The Past Comes Back To Haunt Us: Astrology Forecast July 31st – August 7th

What to expect this week?

By Lorna Bevan | Guest Writer

Keep your eye on Mars in conjunction with Uranus and the karmic Node of Fate at 18 degrees Taurus on Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd August 2022, as they move like lightning, then wildfire. Venus is at 18° Cancer, the sign ruling property, on Tuesday 2nd August and the North Node at 18° Taurus and South Node at 18° Scorpio on the same days, make the start of August absolutely explosive

This triple conjunction -which last happened in 342 BC – will be squared by Lord of Time and Karma Saturn in Aquarius until early 2023. This is a volatile combination. No one will be exempt from the fallout, as we experience the reality check of collective hubris – the end of unlimited resources. It is a global wakeup call that we can’t afford to ignore.

Uranus is unexpected shocks; Mars is explosive force; the North Node is a destabilising need for expansion; and Taurus, the fixed Earth sign ruled by Venus, is reality. Expect your physical space — whether money, body or home — to experience unexpected shifts.

Events will occur suddenly and may involve multiple and unexpected ON/OFF states — power goes off/on/off/on, money flow is suddenly stopped but then resumes, currency value abruptly drops then sharply rises, flights are halted then resume.

“Your August Report is quite brilliant. I would describe it as essential survival reading!!!”  – Theresa B, USA

Chandra Symbol TAURUS 19

Chandra Symbol TAURUS 19

A crown turns into goat horns.

“A remarkable instinct for the next lesson. Finding it, learning it, and drawing everything out of it that you can. Specialized in destiny activation and interested in nothing else. Driven to take up karmic lessons all the way. Wildly given over to what is taken on. Working the territory as hard as you can. Making way for something new by wearing out the old. Assigned to tough situations, yet knowing it is appropriate. Super strong, and especially tenacious and relentless. In deepest essence, sacrificing yourself so that something can happen here that is going to take a lot of doing. And inside it all, you are curiously resigned to whatever arises, not very concerned because long range results mean everything here. And a moment’s or a lifetime’s discomfort is a small price to pay when destiny is truly involved.” – Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Forecast: July 31 – Aug 7, 2022

At the triple conjunction of Mars, Uranus and the Node of Fate in Taurus on August 1st – whose impact will ripple out until early 2023 – expect events out of the blue and out of your control to affect your finances. Taurus is your angle of both income and resources, so start coming up with practical ideas for adding new income streams and reducing expenditure. On July 31st, the Sun in Leo aligns with lucky Jupiter in your own sign, so be ready to take a risk on someone or something close to your heart and trust your instincts.

Think out of the box.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: July 31 – Aug 7, 2022

By now, you’ve realised that 2022-23 are big years of root and branch changes for you as a Taurus. You’ll eventually emerge like one of those before and after makeovers but right now, you’re in the flux and churn of real transformation and you can’t get away with incremental change any longer. This week and far beyond, the urge for personal freedom may be unstoppable. Rules you once accepted easily begin to feel like an affront to your individuality as Mars, Uranus and the Node of Fate meet in late Taurus. As Saturn in Aquarius squares this triple conjunction at the top of your chart, claim your authority and your autonomy to forge a new path.

Live it. Own it. Mean it.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: July 31 – Aug 7, 2022

July 31st could turn out to be one of the luckiest days of the year for you as the Sun in Leo aligns with Jupiter in Aries lighting up your communications like a Christmas tree. This is the perfect day to have an impromptu get together of friends or family just for the sake of it. If you have a podcast or a blog to launch, do it on July 31st. Then expect the unexpected from August 1st, as the incredibly rare triple merger of Mars, Uranus and the Node of Fate in Taurus kicks in. Taurus is your 12th House of memories, dreams and the unconscious, so you’ll be extra sensitive to picking up what’s going on in the collective. Capture those insights before they disappear.

Guidance from your future self.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: July 31 -Aug 7, 2022

On July 28th at the New Moon, gas giant Jupiter turned retrograde until the end of October right at the pinnacle of your chart. It’s time to look again at your career, your voluntary work or your direction to see if your ladder really is up against the right tree. The God of wisdom only returns to this part of your chart once every 12 years and usually brings powerful insights into situations that you have outgrown. On the 29th, as the Leo Sun aligns beautifully with Jupiter in Aries, take a risk for a future that is better aligned with your core values.

Lady Venus in Cancer has your back.

Leo Weekly Forecast: July 31 – Aug 7, 2022

The huge jolt of power that is the rare Mars, Uranus, Jupiter conjunction in Taurus lights up the career angle of your chart. Saturn in Aquarius is square these planets, keeping your feet on the ground and encouraging you to check the odds before taking a big risk or leap of faith. The energy is extremely volatile, so expect sudden changes in your career or reputation-the barometer could spike or plummet without warning. Factors well outside your control need to be managed with to avoid overwhelm. That said, what happens now will define the next 6 months of personal reinvention. On July 31st, the Sun in Leo makes a stunning link to lucky Jupiter nudging you to broaden your horizons.

Spread your wings.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: July 31 – Aug 7, 2022

Something big this way comes………a very rare conjunction of Mars, Uranus and the karmic Node of Fate in a clash of wills with Saturn suggests some sort of flashpoint. Sudden developments globally or nationally leading to changes out of your control are forcing you to take off your blinkers and stare a new reality right in the face. As Jupiter turns retrograde until late October in your 8th House of finances and partnerships, you could be splitting assets or paying off debts or taxes. These shifts and shocks are not one offs but will continue into 2023. Keep in mind that what first appears to be chaos, usually brings opportunities you’d never imagined.

Thinks several moves ahead like an Aikido master.

Libra Weekly Forecast: July 31 – Aug 7, 2022

Don’t expect a calm, peaceful week or business as usual. On July 28th, gas giant Jupiter turns retrograde in your relationship zone until late October followed on July 31st by the Sun in Leo making a lucky aspect to the God of God Fortune. Whether you are longing to make a declaration, a commitment or to break free from the chains that bind, do it on the 31st. On August 1st, the volatile meeting between Mars, unpredictable Uranus and the Node of Fate will have a domino effect on your finances. The impact of global or national events way beyond your control suddenly arrives at your front door and demands entry.

Frame it not as a disaster but as huge opportunity to liberate yourself from outgrown responsibilities.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: July 31 – Aug 7, 2022

A huge planetary shake up and shakeout at the end of July and the beginning of August could press every single one of your Master of the Universe control buttons. That’s because global events beyond your influence are starting a domino effect close to home. On August 1st when Mars, Uranus and the karmic Node of Fate meet in your opposite sign of Taurus, as a solar Scorpio, your one-to-one relationships are in the frame for sudden transformation. A longstanding partnership may implode or you could liberate yourself from those chains that bind and take flight.

It’s been a long time coming but the cage door is finally open.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: July 31 – Aug 7, 2022

The explosive merger of Mars, Uranus and the Node of Fate in Taurus on August 1st is likely to create an electric storm for you in your workplace. The volatility is off the scales-someone might suddenly walk out without warning or your company might be bought out. If you work for yourself, a valued client could leave or you may be outbid for a new project. The better news is that your own planet Jupiter has your back and on July 31st a stunning link from the Sun in fellow Fire sign Leo could help you launch a come- back.

Now is your moment for a leap of faith.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: July 31 – Aug 7, 2022

This week is definitely not going to be business as usual. A very rare incendiary merger between Mars, Uranus and the karmic Node of Fate in your 5th House is setting your creativity ablaze. Anything connected with children, self-expression and fulfilment is gathering momentum and almost literally pushing you out of your comfort zone. Events globally and nationally are creating a ripple effect of transformation in everyday life, especially where finances, energy and food is involved. You can no longer assume the future will look like the past. That means changing both your thinking and your habits.

Linear planning is now irrelevant-be responsive, not reactive.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: July 31 – Aug 7, 2022

Events this week kick started by global influences beyond your control, are going to test your idea of yourself as someone who revels in change. On August 1st, incendiary Mars meets unpredictable Uranus and the Node of Fate at the roots of your chart in grounded Taurus. Meanwhile Saturn in your own sign is at odds with this triple conjunction, making it a clash between the new and the old. The new and revolutionary will win over the outgrown and reactionary, so at every choice point from now on, take the road less travelled. Both your life at home with your tribe and your career are being changed beyond recognition into 2023. Make sure you claim your authority and your autonomy rather than waiting to see what happens.

A moment of liberation.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: July 31 – Aug 7, 2022

Give up any ideas of floating peacefully in the backwaters this week and switch on your superpowers of intuition and flexibility. On July 28th, Jupiter turned retrograde in your angle of income and resources at his most expansive. This could prove lucky for you if you have debts to call in, overtime to claim for or a pay rise in the pipeline. An investment or inheritance could come in unexpectedly. On July 31st, as the Leo Sun aligns with Jupiter, do something practical to raise your value and reputation in the market place. You have a rare conjunction of Mars, Uranus and the Node of Fate in your communication zone to help you go viral-if that’s what you want.

Make sure you de-stress and get into water as much as possible to cool down this incendiary energy.

Originally published at Hare in the Moon Astrology and reproduced here with permission.

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