Former Area 51 Engineer Reveals: “We Capture Aliens & Utilize Their Technology”

'Former Area 51 engineer' claims US is keeping aliens captive and stealing their tech!

Bill Uhouse, a former Area 51 engineer, said he worked from 1966 to 1979 at the base’s top-secret facility. There, he realized that the United States is holding aliens captive while stealing their technology.

Although Uhouse passed away in 2009, he left behind one of the most significant revelations in the field of UFOlogy. According to his account, he served as a mechanical engineer at Area 51, working alongside a Grey alien referred to as “J-Rod.”

Bill Uhouse: Unveiling The Truth of Area 51

The former engineer confidently affirmed his collaboration with J-Rod in constructing a flight simulator designed for training Air Force pilots. These pilots would operate advanced stealth reconnaissance aircraft developed through the reverse-engineering of unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

He elaborated on how he communicated with the alien using technology that could be adapted for human use. Advanced translation software facilitated telepathic communication between human scientists, engineers, and the Grey aliens, enabling them to collaborate effectively.

Uhouse claimed that J-Rod provided guidance to the human personnel at the facility, teaching them how to control and pilot a UFO.

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According to Uhouse, there exist various races of Greys, including Tall Greys, Short Greys, and other Human-sized Greys. However, it remains uncertain which race J-Rod represented while on Earth.

Furthermore, Uhouse asserted that the reverse engineering of alien technology by both humans and extraterrestrials is not a recent development. In fact, such research is actively conducted in various underground facilities across the country, with Area 51 and the Dulce Base being among the most well-known.

The Dulce Base, situated beneath Archuleta in Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, is believed to be significantly larger and more significant than Area 51.

The Deal With Aliens

According to accounts provided by former employees, the government initiated the construction of these facilities under the administrations of two presidents: Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower. The purpose was to create working spaces for alien scientists.

As part of the treaty with the aliens, the government granted permission for the establishment of underground research facilities. These facilities were intended for conducting biogenetic research, focusing on the development of hybrid beings combining human and alien characteristics.

To facilitate this research, a limited number of humans were reportedly abducted for experimentation. In exchange, the aliens were expected to share advanced technology, particularly in the aerospace field.

As a result, it is believed that many abduction cases involve either the Greys or reptilian species, who engage in such experiments.

While the authorities are aware of the aliens’ violations of the terms outlined in the 1950 agreements, they have been unable to halt their activities.

Each underground facility is equipped with extensive engineering laboratories and includes sections dedicated to the experimentation on both abducted humans and aliens.

Bill Uhouse’s statements add to a long list of grievances concerning underground bases and alien agreements. However, these issues have often been downplayed by the media machinery.

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