Change Is An Inside Job: Astrology Forecast January 29th – February 5th, 2023

What to expect this week?

By Lorna Bevan | Guest Writer

This midpoint between two sets of eclipses, with Venus at odds with Mars and a Full Moon across Leo/Scorpio at the end of the week, is a turning point within a turning point. Now that all planets are moving forward until the start of May, your thoughts turn to taking action. But unless you want the same old, same old results, you need to change your thinking before your tweak the external.

As the 2023 Event Horizon in March rapidly approaches, think about the past six months of your work, gains, losses and spiritual growth then set your intentions, while letting go of whatever no longer serves you.

An old life is going dark to allow a new one to light up although the external is chaotic, feel into what is happening in your personal journey. Discriminate between what is yours and what is collective anxieties.

Look at who are you becoming and how you can align with that new version of yourself. Clue: anything that doesn’t align with your truth will feel dense, almost unbearable.

Identify what is NOT yours and disengage from it… cut the cords, delete your expired hopes, erase your broken yesterday from your story

Stop doing what you don’t want to do. If you’re serious about evolving, then one of the most powerful disciplines is to consistently not do what you don’t want to do. You work out what you don’t want to do – what no longer resonates with you – and you stop doing it. “No” is a complete sentence. “NO, I am not going along with my self-created misery for another second longer. NO, I am not going to paper over my feelings just to be liked. Enough is enough. I am walking with what I know to be true. How do I know? By intuition, by scanning my body and feeling what is arising there.” There have been too many weak yeses and not nearly enough big NO’s.

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Chandra Symbol Full Moon LEO 17

Chandra Symbol Full Moon LEO 17
Chandra Symbol Full Moon LEO 17

Elegant Black Women Sitting On a Porch & Fanning Themselves

“Rising above apparent limitations, you defiantly renounce the letter of the law to salvage the spirit of the law. Puncturing pretence. Breaking down power and control structures. You are militantly outrageous, anti-traditional. Pulled forward by a vision, a knack, an instinct for what this Earth asks and demands. On fire with the power of radical changes, you feel in your cells the next stage in evolution. Ignited by the sense for being selected out as the quintessential representative of progressive currents, you dramatise yourself, your cause, your expanding awareness. You want to make sure everybody knows that something new is going on around here, and that it will not stop nor take a back seat to anybody or anything.” – Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Forecast: January 29-February 5, 2023

Now the Sun’s in Aquarius, it’s all about people. Is it time to get out and about-away from that screen-to reconnect with friends and groups that have fallen by the wayside over the last couple of years? If something sparks your interest, follow it up. With Uranus now moving forward in Taurus, a problematic money issue could start to resolve itself. Plant the seeds for future growth ready to harvest at the next eclipses in April and May.

Living in real time.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: January 29-February 5, 2023

Feel the stirrings of rebellion as Awakener Uranus moves forward in the middle of your own sign. Notice the urge to take whatever is old, restrictive, outgrown or simply stale by the scruff of its neck and remove it from your life. What you need now-more than anything else-is inspiration, motivation  and stimulating input from innovative, like minded others-not the same old, same old. Your quest is how to find it. More than ever before, trust your own instincts, your intuition and your knowing.

This is a year to break new ground.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: January 29-February 5, 2023

With Sun in Aquarius and a Full Moon in Leo this week, it’s all about making a break for freedom. New horizons have your name on them and you have itchy feet. Take a trip to somewhere new or go off on artist dates wherever the mood takes you. You need to feed your soul after months of stasis and routine. Do something different and put your work out there. Anything to do with teaching, coaching, mentoring or studying is well starred.

Blowing away the cobwebs.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: January 29-February 5, 2023

With the Sun in Aquarius plus a Full Moon in Leo, your routines and habits are up for consideration. Take a look at where you are stuck in repetitive patterns-how can you break them up to allow some fresh air into your daily life? With Venus lighting up your 9th House in fellow Water sign Pisces, life is summoning you outside again. Bigger, wider horizons are beckoning-will you respond to the call? Start by planning a short trip and build up to more exciting adventures from there.

Fresh winds of change.

Leo Weekly Forecast: January 29-February 5, 2023

With Sun opposite Leo and a Leo Full Moon on the 5th, partnerships of all kinds are in the frame. Perhaps it’s time for a changing of the guard. Are there some contracts-personal or professional-that are just not working any longer? Are there adjustments you can make-a rebalancing of the dynamics perhaps or is it time to say a permanent goodbye? Now that unpredictable Uranus is moving forwards across your career angle, be alert for surprises at work. Someone might be leaving-a client or work colleague-which will have repercussions for you.

Are you considering a break for freedom?

Virgo Weekly Forecast: January 29-February 5, 2023

The Sun travelling through Aquarius until February 21st means that your health, habits, routines and workspace could all benefit from a de-clutter. Open the windows-literally and metaphorically-and let some fresh air in. Your personal ecology has a profound effect on your wellbeing, so make sure the river is flowing freely. It’s all the more important now that Awakener Uranus is moving forward again, surprising you with some light bulb moments and insights. Whether these come from a book, a person or a trip away, hold on to them-they will be fuel for your journey into new territory.

Clearing out the dusty corners.

Libra Weekly Forecast: January 29-February 5, 2023

Now that the Sun has moved out of your 4th House into your 5th, all that time, effort and energy you’ve had to invest into issues at home and with your family and tribe can now be focused on you-your creativity and enjoyment of life. The Sun and Mars are nudging you to get at least one of the ideas close to your heart launched and out into the world. You might think you’re not ready but it doesn’t have to be perfect for it fly.

“The truth is that there is never a “completely ready,” there is never a really “right time.” As with any risk, there comes a time when you simply hope for the best and jump.” – Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: January 29-February 5, 2023

All four of the key angles of your chart-the foundations and underpinnings-are now being activated. The Sun is at the base of your chart until February 21st with a Full Moon opposite at the pinnacle on February 5th. Is it time to look at the dynamics at work and at home to see where some priorities either need re-stating or establishing? This ties into unpredictable Uranus moving forward in your opposite House, shaking up or shaking out partnerships, whether personal or professional. This could prove shocking or exciting or both at the same time.

If you are taking someone too much for granted, they may just surprise you.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: January 29-February 5, 2023

The Sun in far sighted Aquarius combined with a Full Moon in Leo on February 5th is nudging you to think way beyond your habitual horizons. Add to that Jupiter expanding your ideas of what is possible for you and Awakener Uranus shaking things up at work and you have a recipe for taking a big leap. Start coming up with some innovative ideas on how to develop new income streams. You have so many personal skills and resources to draw on that it may be time to start working for yourself.

Put an end to under selling yourself.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: January 29-February 5, 2023

This week puts your finances in the spotlight. With the Sun in your money House of Aquarius plus a Leo Full Moon in your angle of shared assets and resources, it’s time to go back to basics. Not in the sense of managing your money in/money out but by looking at the results you’re getting and at how you can diversify your income streams to build for the future. If you are in a long-term partnership, revisit the rules of transactions-both explicit and unspoken. You may be surprised at what you find.

Look at everything in a spirit of curiosity, not judgment.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: January 29-February 5, 2023

Now that your own planet unpredictable Uranus is moving forward at the base of your chart, life picks up speed at quite a rate. It’s going to be a year for the memory books for solar Aquarians when, in March, first restrictive Saturn exits your sign and transformer Pluto moves in. Think of it as a cage door opening, giving you a chance of freedom-the freedom to be yourself, to rid yourself of old duties, obligations and outgrown personal ties. Start gathering those innovative ideas and remember why you are here.

Trust those light bulb moments and update all your communication platforms.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: January 29-February 5, 2023

As an intuitive water sign, are you feeling the tide turning? Venus is now swimming alongside you in Pisces, bringing you luck, pleasure and joie de vivre, no matter what your circumstances. Is it time for a new look, a do over? There may some surprising opportunities coming your way now that unpredictable Uranus has woken up in your 3rd House of connection and communication. Make it a priority to get your ideas out there and have your voice heard, both at work or more widely. Skilful collaboration is one of your superpowers, so set up an ideas factory with other creatives and see what emerges.

Remember to trademark your intellectual property.

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