Lab-Grown Beef & Chicken Will Soon Be In Your Local Grocery Store…

‘Lab-Grown’ Beef & Chicken approved in US; could soon come to stores, restaurants

By: Michael Snyder The Economic Collapse

Would you like to eat a slab of “beef” or “chicken” that has been artificially “grown” inside a giant vat filled with disgusting goo? Personally, I will never eat any “beef” or “chicken” that scientists have cooked up in a lab somewhere. In fact, I would rather crawl on my belly for a mile on a gravel road filled with razor-sharp glass shards than eat a single bite of lab-grown “meat”. I am sure that many of you feel the same. But it is coming anyway. In fact, CNN is reporting that Americans will be able to try lab-grown chicken “soon”…

Soon, Americans are going to be able to try chicken that comes directly from chicken cells rather than, well, a chicken.

On Wednesday, the USDA gave Upside Foods and Good Meat the green light to start producing and selling their lab-grown, or cultivated, chicken products in the United States.

The USDA really does a bang up job of protecting us, don’t they?

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I can only imagine the new dangers that this sort of “meat” will bring to our population.

If you are not familiar with “lab-grown meat”, the following is a pretty good summary

In a nutshell, lab-grown meat — or cultivated or cell-based meat — is meat that is developed from animal cells and grown, with the help of nutrients like amino acids, in massive bioreactors.

This happens in a production facility that looks a lot like a brewery: When you picture it, don’t think of people in white coats and hairnets peering through microscopes into petri dishes, but instead people in white coats and hairnets wandering between giant vats.

It wasn’t supposed to be available to the public so quickly, but apparently some people have already had an opportunity to sample it at a restaurant in San Francisco

On Saturday, cultivated chicken tempura will be on Bar Crenn’s menu, served with a burnt chili aioli and garnished with greens and edible flowers. Chef Dominique Crenn took meat off the restaurant’s menu in 2018 “because of the impact of factory farming on animals and the planet,” according to the restaurant’s website, but is comfortable selling cultivated chicken.

Upside Foods held a contest on social media to determine who would be able to try the product at Bar Crenn, and those winners will be able to dig in this weekend. They’ll each pay a symbolic $1 to try the chicken. Contest winners also get to tour Upside Food’s Engineering, Production, and Innovation Centre.


Just plain yuck.

We are being told that “lab-grown beef” is coming soon too, and it is being touted as an environmentally-friendly alternative to normal beef.

But according to one recent study, “lab-grown beef” is actually far worse for the environment…

Researchers at UC Davis have made a startling discovery that could change the way we view lab-grown meat.

As detailed in a yet-to-be-peer-reviewed paper, they found that the meat alternative’s environmental impact appears to be “orders of magnitude” higher than retail beef you can buy at the grocery store — itself already a very environmentally damaging foodstuff — at least based on current production methods.

If confirmed, the research could be damning: lab-grown meat, long seen as a greener alternative to meat products that don’t involve the slaughter of animals, could be more harmful to the environment than the products it’s trying to replace.

How ironic.

But no matter what the science actually shows, global leaders are not going to end their relentless war on normal meat any time soon.

In Germany, the minister of agriculture has come up with a plan to reduce the maximum daily intake of meat for Germans to just 10 grams

Recently, the German Minister of Agriculture made another shocking statement. He plans to reduce the amount of meat eaten by all residents in Germany, aiming to change the diet structure by changing the habit of eating meat, so as to be environmentally friendly. He advocated “taking nutrition from green plants” and called for a maximum daily intake of 10 grams of meat per capita.

If this plan does get implemented, I think that there will be riots.

Nobody wants our politicians dictating what will and will not be in our diets.

But most of our politicians are control freaks that love to “play god”, and the same thing is true for many of our scientists.

For example, one team of scientists is actually trying to grow artificial human eggs in a laboratory…

Conception is trying to accelerate, and eventually commercialize, a field of biomedical research known as in vitro gametogenesis (IVG). “Basically, we’re trying to turn a type of stem cell called an induced pluripotent stem cell into a human egg,” Krisiloff says. “[This] really opens the door, if you can create eggs, to be able to help people have children that otherwise don’t have options right now.”

The experimental technology could help women who have lost their eggs to cancer treatment, women who have never been able to produce healthy eggs and women whose eggs are no longer viable because of their age.

This is so wrong.

If they are actually able to fertilize such a “human egg”, would such a being even be human?

It turns out that the same scientists are also growing “mini-ovaries” that will be used to “nurture” the artificial human eggs that they are developing…

Hurtado quickly returns the cells to the incubator and pulls out a rectangular dish. “These are some of our mini-ovaries,” he says. “These are a few weeks old now.”

Mini-ovaries are combinations of cells that the company has grown to nurture those primordial cells into becoming immature human eggs.

How sick is that?

There are certain things that should never be done.

But our scientists seem to have lost all restraint in this day and age.

As I have repeatedly reminded my readers, scientists are conducting extremely dangerous and extremely bizarre experiments in secret labs all over the planet.

The stuff that actually gets into the news is quite tame compared to what is really going on behind the scenes.

Our world is becoming a little bit more like a bad science fiction movie with each passing day, and in future years we are going to see things that will absolutely horrify all of us.

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