Kingman UFO Crash: Man Worked At Area 51 Said Alien Survivor Helped Re-Engineering UFO

Arizona UFO incident in 1953 followed Nevada explosions; radar blamed

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In 1953, the Atomic Energy Commission conducted a series of powerful explosions at the Nevada Test Site, known as “Upshot Knothole.” During the same period, witnesses reported seeing eight unidentified flying objects engaged in a dogfight near Arizona. Historian and former museum curator Harry Drew spent ten years investigating the incident and discovered that three of the craft had crashed on the outskirts of Kingman, Arizona in May 1953.

Drew did not expect to find evidence of the Kingman UFO and was surprised to learn about the third crashed craft. Mystery Wire reports he researched old records and interviewed original witnesses to uncover a complicated story that was more intricate than the Roswell UFO crash story.

In 1973, a retired Nevada Test Site technician named Arthur Stansel revealed that he and his team were taken to a remote desert location in Arizona to recover a secret experimental craft that had crashed. The team found a perfectly intact 40-foot diameter disc-shaped craft with four alien beings associated with it, and it was shipped to Groom Lake, Nevada, where Area 51 was later built around it.

1953 Kingman UFO Crash: Captivating artist's depiction by Harry Drew via Mystery Wire.
An artist’s rendition of the 1953 Kingman UFO Crash. Credit: Harry Drew via Mystery Wire

In his book, “7 Days in May: The Kingman UFO Story,” Drew describes what happened to the three crashed crafts. One was destroyed when it crashed into a mountain near Kingman, another was found intact miles away from the crash site, and the third one crashed next to a small reservoir after clipping a rocky butte. The military took the last unknown craft back to a Nevada base. He found military-issued food containers dating back to 1953 around the exact crash site, proving that military teams camped there.

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UFO enthusiasts have speculated that the Kingman UFO incident might be linked to the nuclear tests conducted in Nevada. However, Drew’s research suggests that the cause was a trio of powerful experimental radar sites set up around Kingman.

Drew claimed that he was able to document the crashes and the secret transport of the crafts to Nevada. He also asserted that one of the crafts was entirely intact when discovered. Despite the hotly contested nature of the story, Drew has evidence to support his findings.

According to MUFON researcher Richard Hall, in April 1964, the first report of a crash near Kingman was relayed to him by a future Vietnam commander. However, it was not until June 1973 that the case of the Kingman UFO retrieval was brought to the public’s attention by renowned UFO researcher Raymond Fowler.

The incident involved an engineer, Arthur G. Stancil (also known as “Fritz Werner”), who took preliminary measurements to assess the momentum of the crashed craft, which could prove useful in any reverse engineering attempts. Stancil, an Ohio University mechanical engineering graduate, who worked at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, first made the story public.

Dr. Eric Wang, who was suspected of leading a reverse engineering team on alien craft, headed the Installations Division within the Office of Special Studies where Stancil worked. Stancil provided an affidavit in April 1976 vouching for the honesty of his testimony, which was released by Ray Fowler in the UFO Magazine. In his statement, Stancil revealed that he was loaned out to the Atomic Energy Commission and designated as a project engineer on some atomic bomb tests referred to as “Operation Upshot Knothole.”

The craft was reported to have a brushed aluminium exterior finish, measuring approximately 30 feet in diameter, and contained two swivel seats, instruments, and display panels. The hatch was five feet high and three feet wide. Additional reports from the book “Majic Eyes Only,” written by Ryan S. Wood, indicate that the craft was embedded 20” into the desert sand on impact.

Re-Engineered UFO & Four Aliens

There are varying reports about the number of extraterrestrial biological entities (EBEs) recovered at the crash site. Some sources claim that four small EBEs were recovered, while others state that only one was found. Despite these discrepancies, there is evidence to suggest that a military blockade was set up along Highway 40, possibly in 1953, to secure the area leading to and from the potential crash site.

It is unclear whether the military recovered objects of extraterrestrial origin and transported them to a clandestine hangar, but there are reports of crashed discs being housed at a top-secret facility known as Area S-4, located 12 miles south of Area 51.

According to Wendelle Stevens, a retired US Air Force pilot-turned-UFO researcher, the disc that crashed near Kingman was transported to Area 51 via a U.S. Army tank transporter. The recovery crew attempted to tilt the craft on end to facilitate transportation across the country but abandoned this procedure when it became clear that it was impossible. Telephone poles had to be removed when the main road intersected with unimproved surfaces or dirt roads due to the oversized load of the disc on the trailer.

Bill Uhouse, a retired mechanical engineer, claimed to have been part of a top-secret program to design and build flight simulators used to teach American test pilots how to control flying saucers. He stated that the origin of the program came from the UFO crash at Kingman.

Mr. Uhouse claimed to have served in the Marine Corps and Air Force for a total of 14 years as a fighter pilot and flight tester of experimental aircraft. Later in his career, he worked as an engineer for defence contractors, focusing on antigravity propulsion systems and flight simulators for exotic aircraft, as well as actual flying discs.

According to his testimony, the first disc they tested was a re-engineered ET craft. Mr. Uhouse was invited to work on a flying disc simulator by an unknown man. He was reassigned to link aviation and worked on building the F-102 simulator and B-47 simulator. He claimed that extraterrestrials presented a craft to the US government which was taken to Area 51, and the four ETs were taken to Los Alamos. His specialty was the flight deck and instruments, and he met with an ET called J-rod who helped engineers with the craft’s engineering.

“There was only one of them (alien) that would talk to scientists in the lab with them and the rest wouldn’t talk to anybody or even have a conversation with them. First, they thought it was mental telepathy but it is kind of a joke to me because they actually speak maybe not like we do but uh they actually speak,” Mr. Uhouse said on Sirius Disclosure.

In his 2013 interview, Mr. Uhouse discussed his work on a craft that was different from Bob Lazar’s alleged reactor. He explained that the simulator he worked on had six capacitors charged with a million volts each, which created a gravitational field that allowed the craft to lift off and turn left to right.

The craft had no windows, and visibility was through cameras, and there were no seat belts as the craft had its own gravitational field. Uhouse mentioned that it took a significant amount of training to operate the craft, and its design did not allow for the installation of external weapons like traditional aircraft. He also claimed that Area-51’s secrecy was due to a peace pact signed between the US and the United Nations during the time of President Eisenhower.

Old newspaper clipping of Bill Uhouse.
Old newspaper clipping of Bill Uhouse. Credit: Richard Geldreich, Jr.

In 1977, UFO researcher Len Stringfield shared another account supporting the Kingman UFO crash. According to this new story, a man who served in the National Guard at Wright Patterson claimed to have witnessed the delivery of three bodies packed in dry ice, measuring four feet tall with large heads and brownish skin. The bodies were reportedly recovered from a crash site in Arizona in 1953. Since then, several other witnesses have come forward, but further details are currently unavailable. (Source)

Interestingly, UFO expert Charles Wilhelm heard a strikingly similar story in 1966 from a man who claimed that his father had shared the account on his deathbed. In 1995, an individual who went by the name of Jarod-2 contacted The Groom Lake Desert Rat, an Internet publication, and revealed that he had worked on a secret project for the USAF. The project aimed to construct a flying saucer simulator and had gathered materials from the Roswell and Kingman crash sites.

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