Politician Says He Has Access To UFO Footage Which Humanity ‘Can’t Handle’

Republican lawmaker Tim Burchett is a sitting member on the House Oversight Committee, which holds hearings about potential threats of UFOs, made some chilling predictions

A Congressman has claimed to have had access to UFO footage which humanity “can’t handle.”

Potential Extraterrestrial Threats

In a thought-provoking revelation, Tennessee Congressman Tim Burchett, a prominent member of the House Oversight Committee, has disclosed his privileged access to UFO footage that surpasses human comprehension.

During an appearance on the “Event Horizon” podcast, the Republican lawmaker expressed concerns about the technological prowess of hypothetical alien life forms, suggesting they possess capabilities capable of reducing humans to mere “charcoal briquettes.”

Burchett underscored the vast technological disparity between humanity and these potential extraterrestrial beings, emphasizing their ability to traverse light years and exhibit phenomena such as underwater flight without leaving a heat trail. He candidly acknowledged that such advancements would place humanity in an overwhelmingly disadvantageous position, rendering us woefully unequipped to cope with the potential ramifications.

“We can’t handle it,” Burchett remarked soberly, stressing the futility of any attempt to defend ourselves against an extraterrestrial force.

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This perspective, he believes, diminishes the likelihood of these beings posing an immediate threat to humanity.

Burchett’s alarming remarks followed the assertions of Air Force veteran David Grusch, who claimed the existence of a clandestine government program dedicated to UFO retrieval. In response, the House Oversight Committee, led by Burchett and his Republican colleague Anna Paulina, plans to investigate these unverified claims brought forth by the whistleblower.

While the Department of Defence spokesperson Susan Gouch stated that there is currently no verifiable information to substantiate the claims, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida attested to the existence of “high-level” government whistleblowers with substantial clearances who corroborate Grusch’s allegations. Rubio emphasized the importance of a thorough evaluation of all evidence before drawing hasty conclusions, highlighting the need to protect the identity and well-being of these potential whistleblowers.

These recent developments prompted the Senate to incorporate provisions within the Intelligence Authorization Act, aimed at intensifying investigations into UFO-related efforts and safeguarding whistleblowers. Under the new law, any contractor possessing material or information pertaining to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) must notify Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, Director of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, within 60 days.

The office, situated within the Pentagon, specializes in scrutinizing UFO incidents, with over 800 cases currently under investigation. However, only a small percentage, ranging from 2% to 5%, exhibit truly anomalous characteristics.

As the revelations continue to unfold, it is imperative to approach this information with a mature and open mind-set, allowing for a comprehensive examination of all available pieces. The quest for understanding requires a balanced assessment of the evidence, devoid of preconceived notions or hasty judgments.

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Journalist Claims US Hides Huge UFO In Foreign Country Because They Could Not Move It

Award-winning Investigative journalist Ross Coulthart is continuously dropping truth bombs on the UAP subject. For the past few weeks, Coulthart has been actively sharing the information he received from the UFO whistleblowers. Previously, he discussed a private aerospace company’s alleged efforts to get rid of UFOs in its possession. Now, he claims that there is a huge UFO in the possession of the United States that could not be moved, and he knows the location of the craft.

On Matt Ford’s show, Coulthart raises the point that private aerospace companies may have conducted retrievals of their own without government involvement, further challenging the government’s authority to dictate access to intellectual property.

Furthermore, Coulthart reveals that individuals, particularly in Silicon Valley, are aware of the alleged technology vesting in aerospace companies, including Lockheed Martin, and express dissatisfaction with the government’s preferential treatment of private corporations.

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