In The In-Between: Astrology Forecast December 5th – 12th, 2021

What to expect this week?

By Lorna Bevan | Guest Writer

Everything is up in the air, in a state of flux as Saturday’s Super New Moon eclipse dust won’t even begin to settle until the December 21st Solstice. Knowing this and knowing that the Chaos Nodes are becoming yet more complex in 2022, drop any attempts to make linear plans or to push the river-it just won’t happen. What’s strange and intense and challenging for many is that this Pause or Standstill can happen even amidst turbulent energies or when things personal or global are in deconstruction mode ,coinciding with crazy wild change unfolding.

On December 6th, the Sun crosses the Great Attractor -the most powerful source of electro-magnetic radiation in the known universe- and on the 11th  Mercury crosses the Galactic Centre, picking up our homing signal. On December 12th, the Sun squares Neptune dissolving yet more of our previous certainties. This is definitely the Unknown.

On the 12/13th, both Mars and Mercury change signs. In the middle of all this, on Saturday 11th Venus conjuncts the Great Eliminator Pluto in Capricorn for the first of what will be 3 times between now and March. The Goddess is preparing to turn retrograde in Saturn’s sign on December 19th until January 29th 2022. Venus is retrograde least of all the planets – about 8% of the time – so every Venus retrograde is special and impactful at a deeply personal level. To pick up clues and threads in your own life, go back 8 years to late 2013/14.

During the two weeks leading up to the Solstice/Christmas holiday, Venus will remain in close conjunction with intense, powerful Pluto for an unusually long time. This means that Venus retrograde will infuse the holiday season with some deep “feels” and transformational experiences such as breakups and breakdowns along with some kind of major global financial calibration.

So uncertainty and not -Knowing become the mastery path, the invitation, the question to live into

Chandra Symbol Venus/Pluto 26 Capricorn

Chandra Symbol Venus/Pluto 26 Capricorn
Chandra Symbol Venus/Pluto 26 Capricorn

A solitary grave in the midst of a cornfield.

“The past, what was suffered and lost, is what speaks inside. And in order to move through this extended interlude, you are going to need to return to the past places and see them again. Otherwise, nothing goes right. Sometimes you have to go way back to get on with anything. And sometimes the truth is painful, yet worth pursuing.” – Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Forecast: Dec 5-12, 2021

Your personal planet Mars remains in Scorpio until December 13th, so you may have some intense emotional moments to deal with. This will be amplified by Venus meeting Pluto in Capricorn at the pinnacle of your chart- exact on December 11th and again on the 25th – staying within one or two degrees of the Great Eliminator right into January. This is your career angle, so money and power will be hot issues. Before Venus turns backwards on the 19th until the end of January, work out what you really want and especially what you don’t, what is negotiable and non-negotiable, so you avoid making poor deals or compromises just for the sake of a little more income.

Take your time and don’t accept the first offer that comes your way.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: Dec 5-12, 2021

The rest of December and into January is an important time of initiation for you as a solar Taurean. Last Saturday’s Super New Moon eclipse in your deep 8th House is going to change situations around money, resources and committed partnerships. This theme is intensified by your own planet Venus slowing down to turn retrograde on December 9th until January 29th in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn. This week on the 11th, she meets Pluto and will stay close all month. If you put Venus-money, love, luxury-together with Pluto-wealth, sex, transformation, debt- you have a potent emotional cocktail. The last time the Goddess was in retrograde in Capricorn was in late 2013 and 2014, so, for clues, think back to how themes of money and relationships played out then.

Slow right down along with Venus and make self-care your priority.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: Dec 5-12, 2021

Last Saturday’s New Moon eclipse was the last in an 18 months period of relationship shifts and changes. No matter how it played out – making a permanent commitment or adapting to being single-you’ve learnt a lot about yourself and what makes your heart sing. That’s only going to benefit you as Venus deep dives with Pluto in your 8th House of money and partnerships on December 11th and travels alongside him all month. As the Goddess of beauty, love and wealth slows to turn retrograde for 6 weeks, put major expenditure on hold. No matter how attractive the bargain, just walk away. The same goes for radical hair or beauty makeovers-wait until the end of January. By that time, you’ll know what and who is worth your investment.

Keep in mind the old saying: ”Neither a borrower or a lender be”.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: Dec 5-12, 2021

Last Saturday’s Super New Moon eclipse was the final one in a series over 18 months affecting your work and health. One cycle is ending as another begins. You might leave a job or a role or a colleague departs, making you their obvious replacement. Your decisions will be closely related to Venus-love, money, pleasure- making a long slow conjunction to Pluto -wealth, sex and passion-in your opposite sign all month and beyond. Think back to late 2013 and 2014 for clues as to how it may play out. Until January 29th, it’s going to be about others in your life. As Venus meets Pluto for the first time on December 11th, slowing to turn retrograde on the 19th, pay close attention to relationships that are one sided or unbalanced. Notice who gives and who takes.

Removing your rose- tinted lenses.

Leo Weekly Forecast: Dec 5-12, 2021

With the Sun and soon Mars lighting up your 5th House of fun, pleasure and self-expression until December 21st, get a head start on the holiday season, however you spend it. Last Saturday’s Super New Moon eclipse charged up this part of your life too, bringing to a close 18 months of new projects, bursts of creativity and probably children either being born or leaving the nest. Meanwhile, your 6th House of work, service and wellbeing is going to be under the microscope between now and the end of January, thanks to a rare on-going conjunction between Venus and Pluto in Capricorn- exact on December 11th and 25t. Make sure you check out any health niggles and drop any self-sabotaging behaviours, as Pluto will get right to the root of the issue.

Cleaning up your act.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: Dec 5-12, 2021

Venus, planet of love, beauty and money, is going to light up your 5th House of pleasure and creativity until March 2022! Before she turns backwards on December 19th, she meets Pluto on the 11th and then again on December 25th. The Lord of Transformation symbolises wealth, sex and luxury, so it could be a match made in heaven, if you take advantage of it. Start digging out old artwork or photography or crafting projects for another look-Pluto loves excavating treasure. Venus and Pluto will also help you escape drudgery or responsibilities that were never yours in the first place. Extricate yourself from situations or relationships that drain you and feel the difference.

Last Saturday’s eclipse should help things to settle at home, in your family and tribe.

Libra Weekly Forecast: Dec 5-12, 2021

Something unusual is happening-your personal planet Venus is walking side by side with the Great Transformer Pluto right through December, crossing and re-crossing the nadir of your chart. This is your area of home, family, tribe, roots, belonging and also the ancestors. Both Venus and Pluto are associated with money, wealth, luxury, debts, sex and intimacy-quite a cocktail! Make a note of December 11th and 25th when this pair meet exactly. What to expect? Venus likes to pretend everything is lovely, while Pluto digs the dirt. There could be some difficult truths about a family member, you may need to step up to care for a parent or even have to extend where you live to support them. On the other hand, you could come into some money. Be patient as Venus is retrograde until January 29th.

No quick fixes.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: Dec 5-12, 2021

Your personal planet Mars remains at your side in Scorpio until December 13th, making a wonderful link to Jupiter on December 8th. If you’ve been struggling to make a decision about a big house move or relocation, you might find exactly what you’ve been searching for. Last Saturday’s New Moon eclipse activated your angle of finances, bringing to an end an 18 months cycle of income fluctuation. Now’s the time to cut ties with anyone who sees you as a source of freebies and hand-outs. The unusually long conjunction of wealth planets Venus and Pluto this month-exact on the 11th and 25th – is timely, nudging you to sort out your financial situation once and for all. You could come up with a wonderful idea for a new income stream or decide to unlock some cash by selling something valuable.

No matter how big the temptation, don’t make any big purchases until the end of January.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: Dec 5-12, 2021

What a birthday season you’re having, Sagittarius! Last Saturday’s Super New Moon eclipse was in your sign-the last for another 9 years. It ends an 18 months cycle of self-development and big changes, such as relocations. You might get the urge to make a physical transformation by completely updating your clothes or hair, just for the fun of it. Just be careful not to splurge too much as Venus is alongside Pluto all month-exact on December 11th and 25th  – in your financial zone, putting every aspect of your money flow under scrutiny. This could play out in many ways: you might realise that you’re worth more than you’re being paid or receive a bonus. Or a sudden big expense could drain your bank account.

If you share resources, have a full and frank discussion with your partner.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: Dec 5-12, 2021

Your sign is centre stage as Venus dances with Pluto in Capricorn all month, turning retrograde on December 19th to January 29th. Make a note of December 11th and 25th when they make an exact conjunction. Both planets are about money, wealth, sex, and intimacy with a few power struggles thrown in for good measure. Your personal attraction quotient could increase, so think about how best to take advantage of it. Like Sagittarius, but for different reasons, if you get the urge to have a makeover, go for it. Over the holiday season, start thinking about ways to increase your worth in terms of income.

For clues, cast your mind back to late 2013/2014, the last time Venus/Pluto met in your sign.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: Dec 5-12, 2021

his could turn out to be an especially lovely holiday season, as you make the most of expansive Jupiter’s last few weeks in your sign, before he moves into Pisces on December 29th. If you can, get together with friends and family more than usual or take some short trips to places you’ve always wanted to visit. The change of scene will lift your spirits and inspire your creativity-think of it as an artist’s date. Meanwhile, throughout December, Venus and Pluto are together in your deep 12th House and your thoughts might turn to your ancestry. This is the perfect combination for unearthing family secrets or even skeletons in the cupboard.

One caveat: tighten your online security as Venus/Pluto could bring a surge in scammers.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: Dec 5-12, 2021

Everywhere you look, Pisces, things are changing and so must you. On December 1st, your own planet Neptune turned forward after 5 months of go-slow, so you’ll soon start feeling in the zone. On top of that, last Saturday’s New Moon eclipse lit up the top of your chart and your career, starting a new chapter in life direction which will unfold over the next 6 months. It could mean a change in status, such as a promotion or a new role or even on a personal level, such as getting married or divorced. Take your time and don’t be rushed into any big commitments until the end of January as before then Venus is dancing cheek to cheek with the Great Transformer Pluto turning your attention to friendships, alliances, community and office politics. On December 11th and again on December 25th, there could be a changing of the guard which takes you by surprise.

Get back in touch with old friends and former colleagues-build bridges and mend fences.

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