Hybrid Children In Glass Containers: The Peculiar Story of An Alien Abductee From Granada Hills

Outlandish claim has a secret breeding program creating alien-human hybrids who can survive climate change.

By: Soul:Ask | Guest Post

An interesting case with the abduction of a man who wished to remain incognito was described by UFOlogist Albert Rosales in his book. According to the victim, he was kidnapped from the bedroom of his house, located in the suburbs of Los Angeles, in January 2008.

The first memory of the abductee was that he was flying in liquid air over the roofs of the houses of his town of Granada Hills, and he was not at all afraid, but only very cold. It would seem that this is not surprising, since many people, at least once in their life time fly in a dream. But there is further to the story, either it was a dream recall, or a factual nightmare.

While “swimming” outside the city, he fell into the hands of two humanoids, with which he soared upwards, in the direction of a cluster of bright multi-coloured lights. As it turned out later it was an alien ship. It should be noted that his memories were fragmentary in nature and therefore his entire story consisted as if from separate chapters of a fantastic novel. The next thing he could remember was the realization that came to him that his body was inside a certain glass container, filled to the brim with a liquid unknown to him.

To his considerable surprise, the abducted realized very soon that for some time he had already been breathing this substance, which apparently filled the entire volume of his lungs. He calmed down as far as it was possible under the circumstances and he looked around more carefully. He lay completely immersed in a liquid with a greenish tint, and the entire container was also illuminated from somewhere below. Then a wave of panic suddenly swept over him and, resting his head and hands on the top of the container, he attempted to escape his “bath”.

Due to the fact that at first his body did not obey him well, it was not immediately possible to move the lid of the container. But, while his powers were already running out, he still managed to do it. As soon as he fell out of the tank onto the grey surface of the floor, he had spasms with seemingly endless vomiting. And only after that, he would realize that he could again breathe air, and not the green liquid. We wonder what would happen to him if the atmosphere on the ship of the alien kidnappers turned out to be unsuitable for humans.

Before looking around, the abductee had quick glimpses at his body. He was naked and his entire body was covered in clots of green jelly-like mucus. Only then did he find the strength to look around. And what he saw, horrified him. The huge room he was in was filled with rows of transparent containers, identical to the one from which he himself had recently escaped. The air in the room was warm, humid and at the same time had an extremely unpleasant smell.

At that moment he was nearing a nervous breakdown, and while shouting at the top of his voice something inarticulate, ran headlong just ahead through several adjacent rooms, which were also full of containers with liquids of different colours. Bodies floated in some of these containers, and not all of these bodies belonged to humans or humanoids. As a result and while running into the next room, he almost collided with two creatures of medium height of humanoid type. One of these creatures touched his shoulder with their hand, and the man instantly lost consciousness.

The abducted woke up lying on some table, not immediately realizing that the aliens were doing something with his eye. At the same time, he realized with horror that he did not control his body. Having finished with the manipulation of his organs of vision, the humanoids, using some tools, began to study the nose of their victim. As a result, studying his body from top to bottom, they got to his reproductive organs and since the procedures were extremely painful, the subject mentally began to beg to be left alone.

Surprisingly, his mental prayers were answered by a creature that was much taller than the rest of the humanoids. As the narrator was able to notice, it was this creature that led the study of his body. The humanoid mentally assured his test subject that the experiment would end very soon and that he just needed to be a little patient. And he made this mental statement in the purest Spanish, which was native to the kidnapped.

Tests were not limited to a physical examination. Later, he was taken to a certain room and a helmet was put on his head. After that, he saw in his head some mental images that changed at an unimaginable speed. He tried to convey to his captors the idea that the playback speed was too high, but he was also mentally assured that he had been selected for the optimal transmission speed for his species.

When the session ended, he realized that something had been recorded directly into his brain, but what exactly, apart from fragmentary images of some natural and man-made disasters, he could not remember.

Sometime later, he was brought to a room where, as he was told, there were children of hybrids. He was led to a very pale and sickly-looking child. Its whole body was as if translucent and pierced with thin bluish subcutaneous veins. It is not clear how, but the abductee felt that this was his child, created using biomaterial seized from him during a medical examination. The abductee unexpectedly felt a strong emotional connection with this creature, so strong that when he was taken out of that room, tears flowed down his cheeks.

And after some time, the man woke up lying in his bed in his own house. He did not dare to tell anyone about his abduction for a very long time, and decided to do so only after reading an article about the work of Albert Rosales with abduction victims. In fact, he really wanted to know if anyone else had told similar stories about hybrid children.

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