Is China ‘Massing Forces At Coastal Military Bases’ In Preparation For An Invasion of Taiwan?

We are now a blink away from WW3!

By: Michael Snyder The Economic Collapse

If the Chinese decide to pull the trigger on an invasion of Taiwan, it will instantly become the biggest news story in the entire world. Because the moment that an invasion of Taiwan begins, the United States and China will be at war and nothing will ever be the same again. Of course the Chinese would not consider an attack on Taiwan to be an invasion of a foreign country. The Chinese consider Taiwan to be part of their territory just like we consider Florida or Texas to be part of our territory. For a long time, the communist Chinese government had hoped to “reunify” with Taiwan peacefully, but now it has become clear that is never going to happen. The Taiwanese government continues to boldly declare that Taiwan is not part of China, and the Biden administration recently approved a 500 million dollar arms sale that is intended to help them prepare for a potential invasion. Needless to say, this arms sale greatly infuriated China, and it appears that the Chinese are gearing up for a big move.

In fact, Fox News is reporting that the Chinese are “continuously massing forces at its coastal military bases facing Taiwan”…

China is continuously massing forces at its coastal military bases facing Taiwan, the self-governing island warned Tuesday.

Taiwan said it is bolstering its own defences in response. The island’s Defence Ministry issued a report on the expansion of Chinese airfields and military activity on Taiwan’s doorstep, saying China has begun probing Taiwan’s territory on a near-daily basis.

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“This year, the Chinese Communist Party has aggressively expanded its armaments and continued to build various types of fighter jets and drones,” Maj. Gen. Huang Wen-Chi said of the report. “The information we have received is that all important military bases along the coast … are being continuously updated.”

This doesn’t mean that the Chinese will invade right away.

But they are obviously preparing for something huge.

And the Chinese have also been regularly probing Taiwan’s defences.

On Thursday, China sent 10 naval vessels and 68 military aircraft toward the island…

“Dozens of Chinese warplanes and 10 navy ships were detected around Taiwan, the Ministry of National Defence said yesterday, after warning that Beijing was conducting air and sea drills in the western Pacific.

Ten Chinese naval vessels and 68 aircraft were detected near the nation between 6am on Wednesday and 6am yesterday, the ministry said in a statement.

Forty of the aircraft had crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait and entered the southwest or southeast air defines identification zone (ADIZ), it said.”

If my assessment of the situation is correct, I don’t believe that the Chinese will invade Taiwan right now.

But I do believe that an invasion is coming.

And U.S. military officials have been warning us over and over again about the possibility of such a conflict.

On Monday, Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall had some very ominous things to say about China…

Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall on Monday warned that China was building up its military to prepare for a potential war with the U.S., and he said America must optimize its forces to counter the rising threat.

Speaking at the Air and Space Forces Association Warfighter Symposium at National Harbor, Md., Kendall said the U.S. must be ready for a “kind of war we have no modern experience with,” though he stressed “war is not inevitable.”

“Our job is to deter that war and to be ready to win if it occurs,” Kendall said. “We’re all talking about the fact that the Air and Space Forces must change, or we could fail to prevent and might even lose a war.”

A decade ago, a war with China was unthinkable.

But now a war with China is a very serious threat, and U.S. Air Force officials want a lot more funding so that they can build air bases all over the Pacific…

“The U.S. Air Force is finding ways to increase the number of airfields it can take off from in the Pacific—and wants more money to build out airfields and rebuild overgrown WWII airfields.

Adding bases is key to the service’s Agile Combat Employment concept, or ACE, which aims to keep combat aircraft flying despite enemy attacks, Gen. Kenneth Wilsbach, Pacific Air Forces Commander, told reporters Monday at the Air & Space Forces Association’s annual Air, Space & Cyber conference.

The Air Force is currently clearing out a jungle on Tinian, a small island near Guam that was home to the largest B-29 bomber base during World War II and more recently has hosted ACE exercises.”

Meanwhile, the war in Ukraine just continues to escalate.

This week, the Ukrainians used British-made cruise missiles to attack Russian warships that were sitting at the port of Sevastopol…

“Ukraine unleashed a barrage of ten cruise missiles along with kamikaze drones in a massive assault on Russia’s powerful Black Sea Fleet.

Vladimir Putin’s forces were rocked as a submarine and an assault ship were blasted during the onslaught on the Crimean port of Sevastopol.

British-made Storm Shadow missiles and explosive-packed drone boats are believed to have been used in the biggest attack of its kind on the fleet – marking the first time such weapons have been used in Crimea.

Shocking footage showed huge plumes of smoke and flames seen for miles around rising from the blitzed base. It is the latest blow to embattled Putin’s war effort – and was a major embarrassment for Vlad as he sat down with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un some 5,500 miles away.”

When the Ukrainians use western-made weapons to strike targets deep inside Russian territory, the Russians consider us to be responsible for those attacks too.

We may not have fired those weapons, but we certainly gave them to the Ukrainians with the intention that they would be used in such a manner.

Giving the Ukrainians weapons that could potentially cause the hot phase of World War III to erupt is a very dangerous thing to do, because the Ukrainians are not exactly rational.

We should be trying to find a way to end the conflict in Ukraine, because if we do get into a direct shooting war with Russia that will be a nightmare scenario.

Unfortunately, leaders all over the world have come down with a really bad case of war fever.

The Russians are constantly provoking us, and we are constantly provoking the Russians.

In fact, it is being reported that the “biggest military exercises in Europe since the end of the Cold War” will be conducted very close to the Russian border in early 2024…

The upcoming Steadfast Defender NATO war drills, set for early 2024, are expected to be the biggest military exercises in Europe since the end of the Cold War, the Financial Times is reporting Monday.

At a moment the war in Ukraine grows more and more unpredictable, given neither Russia nor the West have shown any signs of backing down, the FT writes that “NATO is preparing its biggest live joint command exercise since the cold war next year, assembling more than 40,000 troops to practice how the alliance would attempt to repel Russian aggression against one of its members.”

Holding those exercises so close to Russia is not a good idea at all.

But it is going to happen anyway.

Earlier today, I came across a very odd story about some very foolish tourists that decided to sprint toward a mother bear and her two cubs…

“A shocking video of tourists sprinting towards a bear at Yellowstone National Park has gone viral and prompted backlash on social media.

The clip shows a mother black bear and her two cubs sniffing around in the grass, alongside a road full of queuing cars.

Suddenly, a group of tourists jump out of their vehicles, point, and then begin to sprint towards the bears.

There are four men running, one of whom appears to be carrying a toddler in his arms, while a woman comes into shot approaching the animals with a camera.”

What an incredibly stupid thing to do.

If a mother bear feels like her cubs are being threatened, she will do anything she feels is necessary to defend them.

Those tourists are very fortunate that they were not killed.

Unfortunately, we are doing a similar thing with the Russian Bear.

Instead of interacting with Russia shrewdly, we are sprinting toward conflict.

Joe Biden and his minions may truly believe that being “tough” with Russia is the right thing to do, but if they miscalculate and a nuclear war erupts it could result in the deaths of literally billions of people.

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