Pentagon To Release UFO Evidence: “There Are A Lot More Sightings Than Have Been Made Public”

For a quick moment reflect: has it felt like the UFO subject has been talked about more in the mainstream over the last 4 years than any other time in your memory? If you answered yes, you’re not alone… and perhaps we all are not alone.

By Joe Martino Collective Evolution

The former director of national intelligence John Ratcliffe stated in an interview on Fox News that an upcoming report from the pentagon will reveal a great deal of information with regards to UFO sightings that the public has not yet been aware of.

This will include “objects that engage in actions that are difficult to explain,[…] movements that are hard to replicate, that we don’t have the technology for.”

This comes as he admits that “there are a lot more sightings than have been made public.” Something that would surprise some that have not been privy to research in this field.

Former director of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program Luis (or Lue) Elizondo joined ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss more on the upcoming Pentagon release and Ratcliffe’s statements.

Lue Elizondo explained that these craft are not necessarily breaking any laws of physics, but that they may just be breaking our current understanding of the laws of physics. He states that those with a deep understanding of quantum physics are able to provide meaningful explanations for how these craft could perform manoeuvres we hear about but can’t imagine our own aircraft doing.

Elizondo goes on to state that there are three options for where these craft are coming from:

  1. US secret technology. Essentially technology in black budget programs that even credentialed and high security clearance individuals know nothing about. He feels this explanation is highly unlikely.
  2. Foreign adversarial technology. He feels this would represent huge intelligence failure on the part of the US, and other countries for that matter as they also have no explanation. Therefore, this explanation is also unlikely.
  3. These craft come from someone or something else. Is it extraterrestrials? Perhaps some form of AI? I mean, who knows at this point – but an honest, deep look at this field would suggest that extraterrestrial is the most plausible explanation, and there is plenty of evidence to make that claim.

Why This Matters

Firstly, to pick up where number 3 above left off! For me, the primary reason why most people don’t understand why we’d jump to extraterrestrials as an explanation is because they simply haven’t spent the time to take an honest look at the information that is available across the study of this phenomenon. From whistleblower accounts of credentialed and high clearance individuals to declassified documents to some of the available physical evidence, there is a lot to digest. We can even look at the highly documented contact cases or CE5 experiencers who claim to be using their consciousness to connect to ET beings. Something I’ve experienced quite a bit myself, but without an understanding of consciousness sounds flat out crazy.

The point is, if we stay 100 feet away from really looking at what might be going on here, we aren’t likely to truly understand, and quite frankly that’s what most mainstream voices are doing.

Having covered this topic for over a decade, it’s quite common that the general public’s openness to the subject is correlated with the availability of information, especially when it comes from sources they trust. What this means is, people will typically be more open to the UFO phenomenon when they actually explore the evidence that already exists. They will be even more open to it when they explore that already existing evidence from a source they already trust – even if that source isn’t necessarily trustworthy. We thus have a choice, begin exploring information outside of the mainstream, which has been ridiculing and not honestly covering this topic for decades, or go elsewhere. Can we truly trust what is released from the Pentagon?

Implications of these discussions are significantly more controversial and layered than one might initially realize as well. In the Fox News interview the host discusses the fact that some of these craft are “breaking the sound barrier without a sonic boom, how is that possible?” What they are suggesting here is that there is technology we may not know about – publicly. And when you think of so many of humanities greatest challenges, energy, pollution etc, what would happen if this potentially ET technology was using energy technologies that don’t require fossil fuel or pollution? How might this change society as a whole? Does this possibly give good reason as to why these technologies might be held with such secrecy, because they would upset the way our economy currently functions?

Final Thoughts

If you’re just recently becoming intrigued by the UFO topic it certainly seems like an exciting time, and it is. But many, who have been researching this topic for years, especially in a credible manner, are asking the question why is the US government all of a sudden so obsessed with talking about a topic they have long denied and ridiculed? There are many theories behind why, but we can’t know which one is correct.

For me, the UFO and ET phenomenon is one that has always fascinated me, and my journalistic mind has always seen that the reality of this phenomenon quite obviously involves extraterrestrials, even though we don’t have proof 100% yet. I tend to feel that this phenomenon is intimately linked with consciousness. How would humanities underlying world views change if we knew we were not alone? What does it say about our place in the universe? Why are so many experiencers able to have phenomenal experiences with ET beings using their consciousness?

This article (What A Leading Psychologist Knows About Demonic Possession) was originally published on Collective Evolution and is published under a Creative Commons license.

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