, was the one who shot the film. She recorded the footage using the camera in her university dorm room, which was located on the 32nd level.

Just before 9 o’clock in the morning, Caroline and her roommate were jolted awake by the sound of an explosion, which was caused by the first aircraft to strike the tower. Because she was aware that something significant was taking place, she immediately started documenting it.

After the second jet crashed into the building, the two ladies suspected that terrorists may be responsible for the attack. Prior to that point, they had been watching the situation develop and wondered what was going on.

“It’s terrorists…what do we do?” one of the girls can be heard shouting.

One of the females can be heard stating, “I don’t want to be on the 32nd floor of this building anymore.” after leaving their dorm.

After receiving her degree, Caroline went on to have a prosperous career in television production, working as a producer on popular series such as “Smallville” and “The Vampire Diaries.”

On that day, which was over twenty years ago now, four passenger airplanes were taken over by terrorists. American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 were the two aircraft that collided with the World Trade Centre’s North and South Towers in New York City. Both of these flights were operated by United Airlines.

Both 110-story skyscrapers came crashing down within an hour and 42 minutes of one other. Later on, American Airlines Flight 77 collided with the Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia, causing a portion of the west side of the structure to partially collapse. This catastrophe was caused by a third aircraft. The fourth jet, United Airlines Flight 93, was first flown in the direction of Washington, District of Columbia; but, as a result of passenger unrest, the plane crashed into a field in Stonycreek Township, Pennsylvania.

As a direct result of the attacks, 2,977 people lost their lives, nearly 25,000 others were injured, and first responders faced a variety of health issues with long-term repercussions. 9/11 is widely regarded as the single most lethal terrorist act in the annals of human history. It is also regarded as the single most lethal occurrence in the annals of United States history for firemen and law enforcement officials, with 343 and 72 deaths, respectively. There are also other skyscrapers close by, such as building 7 of the World Trade Centre.

After weeks had passed since the massacre, it was thought that over 6,000 people had been killed, which is more than twice as many as the number of fatalities that were later verified. Only roughly 1,600 of the victims who were killed in the World Trade Centre attack had their bodies identified by the authorities, “about 10,000 unidentified bone and tissue fragments that cannot be matched to the list of the dead” were gathered by the medical examiner’s office.

Student’s Disturbing 9/11 Footage Taken From Dorm Room Resurfaces Before Anniversary Of Attack

In 2006, construction workers who were getting ready to destroy the damaged Deutsche Bank Building continued to find bone bits in the building’s rubble. At the Fresh Kills Landfill, a group of anthropologists and archaeologists conducted a search for human remains and personal objects in the year 2010, during which they discovered 72 more signs of human remains, bringing the total number of human remains found to 1,845. DNA profiling is still going on as part of the ongoing effort to identify more victims. The skeletal remains are presently being kept in storage at Memorial Park, which is located outside of the offices of the New York City Medical Examiner.

The United States government immediately responded to the attacks by launching various wars, some of which are still active to this day. The assaults were instantly blamed on terrorists in the Middle East.

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