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Synchronicity: 7 Ways To Interpret And Manifest It



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Mateo SolGuest Writer

Synchronicity reveals the meaningful connection between the subjective and objective world.”  – Carl Jung

You keep seeing the same repeated numbers, colours, words, or images all the time. What’s happening?

Are you going crazy?

Thankfully, the answer is no. You’re not going crazy. You’re actually experiencing a phenomenon called synchronicity.

What is Synchronicity?

Synchronicity is a term originally coined by psychologist Carl Jung that refers to the meaningful (or even miraculous) coincidences that occur in your life. When you experience synchronicity you’ll have experiences that seem far too significant to be mere day-to-day serendipitous encounters.

Synchronicity can manifest in an endless number of forms; popular types including names, numbers, words, symbols, and events.

What is the Purpose of Synchronicity?

A growing number of people believe that synchronicity is like a powerful ‘wink’ from the Universe telling us that yes, we’re on the right track. Synchronicity is also believed to be a form of guidance from the Higher Self; a way of showing you where to go and what to do next in your life.

Common Forms of Synchronicity

Synchronicity is different for everyone – it’s as unique as people’s needs and desires.

But there does seem to be a few common ‘categories’ of synchronicity out there. I’ll touch on them below:

  • Seeing repeated numbers (such as 11 11)
  • Thinking about something, then having it happen
  • Being in the right place at the right time
  • Dreaming about people/animals/places, then seeing them repeatedly in real life
  • Seeing repeated symbols (such as the infinity sign, the triangle, the tree of life, etc.)

Can you think of any other common forms of synchronicity?

Difference Between Serendipity and Synchronicity

Serendipity is when something good accidentally happens. For instance, we may need cash to pay for unexpected vet bills and find some in our jacket pocket that we’ve just put on. Synchronicity, on the other hand, is not just a single experience of good fortune. Synchronicity is a string of events that seem to be highly symbolic and meaningful in nature. If serendipity is like the bread crumb, synchronicity is the trail that leads us toward a new destination. Many people see synchronicity as a lesson, affirmation, or message from Life. One example of synchronicity is hearing the same name over and over again (in books, on TV, on number plates, in dreams) and later discovering that the name is suburb where you finally find your dream home.

Synchronicity Examples

Here are some examples of synchronicity:

  • Overhearing a couple of strangers talk about something that is of great significance to your own life
  • Watching episodes of your favourite TV shows that all somehow have the same underlying storyline/focus
  • Getting the exact message you need the most at the exact right time (e.g. if you’re going through a divorce, depression, betrayal, major life change, etc.)
  • Meeting the exact right person at the exact right time (e.g. a partner, friend, teacher, etc.)
  • Seeing the same symbols or images repeated everywhere (e.g. in magazines, on commercials, on buildings, on tattoos)
  • Glancing at the clock the exact same time of the day for many days on end (and seeing 11:11, 14:14, 23:23, 2:22, etc.)
  • Reoccurring signs that seem to lead you somewhere special (e.g. your ideal job, home, relationship)
  • Hearing the same song repeated many times in unusual circumstances
  • Strange alignments of birth dates between friends, partners, etc.

How many of these experiences can you relate to?

Theories About Synchronicity (From Sceptics to Believers)

What exactly is synchronicity? Let’s examine some popular world views:

  1. Hindus believe synchronicity is a manifestation of Brahman or the fundamental connection of all living things within the universe
  2. Behavioural Economists would classify synchronicity as a form of confirmation bias. For example, if you’re told to look for yellow cars, you’ll start seeing a lot more of them than you initially thought existed
  3. Quantum physicists attribute synchronicity to the “non-local” mind (or universal consciousness)
  4. Sceptics call synchronicity Apophenia or the practice of seeing connections and patterns in random and/or meaningless data
  5. Every day spiritual folks believe synchronicity is a sign from their Higher Self or Soul
  6. Psychologists (particularly those who follow Jungian theories) believe synchronicity comes from the unconscious mind and collective unconscious

Whatever causes it, synchronicity is far too common and too intriguing an experience to overlook or quickly dismiss and forget about. As the author of You Are Not So Smart, David McRaney concludes:

Just remember that meaning comes only from within.

The only person who can understand why a synchronous experience occurs and what it means is you.

What Creates Synchronicity?

Common explanations for the origins of synchronicity include the following:

  • The unconscious mind. We get warning messages in our dreams, so why can’t we get them in waking life as well? Our unconscious mind influences a lot of our behavior, and at the same time, can also communicate with us. Signs and omens (or instances of synchronicity) are the unconscious mind’s way of guiding us.
  • Harmony of energy. As everything consists of tiny vibrating atoms (aka. energy), synchronicity could also be a manifestation of global/environmental harmony, where the frequencies and vibrations of the moment sync together in perfect equilibrium (or Oneness) producing such uncanny experiences.
  • Law of attractionThis theory states that good and bad events in life are caused by your thoughts and feelings. Thus “like attracts like,” which possibly explains why synchronicity occurs.
  • Psychic abilities. Synchronicity is also thought to be a manifestation of psychic abilities where, for example, we intuit that a certain person will call us or significant event will befall us, and it does.
Personal Experience

Here is an illustration from my own life of synchronicity:

For some reason, the number 9 has been extremely significant in my life. When I need confirmation of anything, paying attention to number 9 is one of the most obvious places to look for me. I was born on the 19th, my partner was born on the 9th, my mother was born on the 29th, my uncle was born on the 29th, my brother is born in the 9th month of the year, and both myself and my partner share number 9 as our favourite number. What are the chances?!

How to Welcome More Synchronicity into Your Life

When you remain connected to the Divine, She will speak to you — in patterns and connections, signs and synchronicities, and all sorts of gifts. When magic rises to the surface of your awareness, and your life, you know you’re blessed. It makes life a wild adventure. It’s also a source of incredible strength, coming to you when you most need it … – Phyllis Curott

Have you ever thought that perhaps the synchronicity in your life right now is a message in disguise?

Whether you’re a sceptic or not, I encourage you to take action and see where you’re led.

Welcoming synchronicity into your life is simple. Here are some basic practices and mindset shifts to adopt:

  1. Be mindful and aware. Practice alertness and pay attention to the present moment.
  2. Be open and receptive. Maintain an open-minded outlook towards synchronicity. This will enhance your respectability towards such experience.
  3. Be humble. Sometimes what you desire or think is best for yourself is not. Learn to have a very loose hold on your desires. In this way, you won’t be imposing yourself on Life, but you will allow Life to impose itself on you (in the form of synchronicity).
  4. Be trusting. Trust that synchronicity will appear in your life and when it does, trust your intuition and follow the paths presented ahead of you. When you learn to trust yourself, you also learn to trust Life.
  5. Follow your instincts. Listen to what your gut instinct is telling you – your unconscious mind is vast, limitless, and extremely wise. Doors are being opened for us all the time, and when we listen to our instincts, we can actively see them.

Other spiritual tools/practices you might like to use to increase the synchronicity in your life include:

  • 6. Prayer – mentally or verbally express your desire to receive synchronicity (you don’t have to be religious to pray – you can pray to whatever you believe in).
  • 7. Sigils – sigils are intention-infused symbols that are used to communicate to your unconscious mind – they can be used to increase the synchronicity in your life.
How to Interpret Synchronicity

So you’ve had an increase in synchronicity lately. You might be wondering what it means and how you can correctly interpret it.

By learning how to correctly interpret the signs and omens that appear in your life, you’ll be able to know when you’re on the right path, when you’re making the wisest choices, and when you’re living aligned with your deepest needs and values. 

Sometimes synchronicity heralds new doors (or opportunities) that may open in your life. Other times, synchronicity is simply trying to teach you a lesson, for instance, to stop pursuing the relationship/job that you’ve set your heart on because it won’t work out.

Here are some of the most accurate ways to interpret synchronicity:

  1. Meditate and go inwards. Ask yourself, “what does this synchronicity mean?” Wait for images, feeling or words to enter your mind. If you still feel doubtful, repeat the same practice three times and see what answer you get.
  2. Tune into your body. Your body is a repository of wisdom and will tell you the truth no matter what your mind tries to make you believe. When you think you know what the synchronicity means, tune into your body. Do you get any goosebumps, shivers, or feelings of expansion as though an inner light bulb has gone off? If this is the case, you’ve likely found the right explanation. If, on the other hand, your body doesn’t experience any notable changes, you probably haven’t found the right answer.
  3. Use a pendulum. Pendulum dowsing is a powerful way of getting a direct answer from your unconscious mind. Simply get a pendulum (or a make-shift one) and ask it a question that demands a “yes/no” answer. For example, you may like to ask, “does this synchronicity mean that this relationship is right for me?” Read more about pendulum dowsing.
  4. Find patterns. One easy way to interpret the synchronicity in your life is to find patterns in your behavior. What issues or questions have been emerging a lot in your life at the moment? What has been the biggest source of anxiety/frustration you’ve been dealing with? Synchronicity often arises when we need answers and solutions. Find the patterns and relate them back to your synchronicity.
  5. Explore the symbolism. Often, synchronicity is symbolic in nature (e.g. the black dog you keep seeing in your dreams and waking life that symbolizes negativity/bad choices, the repetitive number “1” which symbolizes “being number one”). Is there any symbolic aspect present in your synchronicity? If so, what does it mean to you? Yes, you can consult a symbol dictionary or look up the meanings online. But remember, the most important meaning is the one you create and believe in.
  6. Use oracle and tarot cards. Renown psychologist Carl Jung once commented on the Chinese divination method of I Ching: “For more than thirty years I have interested myself in this oracle technique, or method of exploring the unconscious, for it has seemed to me of uncommon significance.” Thanks to the I Ching, Jung developed his theory which he coined ‘synchronicity.’ I’m sure if Jung was alive today he would believe the same about oracle and tarot cards – which, in my opinion – are much more accessible. One of the easiest ways of interpreting synchronicity is to consult an oracle or tarot deck. You can read intuitively (which is largely what I do) and pay attention to what feelings emerge within you. You can pick up affordable decks online such as the Vintage Wisdom Oracle. Before pulling cards it’s always best to ground and center yourself, preferably through a meditation. Then, shuffle the cards and stop when you intuitively feel the need to pause. Pull the card from the top of the deck and turn it over. Pay attention to the feelings you get from the image – is it positive and welcoming or unfriendly and negative? Depending on what type of card you receive you’ll have your answer. You can also use tarot and oracle cards for far more than simple “yes/no” answers – they can help to reveal the very core meaning of the synchronicity you’re experiencing.
  7. Listen to your dreams. Your dreams reveal a lot about the synchronicity occurring in your life – they are the language of the unconscious mind. You can either try to passively analyse your dreams or actively trying to “incubate” (or create) dreams that help to answer your question. To practice dream incubation, think about the synchronicity that has been happening in your life lately about half an hour before bed. Write down your question or draw a picture that symbolizes your synchronicity and put it under your pillow. This will help to prime your unconscious and prepare it to give you answers during your dreams. Upon first waking in the morning, record your dreams in a journal. Do this for one week and see what patterns emerge.

Try one of the above techniques that you’re drawn to – if you try too many you may get overwhelmed. So it’s best to keep it simple.

Synchronicities are the mysterious and beautiful occurrences that spontaneously happen in life. They can help to guide you and open your eyes to new potentials you didn’t know existed.

What are some powerful forms of synchronicity that you’ve had? I’d love to hear your stories. (It makes for an exciting read!) Please share below.

Originally published at LonerWolf and reproduced here with permission

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Mateo Sol is a prominent psycho-spiritual teacher whose work has influenced the lives of thousands of people worldwide. Born into a family with a history of drug addiction, schizophrenia, and mental illness, Mateo Sol was taught about the plight of the human condition from a young age. As a spiritual guide and teacher, Sol’s mission is to help others experience freedom, wholeness, and peace in any stage of life.

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Research Says Gratitude Can Reverse Aging, Stress And Ill Health



Carolanne Wright, Guest Writer

With all the doom and gloom in the world, it seems as though everywhere we turn, there’s one crisis or another. And although it’s crucial to be well-informed and prepared in these modern times, “consuming” a consistent diet of bad news takes a toll on health, happiness and even our rate of aging.

In spite of this, we can apply straightforward action that counteracts the negative effects that we experience. The best part is that it takes only a few minutes a day to radically change our physical and mental well-being, while at the same time slowing — and possibly reversing — the aging process. The secret? Living a life of gratitude.

Confirmed by science: a grateful heart is good for you

As unlikely as it may sound, when we slow down and take the time to appreciate all the good in our lives — rather than what we are dissatisfied with — a radical change in our physiology occurs. The simple act of gratitude has been scientifically shown to balance our heart rhythms and nervous system, leading to favourable changes in immunity and hormonal equilibrium, as well as increased production of the anti-aging compound DHEA.

Further benefits include a significant reduction in stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression. Considering that the damaging effects of stress contribute to a spectrum of diseases — including, but not limited to cardiovascular disease, cancer, mental illness and a variety of autoimmune disorders — it’s in our best interest to get a handle on this health-destroying syndrome.

The good news is that we can easily tame stress in just a few minutes per day by using simple techniques. A study sponsored by the Institute of HeartMath and the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School in California discovered that a new emotional self-management program significantly reduced the stress hormone cortisol while increasing DHEA, resulting in a remarkable reduction of tension and anxiety.

Forty-five healthy participants were involved in the study. Salivary DHEA/DHEAS and cortisol levels were measured and the autonomic nervous system was assessed using a heart rate variability evaluation. A psychological questionnaire was also given. Individuals were evaluated before and four weeks after being trained in the emotional self-management program, which included practices that encourage appreciation and gratitude.

In the study abstract:

“The experimental group experienced significant increases in the positive affect scales of Caring and Vigor and significant decreases in the negative affect scales of Guilt, Hostility, Burnout, Anxiety and Stress Effects, while no significant changes were seen in the comparison group. There was a mean 23% reduction in cortisol and a 100½ increase in DHEA/DHEAS in the experimental group.”

The full report can be found here  [PDF].

Two key techniques were used for the experiment — the “Cut-Thru” and “Heart Lock-In.” To learn the specifics of both practices, see The HeartMath Solution.

How to tame stress, encourage happiness and foster health in minutes a day

If you would like to use a few easy methods that encourage balanced heart rhythms, stress reduction and positivity, this page is a good place to start. Additionally, The Appreciative Heart: The Psychophysiology of Positive Emotions and Optimal Functioning is available as a free e-product download.

Lastly, Sara Childre, president of the Institute of HeartMath, aptly observes:

“Gratitude is a simple and effective practice and the benefits are real and attainable. Many of us know this in our hearts, but now it’s proven by modern science. Gratitude creates a healthier, happier and more fulfilling state of being for anyone who takes a few moments to feel and reflect on it.”

Article Sources
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Carolanne enthusiastically believes if we want to see change in the world, we need to be the change. As a nutritionist, natural foods chef and wellness coach, Carolanne has encouraged others to embrace a healthy lifestyle of organic living, gratefulness and joyful orientation for over 13 years

Through her website she looks forward to connecting with other like-minded people from around the world who share a similar vision. Follow Carolanns on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

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Finding Love Within



Finding Love Within
Photo Credit: Getty

Fiona ReillyGuest Writer

The only place we can find true and enduring love is within ourselves. Often it can be easier to love others than to love ourselves. The love that you give to others, can you find it for yourself? Are you able to accept yourself as the wonderful, loving being that you are? How can we truly love another if we don’t love ourselves? Sometimes we can be unkind and critical of ourselves, however it is the times when we are gentle, compassionate and loving that we find the most joy and fulfilment in life. Let’s love ourselves more and increase the joy in the world.

When we find the love within ourselves it naturally flows out from us to others and into the world around us. Do you recognise that feeling of joy and lightness when you fall in love? The world seems brighter and you feel more alive! However falling in love isn’t really about the other person, it’s about what they evoke within us. The love, joy and feelings we experience belong to us, though they are brought to the fore by our reflection in the other person or through a beautiful landscape or with appreciating the miracles of life.

“If you listen closely, you will discover that romantic love it isn’t where you discover true and lasting love. The kind of love you truly long for is found inside of you as you discover how to meet yourself in our own heart.” – Mary O Malley

So how might we gratify our heart’s longing for love and acceptance, for each of us the answers will be different. Can we free ourselves to fall in love with our own beautiful selves? Can we be gentle, loving and accepting of who we are (warts ‘n all)? What aspects of living might help to evoke these feelings of joy and lightness from within? For me, it’s being in nature, sitting quietly to meditate, intimacy with a partner, connecting with close friends, watching a baby and so much more… Every moment offers us the opportunity to open up to love.

From a young age we frequently create stories about how we are not good enough or unlovable. Hollywood and society in general has conditioned us to look for love outside of ourselves in a romantic partner that sweeps us off our feet! And we take on the burden of making ourselves perfect to gain this love. Yet we can never be perfect in that sense, we all have imperfections to help us learn and grow. It’s liberating to accept ourselves in our imperfections. Finding the love within helps us to heal ourselves, our relationships and our world.

“When you are able to love yourself deeply, you can be kind to others.” – Debasish Mridha

I often receive synchronicities and messages from the Universe and yesterday I came across a ladybird at an auspicious location. One of the messages of ladybird medicine which felt apt is that “As fear cannot exist amongst joy, the ladybug brings a message of promise, for they get us back in touch with the joy of living – we must let go of our fears and go back to our roots, to love.” (

Letting go of our fears is a life long journey, though with courage, gentleness and compassion we can find our way back to love.

How can you be more loving, kind and gentle with yourself today? How would it be to love and accept yourself exactly as you are, warts ‘n all?

I leave you with a an old classic from three love legends – “Cause when it’s all for one it’s one for all”

With love from my heart to yours, may you find your love within, Fiona.

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Fiona is an Active Listening therapistreflexologist, and experienced doula. She is passionate about living true to her heart and soul and empowering others to do the same. She runs various workshops related to the vibrancy of conscious plant based eating and women’s issues including being childless/free and loves joining women in circle.

Her website is or click here for her facebook page – True Living

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Create Art, Not Excuses!



Create Art, Not Excuses!
Photo Credit: Pexels

Fiona ReillyGuest Writer

We all have creative endeavours that we would like to put more energy into. Ways of expressing ourselves that brings joy, fulfilment and perhaps a sense of liberation. Yet a myriad of things stop us and cause us to procrastinate. We find 101 other things to do rather than begin that project. There are dishes to be washed, Facebook to be scrolled through and goodness knows what else to keep us distracted from that creative expression.

There are many reasons that cause us not to engage in those pursuits that we know will ultimately bring us delight and gratification. How awesome is the feeling of dancing, singing, creating whatever and giving ourselves into soulful expression. We usually have our own personal distortions and blockages around creative endeavours. One of my distortions is that I feel I need to be creating for a purpose, rather than for the sheer joy of expression. I need to be doing something that is productive and useful, rather than exploring or creating for its own sake. It’s an underlying belief that I’m working to let go of. There are undoubtedly a myriad of other reasons that hinder us…

Finding Our Blockages

Many of us have blocks or negative self-beliefs that inhibit our expression. It may be that we feel we’re not good enough or fear we will make mistakes. Many of us as children will have unconsciously picked up messages about what is or is not okay and about our abilities and skills. A comment from a teacher, telling you your painting isn’t right or a parent suggesting you need to do better next time can all impact on our willingness to express. It may be useful to acquaint yourself with your inner critic, find its source and bring it out into the open.

I find that if I am feeling generally inspired and positive about life then it is easier to begin, so go for a nature walk or do some yoga or whatever it is that helps you to get in the space to begin (though be careful not to use this as another form of procrastination!). At other times you just need to begin something and five minutes later the creativity begins to flow. I find this with writing, I procrastinate big time and then once I start I don’t want to stop. Mark Manson, author of The Subtle Art of not Giving a Heck speaks of the “Do Something” Principle. There is a generally held notion that inspiration leads to motivation which leads to action. Manson suggests that action isn’t just the effect of motivation; it’s also the cause of it. By doing something we can initiate motivation within us.

Mistakes are learning opportunities, everyone who succeeded first took a big risk and probably failed many times. Madeline L’Engle was an American writer of children’s fiction. She received 30 rejections of her book “A Wrinkle in Time” before it was accepted for publishing. (She then went on to publish many more books and become quite successful.) Here is what she says about this:

“Over the years I have worked out a philosophy of failure, which I find extraordinarily liberating. If I am not free to fail, I’m not free to take risks and everything in life that is worth doing involves a willingness to risk failure. This is what’s true in all human relationships, unless I am willing to open myself to risk and to being hurt, then I’m closing myself off to love and friendship.”

Are you willing to dare and risk? Are you willing to let your light shine? What else is there to do? What is the purpose of life?

Marianne Williamson suggests in A Return To Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles that our greatest fear is related to our light and success rather than a fear of failure.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Some Questions to Support You in Your Creativity:

Here are some questions that may be helpful for you to contemplate in supporting your creative endeavours.

  • How important is it for you to express your creativity on a scale of 1-10?
  • Ask yourself if not now, then when?
  • Would it be helpful to have someone bear witness to your intention? I find that if I share my intention to create something with another person, that by saying it aloud and having someone else witness my commitment supports me in carrying it through.
  • Is there a time of day that works best for you? For me it’s in the morning, when I’m fresh and most awake. For you it might be at night when the house is quiet.
  • How can you start now? If there is a way to do something related to your ideas – begin! It might not be exactly what you want to do, for example you might want to express your creativity through gardening, though don’t have a garden, so work on a window box or another related project and see where that takes you…
  • I often ask myself if today were my last day on earth, how would l like to spend it? This helps me to prioritize what is important right now.
  • How do you feel when you write/paint/bake or whatever your creative thing is? What does it evoke in you? Would you like more of that in your life?
  • What is stopping you? Do you have creative blocks or inhibiting beliefs that you need to explore and work with? Perhaps write down these inner critics and find out where they come from usually a parent, teacher or other significant figure from your childhood. Ask yourselves are these voices true and relevant to my life now.
  • Find support – join a local or online artists group or create something that would work best for you with a friend or initiate a group. “The Artist’s Way” is a book that has a 12 week step program. There are lots of other books and programs that offer advice on how to get those creative juices flowing.

With love and blessings, Fiona.

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About the Author

Fiona is an Active Listening therapistreflexologist, and experienced doula. She is passionate about living true to her heart and soul and empowering others to do the same. She runs various workshops related to the vibrancy of conscious plant based eating and women’s issues including being childless/free and loves joining women in circle.

Her website is or click here for her facebook page – True Living

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Trust Your Own Truth



Photo Credit: Pexels

Fiona ReillyGuest Writer

Henry David Thoreau once said “Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” For some time recently, I had been deeply questioning what is true and how can I know what is real? I have wondered what is the purpose of life and what is beyond it. I felt lost and uncertain of life and its purpose. What are we all doing here? It came to a point where I felt there were three main things I knew:

Firstly change happens, nothing remains the same. The world is in a constant state of flux and dynamism. There is a constant flow of energy moving and shifting.

The second thing I became increasingly aware of is that there is so much that I don’t know. It seems the more I explore and learn about myself and the world, the more I realise that there is very little I know with absolute certainty.

Finally, I am aware of an energy at work in the Universe that is much larger than “me” and my experience of the world. There is a force beyond that which can be seen, though can be subtly felt or sensed and observed through synchronicity and signs.

Letting go of the old

Part of the questioning process I went through, appears to have resulted in a letting go of old stories and antiquated ways of identifying the world. My patterns of interpreting the world shifted. It felt somewhat disorientating, yet extremely positive and beneficial. I had been looking at the world through particular filters that I had evolved through conditioning, childhood experiences, religious dogma… etc. Such influence had become screens through which I interpreted the world and my experiences. I acknowledge that many filters remain, however it feels like some at least were beginning to shift.

Finding my own answers

With these old filters being removed, there is an invitation for me to find my own new answers. What resonates with my inner knowing and truth. When I can let go and get out of my own way, the truth and inner knowing is just there. In fact I don’t need answers, I can just simply be with myself and the world as it is.

One day I was out walking and stood on top of Glastonbury Tor when a word landed, that word was “TRUST”. The word appeared from nowhere and seemed very significant. Initially I wasn’t clear what it related to, so I asked “Show me”. It then became obvious that trust was needed in relation to how I resonated with and experienced the world. I needed to continue finding my own truth within and trusting that. Externally I am provided with mirrors and teachers, though ultimately they reflect something to me inside. So when I experience the world or a particular situation, the question I ask is “How do I feel about that?” or “Does that resonate with me and my truth?” or “Why am I here?

No absolute truth

“It is the individual who knows how little they know about themselves who stands the most reasonable chance of finding out something about themselves before they die.” ~ S.I. Hayakawa 

There is no absolute truth. We all see the world through our own individual beingness and our own distortions or filters. We see what we need and find our own truth depending on what is beneficial for us to explore and learn in life. We draw whatever is right to us by the law of attraction.

There is my truth, which will be not be the same as yours. If two people witness the same sunset or hear the same piece of music, each will describe it differently according to how it resonates with them, what touches them inside. Their prior knowledge and experience will colour their current experience, for example a classically trained musician will interpret the music being played differently to someone who has no such training or musical experience. Each will have their own truth about what they have just experienced, neither will be the absolute truth, and yet neither is untrue.

When we connect to the flow we know our own truth

And so we are the only ones who know what is right for us. Only I know what the next right step for me is. Others may offer perspectives and highlight aspects that I may not be able to see for myself, though ultimately, I am empowered by finding my own way, even if that isn’t always the smooth or easy path. When I was on a Vipassana retreat recently it felt right for me to leave early.

The third thing that I mentioned knowing was of an energy, larger than myself operating within the Universe.  This energy connects us all and when we attune to it within our own being, we are in flow with all that is. There seems to be a guiding benevolent consciousness supporting us. Sometimes where we are taken doesn’t make logical sense, it may take us to places that we wouldn’t necessarily choose with the logical mind, it may not be a place we like, though it is most probably exactly the place we need to be. Often following our higher truth can take us into the places that feel tight and uncomfortable so we can explore, discover and move through blockages and distortions. When we trust and follow our inner knowing (which is connected to the Universal flow) magic unfolds.

“Life is completely different when you learn how to feel your way with your heart rather than thinking about it with your mind.” ~ Mary O’Malley

How do we know our truth?

The way to our truth will be unique for each individual. My encouragement would be to keep exploring and playing. There may be tools and techniques that can be useful. Here are a few suggestions as to what I have found helpful in finding my truth:

Let go of the logical mind and feel deeper within. There is a wise saying – “The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master”. The mind can be a very useful tool, though there are other ways of knowing. Sometimes the answer may be the one I don’t think I want, so it can be beneficial to trust what is arising, even if it doesn’t appear to make sense. Someone recently shared with me how when she considered where to do her shopping she was disappointed when her guidance was indicating that she go into the city centre rather than shop locally. Yet she trusted enough to go with what she was intuitively feeling and was rewarded when she met a friend in the city. Trusting the flow and inner pull can lead us on magical adventures.

Spend time in quiet, meditating or connecting with nature. These are ways that enable me to connect more deeply with my inner knowing. Just by spending time connecting and being present, the truth reveals itself. Breathing consciously is another valuable method.

Notice what you feel in your body. I find this really helpful. For me if something isn’t true or right, I will often feel a tightness in my solar plexus. On the other hand, if something is true and right, I often feel a sense of relief and expansion. It’s not always clear and sometimes I need to sit or work with things for a time before it becomes clear. Sensations around the heart are another way of discovering my truth.

Simply ask and listen for what arises. For example, I might ask – “Does x serve me?” or “Is x right for me?” I will often get a clear answer, sometimes not so clear and that’s okay too. Many people use tools such as dowsing, angel cards, kinesiology… etc these may be beneficial though ultimately the answer is coming through you.

Watch for signs and synchronicities. The Universe will provide spontaneous signals to indicate particular things. Synchronicities aren’t always pointing in the direction that might appear obvious, sometimes they are inviting a deeper exploration inside regarding my truth or how I feel about something.

Ask for guidance. Ask “Show me” and the Universal Energy flow will inspire you. You could also play the game of freewheeling.

There are no mistakes, only discoveries about oneself. So relax and have fun   There is a game I like to play and indeed make it a part of my life, that at Openhand is called freewheeling. It involves being totally present and open, not having an agenda and seeing where or to what you are drawn. Perhaps you do this while out on a walk or taking a trip in the car. Where are you drawn, what attracts your attention and what message does it have for you? Why not try it out for yourself?

With love through the connection that unites us all, Fiona.

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About the Author

Fiona is an Active Listening therapistreflexologist, and experienced doula. She is passionate about living true to her heart and soul and empowering others to do the same. She runs various workshops related to the vibrancy of conscious plant based eating and women’s issues including being childless/free and loves joining women in circle.

Her website is or click here for her facebook page – True Living

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