Watch: San Francisco Retailers Are Abandoning The City In Droves

Half of the stores in the downtown hub have closed since 2019, one study showed.

By: Tyler Durden Zero Hedge

Remember when San Francisco officials and the media denied that retailers were leaving metro areas?

Then they claimed that the businesses leaving were not leaving because of rising crime?

Remember when the government tried to institute a law which would allow them to continue taxing people and businesses up to ten years after they moved out of the state?

Remember when CNN reporters did a story on the crime epidemic in San Francisco and they got robbed in the process?

Middle Class Meltdown: Thanks To The Reckless Policies of Our Leaders, The Middle Class In The U.S. Is In Huge Trouble

The Economic Collapse

It’s hard to hide the economic consequences of bad policies and ignorant ideology – Eventually, the effects become undeniable.

The establishment media continues to suggest the pandemic is the primary cause of the decay, but residents of San Francisco disagree. The majority of people mention crime and widespread drug use in the streets as the threat destroying the once vibrant retail environment.

It’s over for San Francisco – And as the saying goes, if you’re looking for someone to blame, the fish rots from the head down.

What are your thoughts?

Will this spread nation-wide?

Please leave us a comment below in the comment section.

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