Apollo 11 Astronauts Saw Aliens On Moon: Evidence Published

Apollo 11 Moon Landing showed that aliens might be more than science fiction!

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There are a lot of various rumours, versions, and theories about the Apollo 11 mission. So, some people believe that the Americans have never landed on the surface of the Moon, and all photos and videos are fake. Others believe that the Apollo 11 astronauts actually visited the Moon. But UFOlogists say that the Americans found evidence of extraterrestrial civilizations on the moon and observed UFOs, but decided not to disclose this information.

NASA officials either denied any information about UFOs on the Moon, or simply refused to comment on such statements, but evidence has recently been published that Apollo 11 astronauts had witnessed a mysterious phenomenon while their trip to the moon. It took seven years to digitize old files, and now they are available here.

Is NASA hiding Apollo 11 Astronauts’ encounter with aliens?
Is NASA hiding Apollo 11 Astronauts’ encounter with aliens? Image Credit: NASA

The published data has already been analysed by a lot of people who learned about a certain object flying over the Apollo 11 spacecraft. So, maybe there really is an alien base on the moon, and people were simply forbidden to research our satellite.

In the audio files, one can feel the alarm of the astronauts when they talked about a radiant object that had an oblong shape. The speed of the unidentified object was very significant, and the object itself left the orbit of the moon, which can be understood from these records. Why did the Americans hesitate to talk about it?

It is worth noting that these records are official, and astronauts reported everything they saw to the Houston centre staff, as UFOlogists had already said, but then these documents were not on the site. If you listen to the fourth audio file, it talks about the approach of an unidentified object to the spaceship, and the astronauts asked for advice on how to behave in that situation. Then it says that the object flew off at tremendous speed.

Neil Armstrong was one of the three astronauts in the Apollo 11 mission, and after a while, he began to talk about the fact that there may be aliens and alien bases on the moon. Why make such statements if he has already been on the moon? This sounds really strange! Even after a huge amount of time, it is not clear enough what exactly astronauts managed to see on our satellite.

According to a report shared by Gaia, there is a transcript between Aldrin and Armstrong where the two had witnessed extraterrestrial activities on Moon during the Apollo 11 mission.

Apollo 11: “Those are giant things. No, no, no, this is not an optical illusion. No one is going to believe this.”

NASA: “What… what…. what? What the hell is happening? What’s wrong with you?”

Apollo 11: “They’re here, under the surface.”

Apart from this, what former NASA astronaut Franklin Story Musgrave said about his experience in space would shock anyone. He claimed to had seen an 8 foot-long snake, white in colour, floating through space. It is hard to explain how a snake could reach space, but Musgrave has never denied it.

NASA has been exploring space for a long time and there are chances that they have found a sign of aliens but hiding it from the public. There are some NASA legends such as Gordon Cooper, Edgar Mitchell, and Story Musgrave, who are firm believers of UFOs.

NASA conspirators have full assurance that the US space agency has been covering the evidence of UFOs since the first Apollo mission. Donna Hare claimed to have worked for NASA contactor Philco Ford in the early 1970s. She had a high-security clearance to walk in NASA’s photo lab and other departments.

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During the Disclosure Project press conference, Hare revealed that NASA covered up and eliminated space anomalies such as UFOs from the satellite photos. Hare has got several awards in the space programs. She dedicated most of her time as a technical illustrator to space programs. She created lunar maps, landing slides and had been working 15 years as a sub-contractor for NASA.

She claimed to have access to a place known as “Building Eight,” from where she made contacts with high-ranking officials. Once, she walked into a restricted area which was NASA’s photo lab. She noticed the lab had photographs (mosaic) of the Moon taken from satellites. She was with a friend who pointed at one of the photographs and surprisingly, she saw a round white dot.

“I said to him what is that. Is that a dot on the emulsion? Then he’s grinning and he says dots on the emulsion don’t leave shadows on the ground. There was a round shadow at the correct angle.

I looked at him and I was pretty startled because I’d worked out there several years and never seen anything like this never heard of anything like this and I said is this a UFO and he’s smiling at me and he says I can’t tell you,” Hara said. She knew what he meant but could not tell. He said that their work was to airbrush them before putting into the public domain.

According to her, NASA had a protocol to alter the satellite images, and workers who were assigned to this program were put in quarantine. She was told by one of the sources that during one of the moon landings, three UFOs had landed. Subsequently, there was a codeword “Santa Claus” for these crafts.

No one was allowed to talk about these in public, otherwise, they would face serious consequences after retirement. She remembered that one person from that secret program told her that every astronaut had seen those crafts during their space missions. She had never seen that man again but got his name which was given to UFOlogist Dr. Steven Greer in a hope that he would find him.

Former US Air Force Sergeant Karl Wolfe, who died in a bike accident in 2018, was another person who shared a similar story. He also had top-secret clearance and worked at Langley Air Force base in Virginia, the USA.

Karl worked as a precision electronics photograph repairer for NASA’s Lunar Orbiter Project. One day, he was taken into a lab by another worker who showed him a photo of artificial buildings at the lunar base. His death remains a mystery as many believe that he was killed for exposing top-secret documents.

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