Former CIA Pilot John Lear Claims 250 Million Humanoid Aliens Inhabit Moon

Aliens on the Moon: the truth exposed!

In the world of UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists, few figures have sparked as much intrigue and controversy as John Lear, a former CIA pilot.

Recently, Lear delivered an interview that sent shockwaves across the globe. In this interview, he made a series of jaw-dropping revelations, ranging from extraterrestrial life on the Moon to government conspiracies that have kept the truth hidden for decades.

John Lear
John Olsen Lear (December 3, 1942 – March 29, 2022)

Unveiling The Lunar Enigma

One of Lear’s most startling claims pertains to the Moon, Earth’s celestial companion. According to him, our lunar neighbour isn’t the barren rock we’ve been led to believe. Instead, Lear asserts that the Moon is home to a staggering 250 million humanoid aliens.

This revelation alone is enough to leave one speechless, but it doesn’t end there.

Beneath The Lunar Surface

Delving deeper into his extraordinary narrative, Lear contends that beneath the Moon’s surface lies a concealed world. He describes vast urban areas where races of grey extraterrestrials reside.

This Documentary By National Geographic Reveals That There Are Aliens On The Moon

These subterranean realms are not merely inhabited but also serve as the backdrop for clandestine genetic experiments conducted within high-tech laboratories.

Lear’s UFO Community Legacy

John Lear’s name is not new to those who follow the UFO community.

He has been a central figure since the 1980s and 90s when he first began revealing classified information about extraterrestrial activities.

During that time, Lear claimed that the US government had made contact with extraterrestrial beings as early as 1953, leading to the development of advanced spacecraft using alien technology.

The Lunar Conspiracy

Somebody else is on The Moon
Since ancient times, people have studied the Moon with the gaze of a researcher, hoping to see something unusual, unearthly.

One of Lear’s most audacious accusations revolves around NASA’s alleged manipulation of Apollo mission photographs. He asserts that NASA intentionally edited images from missions 8, 10, and 11 to obscure evidence of extraterrestrial activity on the Moon.

Remarkably, even with these alterations, some details remain discernible. Lear insists that the images reveal structures, a spatial base, infrastructure, and even a nuclear reactor—all pointing to an elaborate lunar presence.

The Enigma of Antigravity Technology

Lear’s revelations extend to his family’s involvement in secretive technology programs. He claims that his father participated in antigravity technology programs in the mid-1950s, technology that remains concealed to this day.

This secrecy underscores the depth of government involvement in extraterrestrial affairs.

Earth As A Cosmic Prison

In perhaps his most perplexing statement, Lear posits that Earth is, in fact, a cosmic prison.

According to his theory, our planet serves as an institution where individuals must elevate their consciousness to escape.

While this claim may seem too extraordinary to fathom, Lear, like many other conspiracy theorists, acknowledges that concrete evidence to substantiate such ideas is elusive.

Concluding Thoughts

The revelations made by John Lear in his recent interview have sent shockwaves throughout the world!

His assertions about alien life on the Moon, government cover-ups, and the true nature of Earth itself are nothing short of astonishing. While many may remain sceptical, Lear’s longevity in the UFO community and his intriguing family connections to secret technology programs add an intriguing layer of complexity to his story.

Whether his claims are ultimately proven or debunked, they serve as a reminder that the universe remains a vast and enigmatic frontier, with many mysteries yet to be unravelled.

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WikiLeaks Document Confirms, The United States Destroyed An Alien Moon Base

An intriguing document was released by WikiLeaks, stating that the United States had a secret base on the Moon. It allegedly was later destroyed by Russia. Many have thought for years that something else unusual has been going on since the early days of space exploration.

Paranormal researcher Scott Waring said the following:

“I was researching the WikiLeaks website and I found this information pertaining to a secret lunar base that the United States had destroyed in the late 1970’s. The cable has only the details of the document, but not all because the document was written by hand and was never put in digital format.”

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