The Last of Us: Witnessing The Apocalypse Through The Videos of The Only Survivor of Earth

The laws of physics allow time travel. So is Javier telling the truth?

In the realm of social media, a mysterious man named “Javier” has captivated the attention of millions by claiming to be the sole survivor of Earth in the year 2027, living in a desolate, post-apocalyptic future.

Through his TikTok account, Único Sobreviviente, Javier has amassed a staggering 8 million followers with his intriguing videos documenting his solitary existence.

While his videos are undeniably compelling, they raise significant questions about the authenticity of his claims and the truth behind his bizarre circumstances.

The Happening

Javier’s journey begins with a startling revelation – he awakens inside a seemingly abandoned hospital, completely unaware of what transpired.

His first post, dated February 13, 2027, introduces viewers to his loneliness in an eerily deserted city. The hospital’s documents indicate a date from the past – 10/02/2021 – adding to the mystery surrounding his predicament.

A ‘Time Traveller’ Says He Is The Only Survivor On Earth In 2028: Showing Videos & Photos

As time passes, Javier continues to share footage of his daily life, visiting various locations like the beach, a shopping mall, and empty streets. His surroundings are devoid of any signs of life, including animals. One must ponder how he gains access to these places and why he remains unaccompanied.

Such observations raise doubts about the veracity of his claims, hinting at a possible fabrication or manipulation of the truth.

The Narrative of The Story

In an attempt to authenticate his narrative, Javier consults a futuristic display panel in a car to determine the current date – Sunday, October 3rd, 2027. While this might lend credibility to his time-traveling assertion, it also sparks scepticism.

Questions arise regarding the origin and reliability of the display panel and its connection to his reality.

Can it be trusted, or is it part of an elaborate ruse?

The absence of any other human presence leaves observers wondering about the fate of humanity in this supposed post-apocalyptic world.

How could he be the sole survivor, and what cataclysmic event could have led to such an outcome?

As the videos progress, the lack of corroborating evidence or communication with the outside world further heightens scepticism.


Javier’s claim of being the last survivor on Earth in 2027, while captivating, demands critical scrutiny. The evidence presented through his TikTok account is intriguing but falls short of offering conclusive proof. The contradictions in the dates and the questionable origins of futuristic technology raise doubts about the authenticity of his story.

Without further substantiation, it is premature to accept his narrative as factual.

While Javier’s videos prompt contemplation about the future of humanity and the potential consequences of our actions, they must be regarded with caution. Until more substantial evidence emerges, the veracity of his claims remains uncertain.

As observers, we should approach such accounts with a balance of open-minded curiosity and a healthy dose of scepticism to discern truth from fiction in this enigmatic tale.

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