Everything You Need To Know About Manifesting On Command

As a feminine business, wealth and empowerment mentor, one of the key elements in my coaching is helping women entrepreneurs co-create success and abundance in their businesses that are aligned with their highest visions and growth.

By Juliet Tang | Contributing Writer

Over the years, I’ve seen many having misconception around the term “manifesting,” and what it really takes to magnetize results we desire in our personal, professional, and spiritual lives.

I’m sharing three manifesting myths, as well as 3 secrets for you to manifest on command.

Manifesting Myth # 1: Believing manifesting is about tactics and practices

The truth is, you are manifesting every moment of everyday, even in your sleep. You are doing it right now by sending out a certain frequency that will magnetize people and circumstances that resonate on a similar frequency back to you in the near future, and it is a never-ending loop.

So you are not just creating results when you’re doing a visualization, or focusing hard on a positive outcome during those ten minutes you are writing affirmations.

Manifesting is not something you do, and it certainly is not a practice or tactic.

Manifesting is who you are. Every moment, you are magnetizing certain people and events back to you based on what you are Being and what you have embodied as the truth on a deep cellular level. Some of it is conscious, and some highly unconscious.

For example, if money in your business is something you’re wanting to manifest, and it hasn’t shown up, it means, somewhere deep in your being, there are parts of you that are resisting receiving the opportunities that will allow money to flow to you. This can simply be taking those aligned actions to call in the money.

Myth # 2: Manifesting is about getting things and results

People pretty much use the word “manifest” when they are describing the preferred outcome of a desire,

“I want to manifest a new house/a loving soul mate/a million dollar listing.”

There is absolutely nothing wrong with desires as I am all for desires and expansion.

But, I want you to get very clear on what manifesting actually is. It is NOT about getting or having something which is actually a by-product. Getting the cash, getting that book deal, or getting that dream date is a happy by-product. It’s icing on the cake.

Manifesting is a process of self-expression and expansion.

Within this process, you must choose to upgrade your sense of identity, as well as the relationship you have with that desire. Feel free to access my free 4-day Creatrix Activation Kit here if you are a woman who wants to upgrade her sense of identity into her highest creatrix self.

I’ll use money as an example because sacred wealth creation is one of the three pillars of my feminine business mentorship.

When you have a desire…let’s call it, consistent 10k months in your business, that desire automatically implies what you want isn’t here yet.

So in order to fulfil that desire, you must then do the internal and external work to first become that person who can hold the frequency of consistent 10 thousand dollars in your consciousness on a monthly basis.

In other words, you must embody the 10k frequency emotionally, mentally, spiritually, somatically, and vibration ally without rejecting or resisting it unconsciously in the form of sabotaging money stories, love/hate relationship with money, fear around receiving, etc.

The same goes for everything else whether it’s love or weight loss. To bring a desire into physical form, you must commit to the process of being able to not only hold it in your mind, but also in your body.

This is the definition of embodiment which is the essence of my mentorship – embodiment is a key element in unlocking our highest potential.

Getting stuck in an ego mode called “I am trying to get something” is actually rooted in scarcity and lack, and the results will be more scarcity and lack.

Myth # 3: Manifesting is about always feeling good and positive

I see people making the following mistakes:

  • Focusing only on mindset – thinking and reinforcing positive beliefs, which constitutes about 2% of your manifestations.
  • Forcing themselves to feel positive while dismissing challenging emotions and burying them under the rug.
  • Becoming obsessed with raising their vibration.
  • Being fixated on watching one more law of attraction video, buying course, new technique, etc. believing the magic formula is just around the corner.

The truth bomb here is, manifesting (which is a process of self-expression and expansion) doesn’t always feel good in the beginning. The process of upgrading to a higher identity and expansion pretty much guarantees you’ll come up against your own stuff.

Going back to the 10k/month business goal, the process of stretching ourselves into bigger containers to hold that frequency can certainly cause discomfort in the beginning. Suddenly, we are facing our limiting money stories, our low self-worth, our discomfort with asking and receiving, our fear of being judged or rejected, etc.

All and all, manifesting is about stepping outside of your comfort zone consistently.

I’d love to move onto the 3 secrets for you to master manifesting on command.

Secret # 1: Take 100% responsibility over every experience in your life

This is something I am big on with the women entrepreneurs I mentor.

It boils down to choosing to operate from one of the two identities: your human self, or your Divine Self.

Perhaps your human self has been conditioned with beliefs that are not conducive to you creating the success you desire (and success does not need to be building a million dollar empire. It can be as simple as – waking up feeling healthy and energized).

But your Divine Self – she has the power to evoke any possibility in the field of infinite possibilities because she IS, and is an extension of Source Energy that is un-failing, un-stoppable, forever-expanding and evolving, and infinite.

You are born with these very mechanisms to call forth any reality, for as long as you are willing to accept this tremendous power and responsibility called “I Am That.”

When you operate from the human self, it’s easy to claim responsibility for the results you like, and shift responsibility on the experiences you don’t like by blaming them on circumstances, excuses, other people, etc.

The Divine Self sees no other but herself as the sole creatrix in this universe (feel free to substitute it with “he” and “creator). She knows regardless of whether she intended to create it or not, life happens through her and for her, rather than to her.

When we operate from the Divine Self and take full responsibility of our creative power which is our Divine Potential, no expansion is too big and no joy is too impossible. My free Creatrix Activation Kit teaches you how to embody your Divine Self which you access here.

Secret # 2: Master the energy of a command

It’s very easy to get wishy washy with our desires,

  • Oh, it’ll be so nice for me to have…
  • I’m throwing the intention out there, and this is about “let go and let god.”
  • I’ll try couple of things, and if it doesn’t work out, it’s not meant to be.

This is actually the energy of “I am not fully owning the power of my Divine Self.”

In order for you to co-create success, in addition to deciding this is what you truly want, you’ve also got to command it and see it through – in your energy, choices, and actions.

This looks like quick and powerful decision making, and it’s a muscle that you need to develop. This is especially true if you want to manifest money but it works for all other desires. Money is a Divine Masculine energy that values confidence, action, respect, boundaries, attention, quick and bold decision making, faith, etc.

You have to master the art of being willing to decide, and act on your decision with swiftness. The decisions and actions vary, but needless to say, sitting on your couch visualizing and thinking positive isn’t cutting it.

It is also about not over-thinking because when you attempt to use logic to override intuition, you’re now engaging parts of the brain that are stuck in old conditioning. This causes analysis paralysis, and co-creation doesn’t happen when there is no room for spontaneity, inspiration, and flow.

Secret # 3: Quickly take an aligned action that overrides your resistance

When you have a desire, and you jump on it by taking an aligned action which leads to the next aligned action which leads to an upgraded reality, it very quickly takes you out of the doubt, aka. resistance, and resistance is the only thing that stops you from getting results.

The actions that will lead to an upgraded reality are most likely the actions that can feel triggering or scary to you, with excitement mixed in.

Those actions will also most likely:

  • Take you outside of your comfort zone.
  • Feel like a stretch – emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and/or financially.
  • Make you feel uncertain, like you are diving into the unknown (which is precisely how an upgraded reality manifests because if you know it, you would have done it already).

This also goes back to the myth that manifesting is all about feeling good. A lot of times, it is about feeling the initially discomfort, but CHOOSING to do it anyway.

None of this has to be hard with the right system and support.

In fact, the process of self-expression and expanding can be incredibly fun and exciting, while you are co-creating the lifestyle, the connections, the joy, and the abundance you desire with others and the universe. It’s the human mind and conditioning that wants to make all of it complicated.

Happy manifesting!

Juliet Tang

Feminine Business, Wealth, and Empowerment Mentor for women entrepreneurs


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About the Author

Juliet Tang is a feminine business, wealth and empowerment mentor for heart-centred and purpose driven women service-based entrepreneurs – coaches, healers, consultants, practitioners and transformational leaders.

She is the “go to” for those women entrepreneurs who not only want it all in lifestyle and income, but also are fiercely committed to embodying their highest Divine Selves and destinies, and leaving their lasting impact in humanity.

While Juliet is a grounded entrepreneur and Chief Energy Officer of two businesses, she is also a channel and high priestess who works intimately with plant medicine. Her mission is to bridge divine wisdom with “real world” strategies to empower women to unlock their highest potentials physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and financially.

Juliet’s has dedicated over 17 years in personal development. Her unique coaching methods are derived from extensive trainings including business and money coaching, transformational coaching, and quantum life coaching.

In addition, her methods incorporate multidimensional key elements from vibrational medicine, hypnosis and past life regression, Creatrix embodiment key codes, spiritual ascension, archetypal work, wealth psychology, and channelled teachings from her shamanic work.

Her philosophy: Each of us is destined for greatness. The key in birthing your highest vision into physical form is to give yourself permission to become a large enough container that can hold and exude the magnificence of that vision.

To learn more about Juliet, go to here website here, and follow her on Instagram for daily inspirations here.

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