Newly Discovered Cosmic Megastructure “That Shouldn’t Exist!” Built By Aliens?

A 1.3bn light year-sized ring discovered by PhD student in Lancashire appears to defy the cosmological principle assumption!

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Imagine a ring, which, like pebbles on the seashore, is lined with galaxies. And the diameter of this ring is an unfathomable 1.3 billion (yes, billion) light years. The ring is so huge that if the galaxies were brighter, we would see a circle in the night sky fifteen times the diameter of the full Moon. This circle is located on the border of the constellations Ursa Major and Bootes, which means it never enters our latitudes. Why wasn’t it noticed before, and what does this even mean?

About nine billion light years from our planet, there is an impressive cosmic megastructure that resembles a huge ring. In an intriguing discovery presented in a recent study, this astonishing formation exceeds all conceivable limits of size, leading to a perplexing paradox as its very existence contradicts the fundamental principles underlying our understanding of the universe.

The structure, called the Great Ring, boasts an extraordinary diameter spanning approximately 1.3 billion light years. For comparison, our own Milky Way galaxy, with its vast expanse, has a diameter of about 100 thousand light years, and the distance between Earth and the nearest Andromeda galaxy is about 2.5 million light years. Surprisingly, the Great Ring is located approximately 9 billion light years from our planet. Therefore, when we observe this magnificent structure, we are essentially peering into the past, witnessing what it was like 9 billion years ago, when the Universe was only 4.8 billion years old. Although the Great Ring eludes the naked eye, its presence should not be underestimated, as it occupies a celestial area 15 times larger than the Moon.

During the annual meeting of the American Astronomical Society, researchers shared previously unpublished discoveries that contribute to an ever-expanding catalo of mysterious and controversial large-scale structures.

In 2021, an astronomer named Alexia Lopez from the University of Central Lancashire in England led a pioneering project. This project not only led to the discovery of a colossal cosmic megastructure known as the Giant Arc, but also demonstrated Lopez’s exceptional skills and experience in the field of astronomy. The “Giant Arc” surpassed all previous discoveries made by the scientific community. Lopez’s remarkable achievement not only solidified her position as a prominent figure in the astronomical community, but also shed new light on the vastness and complexity of our Universe.

The importance of these massive structures lies in their ability to challenge the cosmological principle that states that the universe should exhibit homogeneity on vast scales. As an example, imagine looking out at a seemingly limitless, calm ocean where the water stretches endlessly in all directions. According to this principle, no structures larger than 1.2 billion light years should exist, since the Universe has not yet had enough time to guarantee their appearance.

In her quest to find the Great Ring, Lopez analysed extensive data collected by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, focusing on the characteristics of quasars. These luminous celestial objects have played a crucial role in discovering hidden and distant galaxies. Using a sophisticated statistical algorithm, Lopez carefully identified potential formations within these galaxies, ultimately leading to the remarkable discovery of the spectacular Great Ring.

While this discovery may not completely revolutionize our current understanding of cosmology, Lopez argues that astronomers will eventually have to confront the implications and meaning of these giant structures.

Lopez, in an interview with The Guardian, suggested that as we discover more of these strange phenomena, we must accept the possibility that our current standard model of cosmology will require significant re-evaluation. At the very least, our understanding is incomplete, and it may require the development of an entirely new paradigm for understanding the complexities of the Universe.

By and large, the standard model with its Big Bang has been standing on chicken legs for a long time, they just prefer not to notice it. Because the universe is expanding differently than the standard model predicted, scientists have introduced two agents, dark matter and dark energy, that supposedly intervene and bring calculations into reality. But the thing is that dark matter and energy are fundamentally unobservable.

Everyone understands that the standard model is doomed and with dark matter it’s so convenient but with the Big Ring it’s already inconvenient.

“The identification of two unusually super-large structures in such a close configuration raises the possibility that together they form an even more unusual cosmological system,” Lopez said, emphasizing that there can be no question of error here. “We carried out statistics and found that the Big Ring has a value of 5.2 Sigma. This exceeds the gold threshold (confidence) of 5 Sigma.”

“No explanation has yet been found for this phenomenon. One of them may be baryon-acoustic oscillations, allowed by the Standard Model. But they tend to create three-dimensional structures, while the Big Ring is flat. On the other hand, the discovery of the Ring and Arc may be an independent confirmation of string theory.”

In addition, another concept may offer an explanation – the model of Conformal Cyclic Cosmology, developed by the famous physicist Roger Penrose. In it, the Universe endlessly goes through cycles of expansion and contraction – big bang after big bang, which means that the Arc and the Ring can be the effect of the previous “incarnation” of the Universe – an eon. But, one way or another, the mystery of these two colossal space “structures” has not yet been solved.

Type V Civilization: The Civilization of Real Gods!

An Alien Creation?

Supporters of a populated Universe have become quite animated and say: The Big Ring was built artificially. Oddly enough, there is nothing unscientific about this assumption.

In fact, in the 1950s, scientists began to take the question seriously. Civilization is constantly developing but what will happen when a peak level is reached? And they came to the conclusion that they would build some astro-engineering facilities.

The first thing it will do is try to intercept all the light from its star. How much energy from the Sun hits Earth? Millionths of a percent. How much of this falls on seas and deserts, and how much of it falls on solar panels? Billionths of a percent. So why not build a sphere that completely surrounds the star and absorbs everything?

This was called a Dyson Sphere, and such spheres were actively searched for. Several years ago it was suspected that there was such a sphere in the constellation Cygnus. A certain star acted as if it was gradually being closed down but at the end nothing could be proven. There was also a natural explanation. In general, the matter is stuck.

What if an even more powerful civilization moves galaxies and puts them in a ring. And the Arc, which is nearby, turns out to be an unfinished ring. Why do they need this?

In principle, this is already the level of space-time control. These are not our chemical fuel engines, and not even photon or nuclear engines. This is the level of Tsiolkovsky’s “ethereal people”, who, like heavenly angels, command the very essence of existence. And nothing in modern physics contradicts this possibility.

The Earth is constantly covered by gravitational waves. That is, here, everywhere, the structure of space-time changes for a short time. It will be ten years since we have been able to detect them. And we say: well, this is some kind of disaster. Supernova explosions. But we don’t see the disasters themselves. They are somewhere far away. Do these disasters exist? What if we are seeing the echo of a great construction project?

If Big Ring could not have been built by aliens, but by nature, how did nature do it? We don’t know this, and if so, we can assume anything.

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