Somebody Else Is On The Moon: NASA Has Kept This A Secret For A Long Time

Are aliens on the moon? Let’s find out!

Since ancient times people have studied the Moon with the eyes and intent of a researcher, hoping to find something extraordinary. In the 1960s, the Brookings Report detailed the challenges that a man living on the moon would encounter. This study was a precursor to the discovery of evidence of an alien civilisation on the moon.

There existed the possibility of conquering an off-Earth civilisation’s scientific and technical achievements on the moon. George Leonard released “Somebody Else Is on the Moon” in the United Kingdom in 1977. G. Leonard is a pseudonym that someone uses to keep their identity private. It’s a mystery.

Somebody Else Is on the Moon
Somebody Else Is on the Moon

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This is an extremely knowledgeable individual with access to top-secret information. The book includes 35 images with a NASA code number and dozens of detailed drawings that were created from NASA photos of high quality large format. Expert remarks and extensive bibliography are all included. This information is kept secret. This book was not considered important by the international society because its contents were unreliable. However, in the early 1990s, astonishing, incredible information — that remnants of the oldest and indisputably alien civilisation may be found on the Moon — was proven. Ken Johnston, the former leader of NASA’s Lunar Laboratory picture service, as well as numerous other former NASA engineers and scientists, broke the news at a press conference in Washington. “NASA’s cover-up of Apollo pictures depicting ancient lunar ruins” was the key theme.

Legit Photos of The Surface of the Moon

Ken Johnston exposed what was kept secret from the rest for 40 years. Apollo astronauts captured architectural and technical remains from an ancient civilisation on Mars. The astronauts also discovered a previously unknown gravity-control device (perhaps they are able to master anti-gravity technology).

During the Apollo Program, Ken Johnston’s bosses at NASA instructed him to trash these photographs, but he defied instructions and preserved them. Johnston showed some of the images to the media. These images are proof of extraterrestrial civilisation. What was the first thing that journalists noticed when they were surprised? The film included city ruins, massive spherical things made of glass, floating stone buildings and castles, and even a robot’s head. The Americans, according to Johnston, delivered something to Earth that NASA had kept hidden for a generation… Numerous moon-related discoveries have puzzled geologists. One example is the discovery of an orange glass pyramid, whose origins are still unknown. There must be something else that was discovered. Following the meeting, additional NASA whistle-blowers uploaded many of the same eye-opening lunar photographs on NASA’s numerous websites. These images are high resolution. Because of the Internet, people all over the globe, even regular citizens, were able view these amazing images without restrictions. Is NASA Truly Hiding The Real Moon All These Years? After this remarkable news conference, an interview was published with Richard Hoagland. He is a NASA consultant, founder and chief researcher for the Enterprise Mission organization. (He served as a scientific advisor to CBS News at NASA Jet Engine Laboratory during Apollo 11).

Legit Photos of The Surface of the Moon

Johnston and Johnston were responsible for the leakage of the information. Here are his thoughts about the newly discovered culture. “I believe the Apollo project proved the presence of an incredible, old, but yet human civilisation on the moon.” It’s terrible to consider in whose knee our forefathers put it down. However, we’ve only been allowed to share a small portion of the evidence NASA has received concerning an ancient, long-lost human civilisation, which suggests that man previously roamed the whole Solar System. NASA has classified data that NASA collected from Mars to support these claims. Are you inquiring if the “new Atlantis” ruins have been discovered on the moon? To begin with, I believe it would be more accurate to refer to “Ancient Atlantis.” That civilization’s great science allowed them to travel from Earth to the Moon hundreds (or perhaps millions) of years ago and construct structures out of a substance that resembled glass. You can deduce this from the publicly available materials. There is an Egyptian story about Thoth, the god Knowledge, which is said to be a fallen deity from the Moon that taught man writing, language and other skills.

Legit Photos of The Surface of the Moon

By combining the efforts of several governments, it is possible to prove or deny the existence of a civilisation at the Moon. It is essential to send a mission to the Moon in cooperation. What Technologies Did You Use on the Moon? The book “Dark Mission: NASA’s Secret History” was written and released by Johnston and Hoagland in an attempt to inform the entire world about the true narrative that awaits everyone on the Moon. They claim that the Moon technology shows high technical progress. Soviet Union sent an all-terrain vehicle to the Moon that captured images from an ancient civilisation. After careful examination, however, they were classified. NASA and the Soviet government also kept secret the existence of alien civilisation-created structures, as well technology (all of these may be found not only on the Moon, but on other planets in the Solar System). It was also believed that Americans never went to the Moon, and that the episode featuring the landing of an American astronaut in space was simply filmed in a studio. This is a fabrication. The writers of the book believe that this myth is a purposeful “military deception” based on NASA’s facts and research. It’s intended to conceal what NASA discovered on the moon and returned to Earth. This was just one month after the first moonwalkers returned to Earth. They are certain that the foundation of that deception — “we have never gone to the Moon” — was established by NASA itself, based on what they witnessed with their own eyes.

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Legit Photos of The Surface of the Moon

What Did NASA Discover on the Moon? It was a form of insurance against the dreadful question, “What NASA actually discovered on the Moon.” The authors argue that the construction of the “myth of the moon” gave NASA confidence in its ability to keep everything linked to the “failed” Moon study mission hidden. It is not public knowledge that astronauts received top-secret orders to cover all the valuable old alien technologies found in the region. Richard Hoagland and other academics claim that an alien species used the Moon to transit Earth while carrying out activities on Earth. These theories are supported by myths and folklore from many cultures around the globe. Scientists are forced to reconsider their views on the problems facing our satellite by thousands of kilometres of lunar city ruin, giant transparent domes perched on top of massive bases, tunnels, and other structures. Another important scientific topic is the origin of our Moon and its relationship to Earth. Natural geological formations cannot be blamed for certain partially ruined items on the Moon’s surface. They have a complex organisation and geometric structure. A structure surrounded by a high wall that forms the letter D, in the Rima Hadley region near the Apollo 15 landing site.

There are 44 locations on the Moon where artefacts of different types have been found. They are being investigated by specialists from the Space Information Bank Centre and the Goddard Space Flight Centre as well as the Planetary Institute in Houston. The Tycho crater was home to mysterious, terrace-like rocky soil structures. Natural geological processes cannot explain the concentric hexagonal workings and the presence of a tunnel entrance on the terrace’s slope. It’s more akin to a large-scale open-pit mining operation. You may see a transparent dome rising above the Copernicus Crater shaft. This dome emits blue-white light from the inside. Even by lunar standards, there is an intriguing item in the top section of the “Factory” area. A well-known disk measuring approximately 50m in diameter and with a dome at its top, rests on a square base surrounded by rhombus shaped walls. The entrance to an underground caponier’s chamber appears as a black-coloured orifice in the ground. A completely regular rectangular region of 300 x 400 meters lies between the Copernicus crater and the “Factory” area. The Apollo 10 crew captured a one-mile-wide object known as the “Castle” that hovers at an altitude of 14 kilometres and throws a visible shadow on the moon’s surface (AS10-32-4822). It seems to be composed of several cylindrical components and a large binding unit. The interior cellular structure of the hanging “Castle” is visible in one of the pictures, giving the appearance that individual chunks of the item are transparent.

Legit Photos of The Surface of the Moon

During the briefing, which was attended by several NASA experts, it was revealed that when Richard Hoagland went back to the NASA archive to retrieve the original images of the “Castle,” they were no longer there. They were even missing from the Apollo 10 crew’s photo collection. In the archive are only intermediate images, and its interior structure isn’t evident. After reaching the Moon’s surface, the crew of “Apollo 12” realised that they had landed under the direction of a transparent pyramid-shaped object. It shimmered with all the hues of the rainbow against the black velvet of the lunar “sky” as it hung just a few meters above the Moon’s surface.

Legit Photos of The Surface of the Moon

During the briefing, which was attended by several NASA experts, it was revealed that when Richard Hoagland went back to the NASA archive to retrieve the original images of the “Castle,” they were no longer there. They were even missing from the Apollo 10 crew’s photo collection. In the archive are only intermediate images, and its interior structure isn’t evident. After reaching the Moon’s surface, the crew of “Apollo 12” realized that they had landed under the direction of a transparent pyramid-shaped object. It shimmered with all the hues of the rainbow against the black velvet of the lunar “sky” as it hung just a few meters above the Moon’s surface. NASA eventually analysed the prospective effects of such control in 1969, after seeing a tape of astronauts on their way to the Sea of Storms, when they saw these unusual items, afterward dubbed “striped spectacles,” for the second time. “I still have a neck pain from having to continually turn my head because we truly felt like we weren’t alone there,” astronaut Mitchell remarked in response to the correspondent’s query, “How do you feel after a safe return?” “All I could do was pray.” Johnston, who worked at the Houston Space Centre, collaborated with other experts to examine the photo and video data collected throughout the Apollo program’s execution. Richard Hoagland discussed lunar relics and mentioned that NASA management is bothered by the number of strange, to put the matter mildly, items found on the Moon. The manned missions on the moon were always in danger of being cancelled. It was also helpful to heat up the situation by using footage from Apollo 14, which had several parts edited out.

Legit Photos of The Surface of the Moon

Researchers are especially interested in ancient buildings which resemble partially-destroyed cities. The orbital study revealed that square and rectangular buildings have a surprising regular shape. They mimic the view from a height between 5-8 kilometres and our cities. Here’s what a Mission Control specialist had to say about the images. “Our people, observing from space the remains of ancient Moon cities, translucent pyramids, domes, and God knows what else, now concealed in not just NASA’s safes.” We felt like Robinson Crusoe, having discovered naked human tracks on the moist sand of a deserted island.” What conclusions are geologists and planetology’s drawn from photographs of the remains lunar cities and other anomalous items? They don’t believe that they are natural structures. “We must acknowledge their man-made origins.” Even more so in the case of the domes and pyramids.” An alien civilisation’s intelligence activities surfaced unexpectedly near to us. We weren’t psychologically prepared for this, and many individuals still struggle with it.

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