Revealing Video: Former FBI Agent EXPOSES The Truth of The UFO Invasion

How far will the Deep State & Cabal go to control humanity?

John DeSouza sat in a dimly lit room, awaiting his turn to be interviewed on the “Redacted Conversations” show. Having spent 25 years as an FBI special agent, investigating counter-terrorism and paranormal cases, he had gained access to classified information and real-life X-Files through his top-secret security clearance.

Now, he was on the brink of sharing his captivating stories with the world.

Clayton Morris, the show’s host, welcomed John and introduced him to the audience. They engaged in a discussion about how John had foreseen a fabricated UFO invasion orchestrated by the government.

His sources of information included raw data, rumours, and connections within the intelligence community. These sources had led him to believe that a psychological operation, designed to instill fear, was underway.

John explained that the next phase of this operation involved unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) shooting down commercial airliners and military jets. It was an alarming prospect that he believed would occur imminently.

Image of John DeSouza & Clayton Morris on the "Redacted Conversations" show.
John DeSouza & Clayton Morris on the “Redacted Conversations Show.”

As the interview progressed, Clayton delved deeper into John’s FBI career and his involvement with The X-Files. Several of John’s classified cases had served as inspiration for the popular TV show, leading the FBI to question the origins of the stories.

Ultimately, it was revealed that retired FBI agents who had worked with John had shared their unofficial notes with the show’s creator.

UFO ‘Paralyzes’ Weapons & Electronic Systems of Two Iranian Military Jets Who Try Shooting At It

With his background in counter-terrorism, John had primarily focused on major cases while exploring paranormal phenomena on the side. However, he had come to realize the significance of the UFO flap and its connection to the Deep State and the Cabal.

The recent UFO sightings, including the Chinese balloon incident, had only reaffirmed his predictions regarding the government’s hidden motives.

John went on to elaborate on the controlled nature of the UFO flap, stating that the UAPs were man-made crafts with distinct silverish exteriors. Although lacking the abilities of genuine UFOs, such as shape-shifting and disappearing, these crafts possessed destructive capabilities. He revealed that they were not created by the United States, Russia, or China, leaving the origins of these advanced technologies shrouded in mystery.

The interview concluded with Clayton expressing his fascination with John’s insights and concerns about the military-industrial complex exploiting the UFO narrative to serve their own interests. They touched upon the potential for the space force to become a profitable venture.

John’s words had sparked curiosity and intrigue among the audience. As his predictions began to materialize, his book, “The Extra Dimensionals,” became an overnight bestseller.

Leaving the studio, John knew that his journey was far from over.

The truth was out there, and he remained determined to uncover it, one revelation at a time.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe the Deep State would go as far as John DeSouza claims?

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