Is China Pre-Positioning Vast Numbers of Soldiers, Spies And Saboteurs In U.S. Communities For The Coming War?

The U.S. government arrested Chinese professors, implying that they were foreign agents. The professors say that they’ve been caught up in a xenophobic panic.

By: Michael Snyder T.H.E.

There has been a dramatic spike in the number of Chinese nationals that are coming across our borders. The vast majority of them are men, and the vast majority of those men are of military age. Most of the time, when these men are intercepted by U.S. officials they claim that they have come to apply for asylum in the United States. Of course they know that their court dates will be set far into the future because our system is being absolutely overwhelmed by asylum seekers right now. As they wait for their court dates, most of them are released into the United States and are permitted to go wherever they want. So what this means is that thousands upon thousands of Chinese men of military age have been allowed into this country, and we don’t know where they are or what they are doing.

According to Fox News, the number of Chinese nationals that are being encountered at our borders far exceeds anything that we have ever seen before…

So far in fiscal year 2023, U.S. Customs and Border Protection encountered nearly 40,000 Chinese nationals on both the southern and northern borders, far surpassing the approximately 23,500 and 27,800 encountered in fiscal years 2021 and 2022, respectively.

In July, more than 6,000 crossed the border, just two months after the COVID-19-era rule that allowed for expelling illegal migrants quickly – known as Title 42 – expired.

Obviously these Chinese nationals do not walk to our borders from China.

So how do they get here?

Well, it is being reported that many of them begin their journeys in the nation of Ecuador…

The Chinese migrants typically start their journey in Ecuador, which is visa-free for Chinese citizens, as per The Diplomat. From there, they head to Necoclí, a town in Colombia’s northern coast, which then leads to the Darién Gap, a 66-mile dense jungle reportedly filled with armed guerillas, drug traffickers and deadly biodiversity. Some who undertake the treacherous journey allegedly pay smugglers up to $35,000 for help.

This is a major national security issue, but the Biden administration isn’t doing anything about it.

Needless to say, this is greatly frustrating many Republicans. In fact, the chair of the Homeland Security Committee in the House of Representatives recently told the Daily Mail that he is concerned that China may be sending these men here for a specific purpose…

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green, R-Tenn., told that there has been a ‘massive increase’ of Chinese nationals tied to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) that have gained access to the U.S. by crossing over the border.

And there have been over 17,800 Chinese nationals released into the U.S. this year alone, he claimed.

Green called the ‘stupidity’ of the Biden administration’s border policies currently in place ‘mind-blowing’ because now Chinese spies could act as ‘saboteurs’ in the same manner Russian military men established residency in Ukraine before the invasion.

Is There A Large Group of Officials At The Pentagon That Actually Believe That Aliens Are Demonic Entities?

I think that Green’s concerns are quite justified.

Just as rumours of a potential war between the U.S. and China are reaching a crescendo, we are seeing Chinese men cross our borders in much larger numbers than we ever have before.

And they appear to be doing it in groups.

Earlier this year, one reporter released video footage that showed “hundreds of military-aged Chinese men in Panama heading toward the U.S. border”

A reporter released new video that appears to show hundreds of military-aged Chinese men in Panama heading toward the U.S. border. founder Anthony Rubin said on “Fox & Friends First” Wednesday that every day, multiple times a day, groups of men are lining up and getting on buses to continue their journeys.

There appears to be at least some level of coordination to these efforts.

And once they get here, Chinese nationals often end up in places where they aren’t supposed to be…

The Chinese nationals posed as ‘tourists’ wandered onto a missile launch site in New Mexico, as first reported by the Wall Street Journal. In addition, some reportedly staged as scuba divers in order to get close to a Florida rocket launch site, while others claimed to be staying on an Army base in Alaska.

Th operatives have reportedly claimed to be tourists who are ‘lost’ and unable to find their way to a Burger King or McDonalds coincidentally close to a U.S. military base.

These are just the ones that have been caught.

How many other spies have successfully completed their missions without being caught?

Once migrants are released into this country, they can literally go anywhere.

Lately, there has been a tremendous crime wave in Oakland County, Michigan.

That is quite a long way from the southern border.

It turns out that “transnational gangs” from South America are specifically targeting expensive homes in that area, and so far they have been very successful

“Transnational gangs” from South America are committing high-end burglaries on upscale homes in Michigan, according to law enforcement.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard is sounding the alarm over a rash of burglaries targeting luxurious homes. Bouchard is warning local residents to secure their houses because illegal immigrants are committing home invasions to steal high-end goods.

The sheriff said the burglars are stealing jewellery, precious metals, high-end watches, expensive purses, electronics, money, and safes. Bouchard said the robberies have totalled more than $1 million.

Of course the Chinese migrants that are coming across our borders are not here to rob homes.

They are here for other reasons.

But my point is that once migrants are released into this country, they could end up literally anywhere.

At this stage, so many immigrants have poured into her state that even ultra-liberal New York Governor Kathy Hochul is calling for a dramatic increase in border security…

New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) has turned into an immigration hawk after the Biden administration has overwhelmed her state–and specifically New York City–with an unceasing flood of thousands upon thousands of migrants. Appearing on the CBS News program Face the Nation on Sunday, Hochul called for limits on migration at the border and for a “doubling or quadrupling” of Border Patrol agents.

Hochul cast blame on Republicans and Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), rather than Joe Biden, ignoring that it is Biden’s policies that have instigated the massive amount of illegal immigration since he took office in 2021.

So will the Biden administration finally do something to address this crisis?

Probably not.

So more Chinese men of military age will arrive with each passing day.

And when a war with the United States finally erupts, they will be ready to carry out their assigned tasks.

Only a very foolish nation would allow the enemy to pre-position tens of thousands of soldiers, spies and saboteurs, but that is precisely what we are doing.

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Awareness: Is China Pre-Positioning Vast Numbers of Soldiers, Spies And Saboteurs In U.S. Communities For The Coming War?

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