Bizarre Theory Goes Viral Claiming The Real Slim Shady Died 16 Years Ago And Was Replaced

People on the internet are convinced Eminem was replaced with a clone back in 2006.

By Joseph D. Brown | The Mind Unleashed

A bizarre theory going viral on the internet claims that Eminem already died way back in 2006 and has been replaced by a clone.

While we all know that the chances of this happening are extremely slim, the concept first surfaced when fans noticed a change in the rapper’s voice over the years.

However, it’s not all that unusual for singers and rappers to experience changes in their voice for numerous reasons, such as ageing and strain.

The unlikely theory then really started taking off after Spanish website La Gua Del Varón made the decision to add even more fuel to the fire by referring to Eminem as an “android clone” and asserting that the real Slim Shady actually died in a car accident 16 years ago.

“In 2006, Eminem died in a car accident,” the publication falsely reported.

It was after this that his fans decided to start analysing the change in his appearance over the years, with many claiming to have identified big changes in his jaw shape and facial structure.

“Yeah I believe he is a clone it doesn’t even look like him anymore and his eyes are dead,” one fan wrote.

The lyrics were then next.

The fans pushing the theory claim that since 2006, Eminem has made “significant changes” to his style of lyrics and the way he dresses, pointing out how he now puts “a great emphasis on the hip hop lifestyle” and has changed to a “much darker” style over—which I guess means he must be a clone.

In 2013, these people even claimed that footage of Eminem “glitching” on a live ESPN report proved he wasn’t real, which was hyped further in 2016 when rapper B.o.B made a series of creepy tweets claiming “human cloning” had already been around for years.

Then in 2019, the release of Tom Macdonald’s ‘Cloned Rappers’ music video sent believers of the bizarre theory into a frenzy making it viral, with Macdonald claiming in his song that the “Illuminati took bone samples to clone rappers” and then put the real ones in prison to “silence their vision.”

“If they can’t control you they erase the old you,” Macdonald continued, before listing some of the names that have been cloned—including Eminem.

Despite how unlikely the theory sounds, somehow a lot of people are believing it, with one fan saying: “I believe that Eminem’s is a clone he doesn’t look the same after the so-called accident where he just disappeared for about a year he came back looking different.”

And another saying: “Em died in a car accident 2006… he’s been 6th dated like the movie. He stop rapping like Em a long time ago.”

Luckily, most people recognize that the theory is false and completely made up.

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