Princess Tisulsky: Alleged Find of An 800 Million Years Old Woman

The discovery of Princess Tisulsky shocked the audience. The coffin was completely filled with a crystal clear pink and blue liquid. It was said to be, over 800 million years.

Russian scientists allegedly found an 800-million-year-old woman called as Princess Tisulsky inside a coffin full of a strange substance. According to official data, the oldest records that could have been obtained from humans on this planet are 30,000 years old. According to general science, the age of humanity is more or less than 30 millennia, so if confirmed, we would have to change all our history books.

Exorbitant was the surprise of the researchers at the time they found a strange marble coffin and uncovered it to see its contents. In fact, the discovery was not recent, but occurred in 1969, in a region called Kemerovo, inside a coal mine more than 80 meters deep.

It was a normal day of work in that mine, one day in September ’69, when Karnaukhov, a daring mining worker, found a very strange object, like a kind of sarcophagus or coffin, which they then took out of the depths of the earth and open in public, for all the inhabitants of the village Rzhavchik Tisulskago. (800 million years old)

Those people were stupefied, noticing that there was a woman there, but her body was intact, as if it had been buried a short time ago. Her body was inside a strange liquid, transparent blue-pink colour, which seemed to keep her in those conditions.

The whole town was baptized as “The Princess Tisulsky.” That image was impressive in the sight of a hundred people. He had a particular beauty, his blue eyes, open and large, very similar to a European woman. He looked 30 years old, average. She was wearing a white, transparent dress that allowed her to see her body since she was not wearing any underwear. It gave the impression of being asleep.

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Surprisingly, in the head, the woman wore a kind of rectangular black box, similar to a mobile phone of this time. After their prolonged exposure for almost 24 hours in that village, the tremendous find was reported to the authorities of the district centre. Soon, a helicopter, along with several soldiers appeared on the site, where they evicted all people, warning that this site was contaminated and was “contagious to humans.”

The people who admitted to having touched the coffin were quarantined, as well as those who were closest. Immediately, the military tried to get the helicopter to that strange object with the body of the woman. But since it was too heavy to fly, they made the decision to remove the substance that kept the remains.

The discovery of Princess Tisulsky shocked the audience. The coffin was completely filled with a crystal clear pink and blue liquid. It was said to be, over 800 million years.
The discovery of Princess Tisulsky shocked the audience. The coffin was completely filled with a crystal clear pink and blue liquid. It was said to be, over 800 million years.

As soon as the liquid left the coffin, the corpse began to take on a blackened appearance, as if it were a horror movie. At once, the lady took on the colour of a human and all her appearance in a matter of seconds turned into that of a living person. At that moment, they closed the coffin and took it away.

A few days later, the Russian government handed over the case to a group of scientists from Novosirbirsk, who performed various tests in the laboratory. One of the researchers said that the age of that body was about 800 million years, exceeding the estimated age of coal, which has put even more in doubt Darwin’s theory of the “evolution of species.” However, despite the decades since the discovery, this has not been published massively or officially.

In several Internet portals, there are some photographs where you can see the woman in her intact and young state, and others where you can see the body already aged like a mummy, as we have done with the photograph used in our cover unfortunately these photos do not belong to the story told.

We have not been able to find any real photographs on the Internet. The photographs do not correspond to the young woman as she was found, but these images were taken from the film Snow White, 1987. Other photos belong to an Egyptian or Iranian mummy. Nor have we found anything official about this incident, which makes us think that everything was a hoax, like many others that run through the network.

What do you think? Could it be real or just an Internet myth? Leave us your comment!

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