Saskatchewan, Canada To Scrap Mandatory Vaccination Requirements

Saskatchewan, Canada has announced that vaccine mandates will be dropped at the end of this month.

By Arjun Walia | The Pulse

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has stated that mandatory vaccination requirements will be scrapped by the end of February. The news comes amidst the “Freedom Convoy” gathering, a peaceful protest supported by millions of vaccinated and unvaccinated Canadians.

Premier Moe did not attribute the decision to the protests happening in Ottawa or around the country. Instead he claimed that vaccines no longer reduce the transmission of the Omicron variant, implying that a vaccine requirement program no longer makes sense.

Moe stated the following,

“People are asking their government for a return to normal, a removal of public health restrictions. It is time for us as a government to do what Saskatchewan people are asking for.” – Premier Scott Moe

Throughout the pandemic, even before Omicron emerged, it’s been quite clear that COVID vaccines do not stop the transmission of the virus. There have been multiple examples of COVID outbreaks in the most heavily vaccinated populations. People need to be viewed as individuals, some had natural immunity from infection and vaccines did not make sense for those people nor those at low risk of severe disease from COVID.

The Pulse has been on the ground in Ottawa since the start of the Freedom Convoy. This peaceful protest does seem to be adding pressure to politicians around the country. We’ve been providing a clear and honest picture of what’s happening, and it’s quite clear that legacy media is not telling the truth.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is also falsely labelling the protest, and anyone who opposes mandatory vaccination requirements, as a “small fringe minority of racist and misogynistic” extremists.

This is clearly not the case and you can see that in our continued coverage here.

According to a recent Angus Reid poll, the majority of Canadians want all COVID restrictions to end.

It’s become clear that it’s time for the government to start listening to the people. Given recent events, it’s questionable whether or not the citizenry should continue to give government the ability to enact such measures that clearly obstruct the rights and freedoms of people. Not only that, these measures, like lockdowns, have destroyed and even killed many people unnecessarily.

Governments have also had a tremendous amount of resources to disseminate massive amounts of propaganda and censor scientists who have been opposing these measures from the beginning. This has effectively stopped citizens from having access to information that would likely give them a more balanced understanding of what’s going on.

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