Military Deployed In Australia To Help Enforce COVID Lockdown

The Military has been deployed in Australia to help assist with strict lockdown measures in Sydney. People are not allowed out of their homes unless it's essential. There's also a 10km travel limit being enforced…

By Arjun Walia | The Pulse

A year and a half into this pandemic, lockdowns are still being used as a means to combat the spread of COVID-19. One may argue that lockdowns have saved lives and that they are effective in combating the spread of COVID, while others will present evidence suggesting lockdowns may actually do more harm than good. But unlike during past global events, discussion and debate around this issue has not been allowed to happen – at least not on a wide scale.

For example, any evidence showing that lockdowns are effective and necessary has constantly been given the spotlight, while the evidence showing the exact opposite has been completely unacknowledged, and part of Big Tech’s purge of “dangerous” and “misleading” information regarding COVID-19.

In fact, lockdowns have been the cause of the nearly a 5 million increase in India’s excess deaths last year. No, these were not mainly due to COVID, but the economic, medical, and social consequences of lockdowns implemented in spring 2020 and the panic that followed. Yes, India has also seen COVID kill hundreds of thousands, but the question is, should we not be openly discussing if the intervention is worse than the disease itself?

Approximately one year into the pandemic, Professor Anna-Mia Ekström and Professor Stefan Swartling Peterson went through data from UNICEF and UNAIDS, and came to the conclusion that least as many people have died as a result of the restrictions to fight COVID as have died from COVID.

Many stories like this have been ignored or caught in the dragnet of “misinformation.” It’s a big reason as to why so many people only have one perspective of the pandemic, and why communicating across perspective divides has been so challenging.

Now, lockdowns in Sydney, Australia have emerged, and prevents people from leaving their homes unless it’s for something essential like grocery shopping. It’s in place until at least August 28th, and the Australian Military has been called in to join police forces to ensure people are following the rules, like the 10km travel limit designed to restrict people’s movement.

New South Wales, the state where Sydney is located, has seen a total of 68 deaths since the pandemic began. Australia did not report a single COVID-19 death until early July 2021.

The justification for this lockdown seems to be the spread of the Delta variant, with over 200 cases being recorded in Sydney just two days ago. Keep in mind the population of Sydney is approximately five million.

People were under the impression that two vaccinations would be sufficient enough for protection, but now this doesn’t seem to be the case. Despite a large portion of people in multiple countries being double vaxxed, lockdowns, mask mandates, and more still seem to be in place.

Will they ever go away? Will the unvaccinated, who seem to be quite justified in their reasons for hesitancy, continue to be blamed? Is our approach to this pandemic based on a deep level fear?

In the course of history, those that have actively censored and shut down information have never been on “the right side of history,” is this same thing happening today? Should scientists and experts not be able to discuss why they oppose lockdown measures and present evidence to back up their beliefs?

Does it not raise alarm bells that in conjunction with this censorship, military and police are in full force to make sure citizens comply? If we continue to comply and accept these measures, what other measures could be used and justified in the minds of the masses?

This article (Military Deployed In Australia To Help Enforce COVID Lockdown) was originally published on The Pulse and is published under a Creative Commons license.

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