Trucker Freedom Convoy Is Huge, Heart-Warming, & Peaceful. Not “Extremist”

There is no adequate proof this protest or its organizers are racist. Furthermore, the movement itself is far from that and represents a gathering of love, peace, respect and freedom!

By Arjun Walia | The Pulse

An unprecedented number of Canadians, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, are gathering in the nation’s capital to peacefully protest against all mandates related to COVID, including vaccine mandates.

It’s a large gathering sparked by Canadian truckers who were protesting mandatory vaccine mandates affecting their industry. They created a convoy of trucks headed to Ottawa from across Canada that may have set a Guinness world record for the longest ever convoy. Most truckers are now in Ottawa with tens of thousands of people. They are set to stay until the Canadian government abolishes all COVID vaccine mandates and other measures.

Initially, much of legacy media in Canada was focused on calling this movement ‘extreme’ and ‘dangerous,’ with a suggestion that the people attending are from hate groups. They kept repeating that police expect violence and Ottawa locals should lock their doors and avoid the city. But as of today, legacy media has been changing its tune a bit as it realizes this is simply not true.

Social media users and independent media knew from the beginning of this that this was not about hate groups, white nationalists, violence or extremism. How did the mainstream media get it so wrong? What are their sources? Why was this message beamed out to millions of Canadians when it was a lie?

Some examples of recent mainstream slandering include a Toronto Star headline that reads, “We have to live with the dangerous Freedom Convoy fringe” and a recent Globe & Mail headline reads,Trucker convoy has evolved into something far more dangerous.

These headlines are misleading and do not represent the actual reality and nature of this peaceful gathering. Many do however worry about the Trudeau government or police using fake protestors, perhaps “plain clothed officers,” to inflict violence in order to give the illusion that this movement is a violent one. Thus justifying perhaps more extreme measures taken by the government to shut it down. This would not be the first time governments and police have used this strategy in Canada.

Here is some of our live footage from the event today, see for yourself what this event looks like.

Throughout the pandemic mainstream media, along with governments, in Canada and around the world have ridiculed, censored, and suppressed science, scientists, doctors, healthcare workers and other experts in the field who have opposed what federal health regulatory agencies have been doing to combat COVID.

These scientists may even be in the majority, but much of mainstream media has the power to make the minority feel like the majority, and the majority feel like the minority.

A campaign to slander these people and misrepresent what they are actually saying has been commonplace throughout COVID. The Great Barrington Declaration is one of countless examples containing esteemed scientists being attacked for their science backed opinions that oppose lockdown measures.

The same thing is happening with the “Freedom Convoy.” Yet it wasn’t long ago when Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau was praising truckers.

Now, Trudeau recently claimed this convoy represents a “small fringe minority” with “unacceptable” views. This is not true. He also falsely stated that 90% of Canadians “have stepped up and done the right thing” by being vaccinated. The truth is only 77% have had two doses are according to government tallies.

Furthermore, this movement is comprised both of the vaccinated and unvaccinated who oppose vaccine (and other mandates). It has raised more than $8.1 million while the liberal government was only able to raise $3.5 million in a few months during 2021.

Trudeau has also referred to the unvaccinated as racist and misogynistic.

If there’s one thing the organizers of this convoy, and Canadians in general are advocating for, it’s to remain peaceful. There is, in my opinion, no extremist element to this protest and if one happens to pop up, it is not unreasonable to question whether the Canadian government drummed it up themselves.

Hopefully the tens of thousands on the ground can somehow identify these “extremists” if they do happen to show up and do something to accurately capture the situation. Nonetheless, this is one of the most hopeful times in Canada over the last two years.

This article (Trucker Freedom Convoy Is Huge, Heart-Warming, & Peaceful. Not “Extremist”) was originally published on The Pulse and is published under a Creative Commons license.

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