Actual Footage of Bob Lazar With John Lear; Witnessed Testing Alien Craft At Area 51

In 1989, physicist Bob Lazar broke the story of the secret Air Force Base, Area 51 and the US government's work on alien spacecrafts. He’s the whistleblower who shocked the world, then went silent, until now. Lazar’s story begins with his work at the secret base located at Groom Lake in Nevada. He worked to reverse engineer alien technology from UFOs that allegedly crashed on planet Earth.

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Bob Lazar is a controversial figure in the UFOlogy community, who claims to have worked on reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology at a site called S-4, located near Area 51 in Nevada. Moreover, Gene Huff, Lazar’s former colleague, also claimed to have worked at S-4 and seen extraterrestrial spacecraft.

There is a video of Bob Lazar hanging with Huff and Lear in the Nevada desert. It is claimed that Lazar reportedly took Gene Huff and five other people to the edge of Groom Mountain on two consecutive weeks, where they could observe strange, glowing objects lifting off the mountain. They managed to dodge security patrol to witness these events.

“It came up above the same mountain, moved around it, and did a step move. It actually went up in the air like this and hovered then dropped way down then it just floated around and cruised around and then it started coming up to the mountain range,” Huff said.

A videotape was recorded during one of the trips to the Groom Mountains, where all the witnesses saw a bright light moving up in the sky. At some point, John Lear, who had worked for the CIA as a pilot, appeared in the video, speaking of his experience during the trip. He admitted visiting eight miles due east of Groom Lake, Nevada, at the government secret test site on March 22, 1989.

Still from Bob Lazar and Friends Filming Test Flight Alien Craft at Area 51 (1989)
Still from Bob Lazar and Friends Filming Test Flight Alien Craft at Area 51 (1989)

Lear said: “March 22nd, 1989, we’re standing just about eight miles due east of Groom Lake, Nevada – the super-government secret test site – and just a few minutes ago, we saw one of the government’s extraterrestrial UFOs fly over there. We all watched it for about seven or eight minutes. Right here, I have my Celestron scope, it’s eight inches, and I had it focused in for about 15 seconds and saw it myself. In fact, it is what it is.

We are going to stay here for another couple of hours here to see if we can show you, folks, an actual extraterrestrial flying saucer being flown by the government. So if you just came by and we’ll be looking over that mountain, which is where they are. They also come over here, which is over at Bald Mountain.

There is some lights over there which you cannot see but there are a number of trucks. We do not know whether they are looking down here…We are standing on public land. It is completely legal where we are. And if you’d like to come here later in the show, we’ll tell you exactly how to get you…We have Bob Lazar and we have Joy Lazar, Bob’s wife and we have Gene Huff. This mission was organized tonight by Bob Lazar, who is a theoretical physicist who works at Groom Lake.”

Gene Huff Testimony

Gene Huff
Gene Huff

Before going into Huff’s statement on the incident, we should know the relationship between Lazar and Huff. Huff has a background in real estate appraisal and has known Lazar for many years, both before and after his alleged involvement in a flying disc reverse engineering program at S-4. In The Lazar Synopsis by Gene Huff,” he wrote that he was introduced to Bob Lazar in the mid-1980s after moving to Las Vegas in 1979.

Along with Lazar, Huff co-produced the video “The Lazar Tape and Excerpts from the Government Bible” and wrote the screenplay for “S4, The Bob Lazar Story,” which has been considered by Hollywood studios but has not yet been made into a film. Huff has also been involved in other ventures with Lazar, such as co-owning Tri-Dot Productions and producing the “Desert Blast” summer event featuring fireworks, guns, and explosives.

Huff wrote: “The first Wednesday, March 22, 1989, we arrived right at dusk, turned our lights off, and went in about 5 miles on the Groom Lake road. Soon we saw a bright light rise above the mountains which were between us and S4. The light begins jumping and dancing around, doing step moves in the sky, then would come to a dead stop and hover, etc.”

He continued: “The light repeated this type of activity for a few minutes, which was thrilling, but it was so far away we could only see so much. This activity by the object was blatant, and it wasn’t our eyes playing tricks on us with starlight and planet light being distorted by the atmosphere or clouds or anything of that sort. Eventually, the light slowly sat back down behind the mountains.”

During their next visits on consecutive Wednesdays (March 29 and April 5, 1989), Huff said they observed a disc-shaped object in the sky that appeared to approach closer to them and had a bright glow, which they attributed to its method of propulsion and the way it distorted space and light. They were so startled by the object that they moved behind the open trunk of their car for protection.

On their April 5 visit, they were chased by security personnel and issued a warning for approaching a military installation. They also had a run-in with a local police officer, who took their IDs and radioed them into the security base station. Clearly, they had a strong interest in observing UFOs and were not pleased with the response they received from security and law enforcement.

Note: Bob Lazar was an employee of the military defence contractor, EG&G. Huff explained that on the following day, when Lazar reported to EG&G, he was stopped by a security man, Dennis Mariani, who told him they would not be flying out to Groom and instead drove him to Indian Springs Air Force Base.

At Indian Springs, Lazar was debriefed, reprimanded, and his security clearance was revoked for bringing his friends to watch the disc test. The security personnel also told Lazar that if they caught any of his friends again, they would arrest them for espionage. They also showed Lazar transcripts of his wife’s phone conversations with her boyfriend, indicating that they had also been monitoring her.

After losing his job and his wife, Lazar decided to go on television to expose what was happening in Area 51. However, he faced retaliation from the authorities, including a threat and a shooting of his car’s tire. Lazar decided to work with journalist George Knapp to expose the story.

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