Chaos or Clarity? Astrology Forecast February 25th – March 3rd 2024

Here’s what’s happening in astrology this week.

By: Lorna Bevan Hare In The Moon

Be extra vigilant this week as a rare Sun/Mercury/Saturn conjunction in Pisces sextile Jupiter will easily overwhelm the usual boundaries, structures and social norms. Emotions are running very high and will escalate lemming-like behaviour as groups and crowds quickly turn into unthinking mobs-both in real life and online. Jupiter exaggerates the tendency to emote, to overreact to perceived slights or triggers. Amping up the volatility, Mars and Venus in Aquarius-symbolising the collective-are at odds with unpredictable Uranus in Taurus. The ongoing farmers’ uprising against EU restrictions is a perfect example.

For sensitives and empaths, this Piscean conjunction has the potential to lift the veils, to reveal a glimpse of the meta picture and help you to ground the new Plutonic Aquarian frequency running like electricity through the ethers. Start to distil wisdom gleaned from life experience into something tangible and helpful for others.

A heads up. As fathomless Neptune in his own sign of Pisces squares the Galactic Centre from now until 2025, this is just the beginning of what Einstein called quantum entanglement – “spooky action at a distance”.  This Neptune aspect to the Galactic Centre last occurred in 1858-1860: think Carrington Event – the most powerful solar flare ever to strike Earth in modern times – and the lead-up to the US Civil War.

This is galactic in scale, not just solar-planetary; not just people going on the fritz, but conspiracy theory craziness, socio-cultural disintegration, and rampant nihilism.

Make it a priority to strengthen your boundaries and your cyber security, to ground yourself and stay awake.

Learn to swim upstream through an ocean of untruths, conspiracy theories, commodified wellness, clickbait and consumerism.

New! In March, the seismic power of a Pisces Super Moon, the Aries Equinox and the first wild card Eclipse of 2024 are going to be an incredible catalyst out of past conditioning into the power of conscious choice.

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Chandra Symbol 2024

Chandra Symbol: PISCES 10
Chandra Symbol Sun/Mercury/Saturn PISCES 10

Chandra Symbol Sun/Mercury/Saturn PISCES 10: An old witch on a windy promontory. She is calling to the sea.

“Wildly tuned in. Staggeringly aware of the overall situation and its call, you engage with all that is happening. Assigned to tune in to everything and make sure all the cosmic bases are covered–inner-planes activity predominates. You live within vast worlds, and are psychically charged with all that is being taken in, but your central focus is to respond, to report, to send the inner messages, to keep the lines open. Emergency and crisis sensibility inside of things, searching for signs, and knowing how to be there on the spot to turn things around by inward force of the magical will.” – Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Forecast: Feb 25-March 3 2024

A gathering of the Sun, Mercury and Saturn in Pisces in the sign behind yours suggests that unconscious material, previously inaccessible and hidden from your awareness, will come into focus. The 12th House is the engine room of your chart, a repository for old dreams that have lost their juice, for your ancestral heritage and unconscious drives and defence mechanisms.

Pay attention to your dreamlife and keep a journal by your bedside.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: Feb 25-March 3 2024

Mars at the very top of your solar chart for the first time in 2 years aligned with expansionist Jupiter in Taurus is a nudge to turn vague ideas into reality, to widen your area of influence and make a real difference. The rare triple merger of the Sun, Mercury and Saturn in your 11th House is giving you the leverage you need to build strong, supportive networks and alliances.

Create a solid communication platform.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: Feb 25-March 3 2024

This week, Saturn at the Mid-Heaven of your solar chart in Pisces is joined by the Sun and Mercury. It’s either a time of harvesting rewards for your previous efforts or seeing all too clearly where they have fallen on stony ground. The 10th House describes your reason for being here this time round, which may manifest in a defined career or form of service. You may be feeling as if an important phase has come to a natural end. If so, don’t rush to try and fill the void.

When Jupiter returns to Gemini in late May after a 12 years’ absence, new opportunities will arrive.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: Feb 25-March 3 2024

Are your mind and your imagination busy working overtime at the moment? A triple merger of the Sun, Saturn and Mercury in compatible Water sign Pisces this week is a rare planetary invitation to widen your physical and intellectual horizons. Anything connected with teaching, studying, researching, publishing or travelling is well starred. Bring those daydreams down into reality and create a time-line.

You don’t need to be ready-you just need to start.

Leo Weekly Forecast: Feb 25-March 3 2024

This week through to the Super New Moon in Pisces on March 10th, some of life’s big issues need tackling. A rare cluster of the Sun, Saturn and Mercury in Pisces raises 8th House matters, such as your finances, shared assets, debt, taxes and inheritance/legacy. Although Master Coach Saturn will be here until 2026, Mercury and the Sun are giving you the wisdom and foresight to organise your affairs and make longer term plans.

Secrets may emerge.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: Feb 25-March 3 2024

On February 28th, a rare and supportive trio of Sun, Saturn and Mercury align in your opposite sign. Of all the signs, Virgo is a past master at combining creativity and imagination with grounded practicality. It’s time to put this super power to good use and make plans with a partner-romantic or professional-that will build a solid platform for your investments of time, craft and money.

There’s a lot to juggle, so look after your health and wellbeing.

The Ultimate Guide To Libra Compatibility

Libra Weekly Forecast: Feb 25-March 3 2024

Until March 2025, your sign is hosting the karmic South Node of Fate and therefore experiencing the world-turned-upside-down effects of a transformative series of Aries/Libra eclipses. In your opposite sign, the North Node is now conjunct Chiron, the archetype of healing. If you are in a close partnership, what seem like almost fated events may shift the dynamics in your favour in the next couple of months. Meanwhile, a triple merger of Sun, Saturn and Mercury in your 6th House-exact on February 28th is a nudge to get organised at work.

Tie up loose ends and create a mind map or critical path analysis of your next project.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: Feb 25-March 3 2024

With Pluto, Mars and Venus in your Aquarian 4th House and a triple conjunction of Sun, Saturn and Mercury in your 5th, there are changes afoot connected with your home and family. Adult children-if you have any-might return to the nest or announce changes that will affect you. On a personal level, this is an excellent time to really pursue what you love, to engage in a long-held passion or pastime just for its own sake.

Treat yourself to some “artist dates” (a la Julia Cameron).

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: Feb 25-March 3 2024

Home is definitely where your heart is at the moment and probably your money as well! Master life coach Saturn has been in your 4th House of roots and belonging since March 2023 and will stay until 2026. On February 28th, Saturn is joined by both the Sun and Mercury-a wonderful opportunity to build strong foundations, to renovate, extend or even relocate. The key is to think ahead and plan for your next phase of life, creating a sanctuary that is fit for purpose.

Combine your vision and imagination with practicality.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: Feb 25-March 3 2024

By now, you must be experiencing some relief from the stress of hosting Pluto in Capricorn for 15 years, as the transformer shifts his attentions to your finances, specifically your income stream. With both Mars and Venus also in Aquarius, pay attention to what seem to be random, off-the-wall or out-of-the-box ideas and capture them before they disappear back into the ethers. Your imagination will be working overtime around February 28th as the Sun and Mercury meet your ruler Saturn in Pisces.

Ground your insights into a practical road map.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: Feb 25-March 3 2024

The combined out-of-the-box energy of Pluto, Mars and Venus in Aquarius is attempting to free you from old stuck patterns and habits. Find the psychological leverage to start changing things around, whether it’s daily routines, your finances, your appearance or old belief systems that don’t correlate with current reality. Helpfully, a rare conjunction between Sun, Mercury and Saturn in Pisces on February 28th will give your creativity and imagination a boost.

Strengthen your cyber security.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: Feb 25-March 3 2024

Lucky you! This is turning out to be a very special birthday month. First, exact on February 28th, a rare triple conjunction of Sun, Mercury and Saturn in your own sign is a green light to up your game, to commit to doable, practical plans and, most importantly, to take what you have to offer-in terms of experience, skills and creativity- seriously. Master life coach Saturn in Pisces since March 2023 until 2026 simply won’t accept anything less that 100% commitment to your own evolution.

Time to invest in yourself.

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