NASA Tries To Hide 3-5 Mile UFO By Calling It A Meteor Over Bering Sea

NASA says meteor, alien researcher says UFO: Mystery continues over Bering Sea incident

A few days ago, NASA, the United States’ space agency, revealed that a massive fireball, potentially a meteorite, detonated approximately 16 miles above the Bering Sea on December 18, 2018.

NASA also clarified that this enormous explosion released 173 kilotons of energy, which is ten times greater than the energy generated during the Hiroshima nuclear blast.

The news of the meteor blast quickly went viral online, with several people claiming that Earth will inevitably be struck by a doomsday asteroid, leading to total destruction. However, popular extraterrestrial researcher Scott C. Waring has a different narrative.

In a recent post on his website ‘UFO Sightings Daily,’ Waring argued that the event was actually caused by a massive alien UFO appearing above the Bering Sea.

To support his claims, Waring presented several theories suggesting that the object above the Bering Sea may not have been a meteor.

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According to Waring, the colossal object is most likely a UFO spanning over 3 miles in length. He also suggested that ships and other marine vehicles should have been dispatched to the area for further investigation.

“Look at the UFO photo. Does it resemble an explosion? Not really. Instead, it resembles a 3-mile-long UFO submerging beneath the water’s surface. I’m willing to bet that if ships were sent out there to investigate, their electrical instruments would start malfunctioning as they approached the location, and the issues would resolve once they were further away. They also mentioned that it released 173 kilotons of energy, which is 10 times more than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. However, we only see an area of 3 miles. If it truly was 10 times the Hiroshima bomb, we would observe an explosion radius of 30-60 miles, but that’s not the case,” Waring wrote on his website.

The self-proclaimed researcher further asserted that NASA is proposing the theory of a meteor explosion to conceal the actual truth about the existence of aliens.

“NASA is attempting to explain this enormous 3-5 mile UFO sighting as an explosion over the Bering Sea this week. I suppose NASA couldn’t come up with a better explanation for this large UFO sighting over the ocean. It’s evident they did it because they knew it was detected on radar and weather satellites worldwide, so they concocted the meteor excuse,” Waring added.

This isn’t the first time Waring has accused NASA of covering up facts regarding extraterrestrial life. A few days ago, after discovering a structure on Mars that appeared to be a fossil, Waring boldly claimed that Mars was once inhabited by an advanced alien civilization, and NASA is fully aware of this.

Waring even appealed to the United States President, Donald Trump, to appoint him as the head of NASA so that he could uncover the mysteries surrounding aliens and their visits to Earth.

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