Whitley Strieber’s Alien Abduction & Stranger Who Told Him ‘Mankind Is Trapped’

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Whitley Strieber, born in Texas, United States, is a famous author known for his thought-provoking horror fiction. Strieber wrote a novel called The Wolfen, which later became a popular film in 1980. However, it was his book Communion that garnered significant attention, particularly from the UFO community. His book changed this dynamic almost instantly, attracting widespread interest beyond the usual UFOlogy circles.

Strieber’s writings have been adapted into various movies and TV shows, contributing to his global acclaim as a best-selling author. However, his popularity soared after the publication of “Communion” in 1987, a non-fiction novel detailing his encounter with non-human intelligent beings. The book became a major success, reaching the No. 1 spot on The New York Times’ non-fiction bestseller list.

In 1989, a film adaptation of “Communion” was released, featuring actors Christopher Walken and Lindsay Crouse. The author’s real encounter with aliens happened on December 26, 1985, when he was sleeping alone in his cabin in the woods, upstate New York. That night, Strieber was awakened by an unusual noise. When he opened his eyes, he saw a small alien creature approaching his bed.

“Throughout the world, there is a certain type of face, a being that’s seen again and again and again. With a long, thin face and big black eyes, sometimes the head seems quite big, as in the Betty Andreas case. In others, like in my case, they seem smaller, and the beings are taller. But that basic configuration, that basic sort of non-human configuration, seems to be repeated again and again and again in experiences all over the world,” Strieber said.

Whitley Strieber: Author and Paranormal Investigator
Photo of Whitley Strieber

The next thing Strieber remembered was finding himself sitting in the surrounding woods with fragmented memories of what had transpired. To uncover the truth and regain his memories, he decided to undergo regressive hypnosis administered by Dr. Donald F. Klein. He recalled he had been abducted and physically assaulted by someone whom he designated as “Visitors” to keep the possibility of extraterrestrials involvement low.

Under hypnosis, Strieber recalled being “floated” out of his bedroom and taken aboard a UFO. During this experience, he encountered four different types of alien beings: a small robot-like being, a short and stocky type, a slender one, and a weak-looking being. Whatever he had recalled in the hypnosis became the story of his best-selling novel. Since that night, he was full of curiosity about the unknown visitors.

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Strieber described that one of the beings had captivating black slanted eyes, while the last being had black button eyes. He further said that he underwent medical experiments conducted by those extraterrestrial beings. The experiments included a needle being inserted into his brain and an object being inserted into his rectum. Additionally, the beings extracted a blood sample from him by making an incision in his finger, indicating a series of invasive procedures.

As a result of the bizarre incidents described, Dr. Klein diagnosed Strieber with “temporal lobe epilepsy,” a condition known to cause hallucinations. However, Strieber did not accept this diagnosis and continued to claim that his abduction was a real experience. In fact, he went on to establish a foundation to provide support for other individuals who claimed to have been abducted by aliens, forming a support group for alien abductees.

Communion: A True Story - Whitley Strieber's gripping account of alien encounters
Cover page of Communion: A True Story by Whitley Strieber, showing the face of an alien that resembles the famous Grey aliens

In 1998, Strieber had another strange encounter at the Delta Chelsea Hotel in Toronto. He was awakened at 2:30 in the morning by a knock at the door, expecting room service, but instead found a mysterious man. Stieber told the Huffington Post: “I got up to open the door, thinking it was the room service waiter. It was not. It was a man I described as about 5 and a half feet tall, older-looking, like someone in his 70s. He wore dark-coloured clothing, a turtleneck, and charcoal slacks.”

Strieber described this encounter in his book “The Key: A True Encounter,” published in 2000. The stranger engaged Strieber in a conversation about life lessons, science, and ethics. He expressed a desire to help humanity escape from a cycle of violence and self-destruction. When asked about technology, the stranger mentioned that an intelligent machine would continually seek to enhance its intelligence for survival. The conversation touched upon various topics, including the existence of multiple universes and catastrophic events in Earth’s history.

During the 45-minute conversation, Strieber grew increasingly curious and asked many questions. However, at one point, the stranger offered him a drink, which caused him to fall asleep immediately. The stranger’s true identity remains unknown, leaving Strieber contemplating the future of humanity and the undiscovered realms of science.

While many people remain sceptical about Strieber’s claim of alien abduction, John B. Alexander, a former Green Beret Commander and weapons developer, has regarded Strieber as an intelligent and thoughtful researcher in the field.

Author Whitley Strieber approached the subject of alien abductions differently than his contemporaries in the 1980s. While others focused on the idea that extraterrestrial scientists were stealing human DNA, Strieber delved into the controversial aspects of his own experiences with what he called the Visitors. He used this term because he was not sure if his captors were truly alien in the conventional sense. Strieber believed they might represent something beyond human comprehension.

In his book “Transformation,” a sequel to “Communion,” Strieber explored traumatic encounters of abductees who believed the Visitors (also known as Greys) had the ability to extract the immortal human soul from the physical body. He received a response from the Visitors, explaining that they recycled souls and that Earth was like a school where souls learn, grow, and evolve through successive reincarnations.

Strieber’s realization that the abduction phenomenon was stranger than initially thought was shared by Harvard professor John E. Mack. Mack encountered abductees who believed the entities they encountered were soul-stealers. In Mack’s book “Passport to the Cosmos,” he recounted the story of an abductee named Greg who feared being separated from his soul, believing it would lead to the end of his consciousness and existence.

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